7 vintage tootsie cars among others

We have spotted a lot of 7 item vintage  die cast toy cars probably made in the middle part of 1980’s at a popular auction site Ebay last week of January 2018.

lot of 7 vintage cars.jpg

4 Tootsie 1 Midget 1 Corgi 1 Unmarked jeepney.

The seller was selling the whole lot for just $7.99 for this set. There were no takers – maybe the lot is rather new. The shipping cost is about $13.75 in total of $21.74 or roughly Php 1,100 . It took about 3 weeks before it was shipped into the country.

This was bought by a friend who buys some items via Ebay. I do not consider of buying the entire lot since it was rather new set- barely 35 year-old issuance with worn out paints and lost parts.

But it was a little joy that i have decided to buy the lot. The transaction went on smoothly and it was delivered via PHLPOST with very minor hassle.

I paid the item after a short meet-up around late March 2018.






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