Delightful Meals at Limbaga 77 Restaurant

Limbaga 77 Cafe and Restaurant was established almost 4 years ago by Mr. Sonny Fortuna and his partners who loved filipino foods. Some of their recipes are family recipes of well-known regional foods such as pinangat, paella, sinigang and pochero.


spacious interior

It used to be an old house built in the late 1960’s and was converted into a restaurant about 4 years ago. It had a spacious dining area which reflect a rich tapestry of Filipino arts, crafts and vintage furniture.


The place is an ideal hang-out place for friends, family, press conference, wedding, debuts, corporate meetings and team building sessions. It had a sitting capacity for about 250 people. The second floor had rooms which are ideal for small group reservation ( ranging between 10 to 20 people)


vintage furniture like television sets, clock, sewing machine  

Bulaklak ng kalabasa.JPG

stuffed bulaklak ng kalabasa

This is ideal as appetizer for any meal, stuffed squash flower. Its also had a sauce.



This paella will require between 30 minutes to 45 minutes to cook, with a lot of seafood ingredients like shrimps, mussels, clam, squid and chorizo.  Another MUST try is the danggit rice.

sinigang na baka sa pakwan.JPG

sinigang na baka sa pakwan 

This is a type of sinigang which is not too sour and watermelon was use to taper the sourness of the soup. The soup had a variety of local ingredients like banana blossom, sliced tomatoes, bokchoy, string beans, radish and the meat is tender.


bistek tagalog

The beef is well marinated and soft, This is not the typical sour type.


laing / pinangat

crispy bagnet.JPG

crispy bagnet with tomatoes and sliced onions

green mango pomelo salad.JPG

green mango pomelo salad with grilled shrimp and sliced banana chilies 


desserts- brazo tablea, barako brownies, queso de bola cakes

I liked the queso de bola cake, bikoron and perlas na mangga- these are not too sweet.  While the brazo tablea uses locally sourced cocoa from Davao.

fruit shakes.JPG

fruit shakes/ smoothies

Among the popular fruit smoothies are Mabuhay smoothie, Minty Mango Watermelon, Lychee Grape Shakes which cost Php 177.00 per order.

Mr. Sonny Fortuna.JPG

Mr. Sonny Fortuna -one of the proprietors of the restaurant

Note: Prices quoted are subject to change without prior notification, For full set of menus prices and promos. Please refer to the links.

The restaurant is also listed under Zomatoph

Acknowledgement: Mr. EJ Bunag for the cover photo flat lay

Limbaga 77 Restaurant and Bar

Address: 77 Scout Limbanga Street
Quezon City, Philippines 1103

Operational Hours: 11:00 am to 3:00pm, 6:00 pm to 10:00pm Mondays to Thursdays

Fridays to Sundays: 11:00am to 3:00pm, 6:00pm to 11:00 pm


Contact Number: 0926 715 8134



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