Kokeshi dolls made from marbles

Kokeshi doll collecting is the passion of some people who like something unique and cultural. In my previous blog post, I have featured some unique kokeshi dolls find that my friends manage to collect over some period of time.

kokeshi marble dolls.JPG

3 different size of kokeshi dolls ( private collection of Ms. Angelita Chua) 

These are 3 different kinds and sizes of kokeshi dolls. After the second world war, freestyle or creative styles were developed using an array of materials. Ms. Angelita Chua is from San Jose del Monte, Bulacan had had been collecting kokeshi dolls since 2010.

Kokeshi marble dolls4.JPG

kokeshi doll is about 3.5 inches length by 2.75 inches length ( female and male)

These are often sold as tourist souvenir around Japan. One such material is marble. The biggest one is about 3.5 inches with and 2.75 inches height and probably made around late 1970’s or early 1980’s.


kokeshi marble dolls2.JPG

kokeshi doll is about 2.6 inches length by 2.2 inches length ( male and female)

This kokeshi dolls ( male and female) with green and pink ribbon tied around its neck. This was probably made around late 1970’s to early 1980’s using marbles and painted with black, blue and red ink.  This can be use as paper weight or display item.

kokeshi marble dolls 3.JPG

 2.1 inches width by 2 inches length ( female and male) kokeshi doll ( left to right)

In this third set of kokeshi doll , The female doll is positioned on the left side and male is positioned at the right side. This set used three kinds of marbles.

She bought these three kokeshi marble dolls from a thrift store somewhere in Cavite, while visiting a relative early part of this year. She saw a bigger 6- inch kokeshi doll from a Japanese thrift shop in Las Piñas , but failed to buy the kokeshi doll ( also made from marble) since the seller ( tindera) wanted Php 800.00 for the item. ( she find it quite exorbitant)

She does not have an idea on what part of Japan these items were originally made.  Any suggestion or recommendation would be a big help.






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