Model Townhouse Units at 88 Boston Street

Model townhouses units which are available pre-selling for those who wish to live within the comforts of New Manila in Quezon City.

These town homes are fitted with modern fixtures will greet the new owners. There are 23 town homes with Model -A and Model -B design features.


These townhouse are within stone throw away from major entertainment centers like Cubao-Araneta, Robinson’s- Magnolia, SM Malls and major schools like University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Manila University, Saint Paul University, Miriam College, LRT line 2 station, Mount Carmel and near major cities like Marikina, San Juan, Makati and Manila.

Townhouse Model A- Features

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Model -A had 4 storey concrete building with lot area of between 104 square meters to 155 square meters. Facade is between 312 to 350 square meters. This is ideal for small to medium size family with 5 to 8 people.


Each unit had full elegant lights, general electric, individual septic tanks, cistern and main solid steel high-fence gate, laminated floors, security guard house with comfort rooms and cctv cameras, solar panels and automated lighting.


Model A- parking rea had a capacity of 2 cars with maid’s room, utility room with toilet and bathroom. There is also a porch area where families can entertain guests or visitors.


Model A-second floor

perspective design – The second floor had a comfortable living room, dining area ( good for 6 to 8 people), kitchen area, comfort room, a hall way which can also double as a holding area or informal living room and balcony area. Where one can see the scenic view of New Manila and surround sky-views of nearby towns and cities.

Another important feature is the elevator lift with Swedish technology and automation.


Model A- third floor

Model A-third floor had a big master bedroom with large bathroom, Bedroom-3 for young children or teenagers.


Model A- fourth floor

Model A- 4th floor had another master bedroom 2 with large bathroom. There is another bedroom which can accommodate additional members of the family or guests.


Model B- perspective

Townhouse Model B- Features

Model B had a lot area of between 108 square meters to 190 square meters, with small pocket gardens within the compound. There is also a small planter box located near the garage area. It had a facade area of between 395 square meters to 456 square meters, depending on the unit design.


Model B -garage area and ground floor

The ground floor had 3 to 5 car garage capacity ( depending of the car unit) maid’s room with toilet, utility room, pump room/ storage area, a place for laundry area or drying yard.


Model B- second floor

Model B second floor had living area, dining area, kitchen a hallway and a public room. There is also an elevator lift with Swedish technology and automation. One can also marvel the Metro Manila skyline via its balcony.


Model B- third floor

Third floor had a big hallway, A hallway can be a conversational area or a small library can be located. It had a large master bedroom with walk-in closet. A master toilet and bathroom.  Bedroom 2 is also large room with its own large toilet and bathroom. This can be converted into an office space.

There is also an ample natural light which minimizes the use of artificial lighting and the use of electricity.



Model B-fourth floor

Fourth floor had a large hallway , which can be converted into a holding area or small sala area for small family gathering.

It had bedroom 3 had a walk-in closet area, toilet and bathroom .Bedroom 4 had a toilet and bathroom. Model B is ideal for larger family.

Both townhouse model type A and B are still available and had a good feng shui, base on its elevation and facing the easterly direction.

Location : 88 Boston Street, New Manila , Quezon City

For those interested to visit, Please contact:  Ms. Nikki Parulan – Marketing Representative 
email : / 0926-064-2982




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