75th Anniversary of Filipino Inventor’s Society at SEDA Hotel

A big celebration and a trade fair will be the highlight of this year’s Filipino Inventors Society (FIS) founding year. This also marks the 75th Diamond Year anniversary upcoming third week of November 2018.


highlights of the celebration is the Dinner/ Award/ Fellowship Night at the SEDA Vertis North Hotel, to be attended by 200+ inventors all over the country with other distinguished guests.


Filipino Inventor’s Society board and members

Prior to the Investors Night, the FIS Planning Conglomerate has envisioned an eclectic program on 15-21 November 2018 featuring the much-awaited NATIONAL INVENTORS’ WEEK with the theme: GO INNOVATIONS! – The Green Light for a Greater PHILIPPINES at The Skydome, SM City North Edsa. This is in line of the Presidential Proclamation #285 of 1993 to showcase unique and marketable inventions of Filipinos to the Filipinos.


speakers at the open forum

In line with this, the Officers and Conveners of the Filipino Inventors’ Society (FIS), who would like to seek the support of our dear President RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE to help mobilize our Inventors’ Innovations and Grand Caravan.

The goal is to strengthen our support to PRRD administration’s quest for:

  • Inclusive growth and economic boost of the marginalized sectors like farmers, fisher folk, urban poor, etc;
  • Re-greening of the country’s air, land, and sea environments;
  • Heighten ways to enhance and reduce costs of socialized housing construction;
  • Upholding ways to enhance employment generation in the face of certain displacements in countries which do not provide equitable treatment to our co-Filipinos and
  • Upraise urban farming, fishing, to provide for self-liquidating livelihood and daily sustenance opportunities

There is no entrance fees in the 7 day trade fair and exhibition.

Note: I would like to ” Thank” Mrs. Maria Teresa Cancio-Suplico for the invite, however , the contact person was not around during forum/ press conference which started at past 12:00 noon. 



Opening Highlights of the 72nd Mid-Year Philippine Orchid Society’s Show

Philippine Orchid Society in partnership with Quezon City government, Quezon City memorial circle administration and with sponsors Del Monte, Philippines, Manila Bulletin and Villar Sipag Foundation opened the 72nd mid-year show with stunning landscape exhibits.

72nd mid-year orchid show opening.jpg

l-r Mrs. Susan Lee, Mrs. Josefina ” Joy ” Belmonte -Alimurung, Senator Cynthia A. Villar, Mrs. Gloria Angara, Mrs. Evelyn G. Laviña and Mr. Kelvin Niel Manubay 

The ribbon cutting ceremonies was held at the Hardin ng mga Bulaklak ( Flower Garden), past 4:30 pm with Quezon City Lancaster band.

Floral Designer Circle of the Philippines.jpg

Floral Designer’s Circle of the Philippines

Guests of honor included Mrs. Evelyn G. Laviña (Department of Agriculture-Undersecretary,Undersecretary for High Value Crops and Rural Credit), Senator Cynthia A. Villar, Mrs. Gloria Angara and Mrs. Josefina ” Joy ” Belmonte -Alimurung ( Vice Mayor of Quezon City).

Susan and Manuel Lee landscape.jpg

First place-Best Orchid in Landscape -Mr. Manuel and Mrs. Susan Lee

Purificacion 2

Mrs.Ana Ruth Purificacion-Conde and Mrs. Corazon Purificacion-Second Place


Mrs. Ana Ruth Purificacion-Conde and Mrs. Corazon Purificacion- Third Place

72nd Mid-Year Orchid show1.JPG

Fortune Catering Services

Fortune Catering Services was the official caterer of the event. The meal that the catering had provided was already an early evening meal.

72ndmidyear orchid.JPG

The early evening meal meal consists of rice, pork kaldereta, lumpiang shanghai, pancit canton, mix fruits salad with pili nuts and desserts.



For those who wanted to avail of their catering services , the minimum is 55 people at Php 300 per head or Php 16,500. They are based in Makati .

Contact Person : Mr. Eric Ang

Contact Details : 254-9686 /254-97-03


Email :ericang1019@yahoo.com

72nd Mid-year orchid show.JPG

members and guests

The show is until September 10, 2018 and there will be daily lectures and talks starting tomorrow. There are also about 60 stalls with different kinds of orchids, plants, plastic  pots, fertilizers and other items for sale.

There is a minimal entrance fees of Php 30 for the general public and Php 20.00 for students, senior citizens and pwd with valid Id’s.

Note: This is the partial list of winners of the 72nd mid-year orchid and garden show



Dolor’s Kakanin stall at Goodwill Homes 1

Dolor’s Kakanin is a well known for home style kakanins and Pancit Malabon is quite iconic. This outlet store opened about 5 years ago within the residential area of Goodwill Homes 1 in Barangay San Bartolome, Novaliches , Quezon City.



Dolor’s Kakanin outlet store staff -Goodwill Homes 1 subdivision

Background Story: 

Mrs. Dolores Santos started making and making native delicacies ( kakanins) to neighbors and in the market in the late 1930’s within Malabon.  Her kakanin sold very well that she soon opened a store in her house where she personally supervised and mixed in the flavorings for the kakanin during early dawn.  She worked with a passion for her delicious native delicacies and its soon gained popularity to far flung areas. Aling Dolor passed away in 1997, and the business is now being run by family members.

During the Malabon Food Trip several years ago conducted by Mr. Doy Arriola ( founder of  Pinoy Frugal Chow FB group ). Our group visited the old house where it all started.


vegetable kikiam ( sold every saturdays and sunday only) and other specialties


 Aside from their original sapin-sapin.  They also puto, kutsinta, maja blanca, akai-akai, cassava cake, pitsi-pitsi and they would sell vegetarian kikiam ( quekiam) which used papaya as their main ingredient. Very similar to the ones sold at Concepcion Public Market and Kikiam ni Aling Upeng.

They also have some regional kutkutin/ sitsitria ( snacks from different regions) like lengua, pastillas, fish cracker, chicharon, shing-a-ling, turrones de mani among others.


top view-l-r leche flan and pitsi-pitsi ,bottom l-r puto, kutsinta and ube halaya


Aling Dolor’s pancit malabon with generous toppings of hard boiled eggs, shrimps, squid, baguio cabbage and calamansi

The cheapest Pancit Malabon bilao style is Php 185 which is good to share between 2 to 5 people.

For those living within the outlet, it is also wise to pre-order some of the specialties like pancit malabon, puto, kutsinta, sapin-sapin and kikiam ( available only during saturdays and sundays).


Address: Block 1, Lot U5 Katipunan Avenue, Goodwill Homes 1 Subdivision, Barangay San Bartolome, Novaliches, Quezon City

Operations : Everyday ( Mondays to Sundays ) 7:00 am to 7:00 pm 

Landline : 294-66-67

The Goodwill Homes 1, Barangay San Bartolome, Novaliches outlet store open a little over 5 years ago and caters to the residents within Kingspoint Subdivision , San Pedro IX Subdivision, Oro Compound, Dupax Compound, Bicol Compound within Barangay Bagbag, Barangay San Bartolome, Barangay Nagkaisang Nayon, Sierra Vista, Torres Village even as far as Barangay Caybiga, Caloocan City and residents of General Luis street.

Here are the other branches and outlets within Metro Manila


Note: This outlet had delivery services at minimum rates ( Php 300 worth within Kingspoint Subdivision, Goodwill Home 1, San Pedro IX Subdivision. Php 500 California Village, Sierra Vista, Torres Village and General Luis street) 

Pereskia bleo blooming

Pereskia bleo (rose cactus, leaf cactus, orange flower cactus) This  is a leafy cactus and can grow between 2 meters to as tall as 20 metes in height. It was native to Central and South America.

This cactus species was probably introduced during the late Spanish or American colonial regime to beautify the homes and gardens.

Pereskia bleo1.JPG

Pereskia bleo grown by the author

This cactus is commonly grown from cuttings in many parts of the country. Its beautiful orange flowers and almost care free growing conditions are some of the plus points for growing this wonderful cacti species.

The downside for this cactus species is that it can grow tall and can cause injuries to children and people who goes near the shrub because of its long thorns.

The thorns are either parallel in bundles or spread widely out. Long thorns on the branches are up to five to ten millimetres long. Along the main shoots there are up to 40 spines per areole, each 2 centimetres long.

The Red List of Threatened Species of the IUCN lists the species as “Least Concern (LC)” or not at risk. This cacti species is commonly grown and had naturalized in many sub-tropical or tropical areas of the world.

Pereskia bleo1.JPG

Pereskia bleo growing at the Cactus and Succulent Garden within Quezon Memorial Circle

The author had seen large shrubs of this species growing in many parts of Kingspoint Subdivision, Goodwill Homes 1, San Pedro IX Subdivision ( Novaliches ), Fairvew, Valenzuela, Caloocan, Manila and within the Cactus and Succulent Garden within Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City.

Propagation :

This is easily propagated via mature stems or seeds from its fruits. The fastest way to grow them is via cuttings.

Pereskia bleo3.JPG

Pereskia bleo grown as hedge plant

Economic Uses:

Pereskia bleo is normally planted as hedge plant and good divider. This keeps away goats and other animals.

The flowers are arranged in terminal lateral inflorescences. The bare, bright red, scarlet, salmon pink and orange-red-pink flowers reach diameters of 4 to 6 centimeters.

The fruits are more or less spherical, ripening yellow. They are edible and sour tasting. Sometimes, people in far flung areas of the country would use the fruits as souring agent for their sinigang or preserve in jars together with local fruits.


One can use a mix of organic and inorganic supplement to fertilize these cactus species. Try to prepare a regular fertilization mixture with a balanced, water-soluble cactus fertilizer to increase their propensity to bloom. This is especially during the growing season ( which coincide in rainy season late May to early November in western parts of the country).

Some would apply more potassium and phosphorus components 10N-30P-30K. This cactus species can tolerate almost full sun when fully established.


  • Beat Ernst Leuenberger, “Pereskia, Maihuenia, and Blossfeldia —Taxonomic History, Updates, and Notes”, Haseltonia 14 : 54-93. 2008.
  • Personal interview with some growers in Novaliches, Bulacan, Caloocan and Quezon City



Collecticon 2018 at SM Megamall

Hobby at Worx proudly presents Collecticon 2018 (Toys & Hobbies Convention), this September 15 and 16, 2018 at SM Megatrade Hall 3. This event is a two-day festivity of collectors and toy enthusiasts. Over 50 booths of toy sellers and retailers from all over the Metro will be present. An array of toys and collectibles that will surely be enjoyed by hobbyists, collectors and casual goers alike.

Collecticon 2018.jpg

Here are some of the highlights

Collecticon 2018 Artist gallery.jpg

An exciting line of activities will be presented to attendees:
(1) Collectors display and exhibit of life-sized statues
(2) Toy auctions
(3) Gundam Caravan
(4) Artist Alley and,
(5) Many more suprises await you

There is a minimal entrance fee for the visitors of the convention at Php 100.00. There will be on the spot raffles and other freebies.

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