Vintage Photos of Nora & Tirso Cruz III

It had been a treasure to see some nostalgia behind these photos. These are pocket sized photos .

Commercial photo studios would sell them as promotional items in movie or souvenir items for fans. Sometimes they are given away during premier nigh.These old photos are between 40 to 45 years -old.

Nora and Tirso Cruz III.JPG

L-R unidentified  male celebrity together with Nora Aunor, Nora and Tirso Cruz III, Tirso Cruz III and Nora Aunor. 

Some fans would let their idols autograph the back portion of the photo. These would be kept in the pockets or pocket sized photo frame.

According to one of my FB friend, Dr. Jorge Ferrer – The first photo was Mr. Jun Raquiza together with Ms. Nora Aunor.


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