72nd Mid Year Orchid Show Lectures

The Philippine Orchid Society in partnership with Quezon City government, Quezon Memorial Circle administration, Villar Sipag Foundation among others will be having the 72nd mid-year orchid and garden show from August 31, to September 10, 2018.

Philippine Orchid Society 72nd Mid-Year Orchid lectures.jpg

Schedule of Daily Talks and Lectures

August 31- Art and Science of Bonsai Cultivation by Master Ho Jan Lee and Maestro Angel Uyehara

September 1- Tillandsia ( the lazy gardener’s plant ) Mrs. Maria Dolores Alarcon

September 2- Choosing Quality Orchids- Mr. Kelvin Niel Manubay

September 3- Philippine Orchid Species – Mrs. Ana Ruth Purificacion-Conde

September 4- Growing Vandas and Phalaenopsis ( Monopodial Orchids) Mr. JM Lacandula

September 5- Landscaping with Orchids- Mr. Fred Salud

September 6- Production of Annual Bedding Plants -Allied Botanical Corporation representative

September 7- Flower arrangements for all occasions – Floral Designers Circle

September 8- Growing Cattleyas, Dendrobiums and Oncidiums ( Sympodial Orchids)- Ms. Vangie Go

September 9- Growing Orchids- Rafting Techniques – Mr. Andres Golamco Jr.

Note: The lectures/ talk starts at around 2:00 pm . Those attending the orchid show- Entrance fees is Php 30 for the general public and Php 20 for students, senior citizens and person with disabilities.




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  1. […] show is until September 10, 2018 and there will be daily lectures and talks starting tomorrow. There are also over 60 stalls with different kinds of orchids, plants, […]

  2. […] will be daily lectures and talks until September 10. There are also over 60 stalls with different kinds of orchids, […]

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