Highlights at the Aquacon 2018 at U.P. Town Center

Acquacon 2018 had a successful 3 day event from September 7, 8 and 9, 2018 at  the University of the Philippines- Town Center phase 2 activity area, in Quezon City.


 phase 2 activity center

Among the participants of the event included Philippine Flowerhorn Organization
Philippine Hamster Owner’s Society, Philippine Bichir Brotherhood, Rizal Fishkeepers Club, PMRAS – Philippine Marine and Reef Aquarium Society
Arowana Keepers Philippines, Arowana Owners Club Philippines, United Fish Club Philippines (UFCPh) among others.


artificial coral with clown fish


NorthFin fish food ( products posted at their FB page)

NorthFin booth gave some small packs of fish food ( 20 grams ) to fish hobbyist who attended the event.


Pet World

Pet World specializes on pet food, accessories and other items with 2 stores in SM Megamall and SM North EDSA.


flowerhorn exhibit

Flowerhorn cichlids are ornamental aquarium fish noted for their vivid colors and the distinctively shaped heads for which they are named.  They are treated as pet and can recognize the owners who feeds them. There was a flowerhorn craze few years ago that some prized specimen can fetch a handsome figure.


flower horn

There was a flower horn exhibition and contest, unfortunately the secretariat was not able to send the author the list of winners.


JuanLoves Pet store and PHOS

Among the cute and adorable pet hamsters were exhibited by Juan Loves Pet Store and PHOS members.


University of the Philippines

I arrived at the venue place past 3:00 pm last September 8 after going to an event held at the Fisher Mall.  Took 2 rides from (Fisher Mall)  Quezon Avenue to PHILCOA, then a short ride from PHILCOA to University of the Philippines.


secretariat area

The secretariat area also sells some limited edition shirts and tickets for the raffle. At the end of the 3 day event, several winners were announced via their Fb page.



The winners of the raffle was posted last September 11, 2018 at their FB event page.

Special Raffle Winners

Grand Prize Winner of Black Diamond Stingray from Sir Toffer Lipana = tix. no. 0036 – Jayson Versoza

2nd Prize Winner of Gilled Lung Fish from Aquatic Imports = tix. no. 0543 – Eiffel Diaz (claimed)

3rd Prize Winner of Daristo RTG from Sam’s Lagoon Pet Shop = tix. no. 0026 – Micaela Carreon

4th Prize Winner of American Tiger from Sir John Christian Manikis = tix. no. 0166 – Chona Vergel

5th Prize Winner of Irwini Catfish fron Fish Yard 43 = tix. no. 0388 – Charrise Walo

6th Prize Winner of American Tiger from Sir John Christian Manikis = tix. no. 0147 – Jezreel Malapit

7th Prize Winner of 3feet Drawer Type Filter from AIM Petshop = tix. no. 0590 – Bigs Tuazon

8th Prize Winner of Hybrid Stingray from Sir Louie Ang = tix. no. 0042 – Jared Umengan

9th Prize Winner of Silver Arowana from E’s&R Fish Sala = tix. no. 0135 – Dan Gonzales

10th Prize Winner of 3D Background from Sir Angel “Fish Guru” Ampil = tix. no. 0120 – Jerome Dominguez (claimed)

11th Prize Winner of Silver Arowana from E’s&R Fish Sala = tix. no. 0049 – Eiffel Diaz

Special Prizes

12th Prize Winner of Yorkshire Terrier from Dogs Unleashed Philippines = tix. no. 0544 – Hardy Peque (claimed)

13th Prize Winner of Stingray from Sir Dexter Barreto = tix. no. 0059  Lloyd Ryan-

14th Prize Winner of Pair Winter White Hamster from JUANder Pet Store and PHOS = tix. no. 0501 – Ma. Doreen Cuenza

Note: The author was invited by JuanLovesPet Store and some fish hobbyist group

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