BJ Snack House: Great Family Heirloom Dishes

BJ Snack House is one of the local restaurants within San Miguel, Bulacan province which specializes in goto ( rice porridge) and pan de carne. These are heirloom family dishes. The original recipes were handed down from their grandmother.


l-r fried dried fish ( tuyo na tamban), fresh carabao’s milk, boiled okra, boiled eggplant, fried tofu, buro, adobong atay (liver), hard boiled eggs, lechon kawali, fried intestines (chicharon bulaklak) , pan de carne and goto.




The restaurant was established in the middle part of 1979 by Mr. Vivencio Cruz Chico ( who is a public servant and together with his wife Mrs. Felicidad Ligon Chico. The husband and wide tandem established a home-style eatery that mainly serves “Gotong Baboy” and best match with ” Pan de carne” to cater the people within the town.


childhood friend and business partners Jam Dimacale and Lei

In 1982, the eatery was named after Billy Johnson (BJ) for short, the eldest grandchild of the household. Ms. Jacklyn Jose ( Filipino actress ) is one of the celebrities who dine at the place.


Mr. Billy Johnson

Through word of mouth and distinct flavors of the goto, more people from far flung towns like San Ildefonso, San Rafael, Doña Remedios Trinidad shortened as “D.R.T.” and even as far as Nueva Ecija would come and eat the famous goto.


Unfortunately, BJ Gotohan closed in 2007. Through the years that it was closed, many customers are still craving the taste and asking for the original Gotong Baboy. This is the reason why Jam, the youngest son of Gracita decided to open the restaurant again.


The goto is not salty and is best paired with these toppings like hard boiled eggs, adobong atay ( liver), lechon kawali, fried tofu and deep fried intestines (chicharon bulaklak).


BJ Snack House menu board

Together with his childhood friend, Lei supported him, in loving memory of Gracita who acted like her second mother.


pan de carne

This is the well- loved pan de carne, locals would pair this with their favorite goto. the bread crust is crispy in the outside and one can taste the butter and meat. MUST TRY!


bikers from San Ildefonso congregate at the restaurant

The purpose of re-opening the business is not just earning money but they want to relive the memories and continue the family legacy. The ground floor can accommodate between 35 to 40 people at any given time, while the second floor which also double as bar area can sit around 40 people at any given time.

dsc_00071Aside from goto and pan de carne, the restaurant also serves lomi, pares, lumpiang shanghai, mojos , lechon kawali, calamares, pasta, sandwich and pancit palabok.


buro (pickled or fermented fish) is best accompanied by steamed bitter melon ( ampalaya), okra and eggplant. The buro is well-seasoned with the balance of sweet, sour, little salty and umami. Not the typical ones which had a bad after taste.


semi-vintage beer and liquor tin posters are displayed at the second floor


San Miguel Water District is just beside the restaurant

BJ Snack House is just beside SANMIBUL Water tower and near the plaza. They also accepts catering for events and special functions.

BJ Snack house group photo.jpg

bloggers, media and local organizers ( photo courtesy of Mr. Jam Dimacale)

Note: They have a promo ” GOTO Overload ” which starts at Php 49.00 with 3 kinds of topping to choose from.

For more information about their latest events and promos- Please try to like, share and visit their FB page and instagram


Instagram: @bjsnackhouse

BJ Snack House

Address: 328 Victor Street, Poblacion, San Miguel , Bulacan, 3011

Contact : +63 (916-250-6995) /0917 637 2011, (044) 309040-88

Operational Hours- Everyday : 6:30 am to 8:00 pm

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