Kesong Puti Overload at Sweet Bulakenya

Sweet Bulakenya specializes on Kesong Puti, Pastillas, Polvoron, Yema, Empanada with Kesong Puti are just some of the iconic products.


Sweet Bulakenya was founded in May 11, 2010 started to produce homemade products. Kesong Puti, Empanada, Halayang Ube, Pastilyas de Leche and yemas. Eventually, people from different walks of life began to like the products.


crispy mushroom and special polvoron de kasoy

Sweet Bulakenya Foods tried to produce Native Pork Sitsaron/ Chicharon which made its best at different class- A restaurants and hotels. Some of their clientele included Chateau (1771 Group of Restaurants) City of Dreams in Parañaque, Macau, Serye, Robinsons Supermarkets (selected outlets like Galleria, Ermita, Eastwood, Metro East, Magnolia ) and True Deli in Quezon City.


sweet macapuno ball and espasol

They also have different Kesong Puti variants such as keso nuggets and Kesong puti – filled empanada which truly caught the attention of the people. Polvoron and gatas ng kalabaw ( fresh carabao’s milk ) are just some of the MUST Try products.




kesong puti in plastic containers

San Miguel is also known for their kesong puti since the Spanish colonial administration. The abundance of carabao and cow ranches within the town explains the thriving local industry.

This is not my first time to visit the store, I have met Maam Lani Buencamino several times before. Their kesong puti is not the salty ones that is commonly sold in public markets.


kesong puti making

Kesong Puti means ” white cheese” in  Tagalog is a soft, unmanaged, white cheese made from carabao’s milk , salt and vinegar.

Kesong puti

mixing vinegar mixture and warm carabao’s milk

The process is simple which involves using a warm cup of fresh carabao’s milk. Then slowly adding the warm vinegar solution as well. It is important that both mixtures are warm so that you can easily form the kesong puti.

kesong puti 2.jpg

agglutinated curds are formed into balls – photo courtesy of Mr. Lebon Ong

Then gently slowly mixing it with your fingers until you can form a solid shape out of it. The excess water is slowly drained on a flat tray.


empanada with kesong puti


deep fried kesong puti nuggets

Comparable to cottage cheese, queso blanco, and paneer, kesong putĂ® has a soft close texture.


A small dine-in counter section would enable travelers from other parts of Bulacan and nearby provinces would serve these in-house specialties. They are also open to bulk orders and reservations.

Sweet Bulakenya had DTI registered and was issued a Mayor’s permit and sanitary permit to operate. They are on their way to Food And Drug Administration registration.

Buying their products would also enable them to help local farmers and employ local people of the town.

So when you visit the town, Do not miss this place!

Store:Maharlika Hi-way, Sta. Rita,San Miguel, Bulacan

Address: Sampaguita St, San Miguel, Bulacan

Contact : 0915 939 3526

Facebook Page:

Visit to Parokya ng San Jose Esposo de Maria


Parokya ng San Jose Esposo de Maria facade

Parokya ng San Jose Esposo de Maria parish was establish a little over a century ago.


The church was enlarged several times and its current structure is a combination of modern and old architectural styles. The facade of the church had adobe stones.


main altar

The parish had a small plaza and the side altar boast of several century-old religious statues of Saint Joseph, Mother Mary and the holy family.


The main altar boast of several large and life sized statues of the town’s patron saint.


century-old child jesus and saint joseph religious statues

There were some burglary attempts in the past, that targeted some old religious statues inside the church.


religious tableu depicting the life of saint joseph

But somehow, the religious statues were returned unscathed.  Some local would attribute these incidents as miracles.

Our immediate recommendation is for some kind hearten individual or company to help sponsor the installation of a cctv devise within the church.


This church is popular among local families of San Miguel as site of wedding place.


There is also a small side chapel where several large religious icons are displayed for veneration of the general public.


large gothic style urna

Urna vaguely translated into “house shrine,” or a delicately carved wooden housing for santos, or religious icons. These wooden containers are considered part of the religious heritage introduced by the Spaniards in the late 16th century.


religious statue of mother mary


immaculate conception statue

Parokya ng San Jose Esposo de Maria Facebook Page:

Address: Norberto Street, San Jose, San Miguel, 3011

Landline: (044) 764-04-79


Sweet Memories from Cristy’s and Claudine’s Pastillas Native Delicacies

Cristy’s Pastillas and Pasalubong Center is a place to visit whenever you are in the town of San Miguel, Bulacan.


Mrs. Cristina Garcia -Abu

This is not my first time to try the pastillas from San Miguel. Whenever we visit the town. We would always buy pastillas in several stores. These sweet soft milk candies that are made with carabao’s milk and sugar, then these sweet treats are rolled into logs, coated with sugar and then individually pack.


Cristy’s pastillas comes in different flavors and home to special macapuno

Culinary Specialty

Local culinary historians would agree that pastillas is most popular delicacy, that dates back to the Spanish colonial administration.

Pastillas de Leche if directly translated from Spanish means “milk tablets” or “milk pills”.  This is normally served for special guests and eaten by privilege few during the colonial administration.


neatly packing them into the boxes

The art of making pastillas gradually spread to other parts of Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga and other provinces.


Ms. Claudine G. Abu a third generation proprietor cutting the pastillas into bite size pieces

It all started back in 1968 from our lola Cristina Garcia who hails from from San Miguel Bulacan. This pastillas recipe was passed on to my parents and to me – Ms.Claudine G. Abu.


It is a very simple delicacy made with pure and fresh Carabao’s milk and sugar but without the correct mindset and handling, you might end up burning your mixture.


reduce consistency after about an hour of continuous stirring 

The classic flavors includes, Pastillas de leche, Pastillas de yema, Pastillas de ube.


 pastillas is neatly wrapped in two kinds of paper- the color red ones are pre-ordered

Cristy's pastillas1.jpg

Cristy’s pastillas

The product range had since expanded to include Pastillas de Leche,Pastillas de Yema, Pastillas de Ube, Pastillas de Langka, Pastillas de Dayap, Pastillas de Keso, Toasted Pastillas, Green tea pastillas, Chocnut pastillas, sugar-free pastillas and Macapuno.


pili nuts and pastillas de leche ( pastillas de leche is also sold in containers with less sugar)

Aside from the famous pastillas, They also have banana chips, camote chips, lengua de gato among others.  Cristy’s pastillas is also available in leading supermarkets in Metro Manila.

Cristy and Caludine’s pasalubong is also active in local bazaar and trade fairs. Some OFW’s from Europe, Middle East and United States would buy boxes of their pastillas for giveaways to friends during Yuletide season and special occasions.


Cristy’s and Claudine’s Pasalubong Center- Salangan Highway branch

Cristy and Claudine’s Pastillas and Pasalubong

Factory address and main store: 45 Tibagan, San Miguel, Bulacan


-803 Progresso st. San Jose San Miguel Bulacan

-45 Tibagan, San Miguel, Bulacan

– Stall B&C Cagayan Valley Road Salangan, San Miguel Bulacan

Contact no: Madis 09178003105 / 09175783186

They are open to bulk orders an resellers via LBC or 2go

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