Sweet Memories from Cristy’s and Claudine’s Pastillas Native Delicacies

Cristy’s Pastillas and Pasalubong Center is a place to visit whenever you are in the town of San Miguel, Bulacan.


Mrs. Cristina Garcia -Abu

This is not my first time to try the pastillas from San Miguel. Whenever we visit the town. We would always buy pastillas in several stores. These sweet soft milk candies that are made with carabao’s milk and sugar, then these sweet treats are rolled into logs, coated with sugar and then individually pack.


Cristy’s pastillas comes in different flavors and home to special macapuno

Culinary Specialty

Local culinary historians would agree that pastillas is most popular delicacy, that dates back to the Spanish colonial administration.

Pastillas de Leche if directly translated from Spanish means “milk tablets” or “milk pills”.  This is normally served for special guests and eaten by privilege few during the colonial administration.


neatly packing them into the boxes

The art of making pastillas gradually spread to other parts of Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga and other provinces.


Ms. Claudine G. Abu a third generation proprietor cutting the pastillas into bite size pieces

It all started back in 1968 from our lola Cristina Garcia who hails from from San Miguel Bulacan. This pastillas recipe was passed on to my parents and to me – Ms.Claudine G. Abu.


It is a very simple delicacy made with pure and fresh Carabao’s milk and sugar but without the correct mindset and handling, you might end up burning your mixture.


reduce consistency after about an hour of continuous stirring 

The classic flavors includes, Pastillas de leche, Pastillas de yema, Pastillas de ube.


 pastillas is neatly wrapped in two kinds of paper- the color red ones are pre-ordered

Cristy's pastillas1.jpg

Cristy’s pastillas

The product range had since expanded to include Pastillas de Leche,Pastillas de Yema, Pastillas de Ube, Pastillas de Langka, Pastillas de Dayap, Pastillas de Keso, Toasted Pastillas, Green tea pastillas, Chocnut pastillas, sugar-free pastillas and Macapuno.


pili nuts and pastillas de leche ( pastillas de leche is also sold in containers with less sugar)

Aside from the famous pastillas, They also have banana chips, camote chips, lengua de gato among others.  Cristy’s pastillas is also available in leading supermarkets in Metro Manila.

Cristy and Caludine’s pasalubong is also active in local bazaar and trade fairs. Some OFW’s from Europe, Middle East and United States would buy boxes of their pastillas for giveaways to friends during Yuletide season and special occasions.


Cristy’s and Claudine’s Pasalubong Center- Salangan Highway branch

Cristy and Claudine’s Pastillas and Pasalubong

Factory address and main store: 45 Tibagan, San Miguel, Bulacan


-803 Progresso st. San Jose San Miguel Bulacan

-45 Tibagan, San Miguel, Bulacan

– Stall B&C Cagayan Valley Road Salangan, San Miguel Bulacan

Contact no: Madis 09178003105 / 09175783186

They are open to bulk orders an resellers via LBC or 2go


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  2. Do you have outlets in quezon city where we can buy your pastillas?

  3. Any outlets near Antipolo City where we can see and buy your products especially jumbo pastillas de leche

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