Visit to Parokya ng San Jose Esposo de Maria


Parokya ng San Jose Esposo de Maria facade

Parokya ng San Jose Esposo de Maria parish was establish a little over a century ago.


The church was enlarged several times and its current structure is a combination of modern and old architectural styles. The facade of the church had adobe stones.


main altar

The parish had a small plaza and the side altar boast of several century-old religious statues of Saint Joseph, Mother Mary and the holy family.


The main altar boast of several large and life sized statues of the town’s patron saint.


century-old child jesus and saint joseph religious statues

There were some burglary attempts in the past, that targeted some old religious statues inside the church.


religious tableu depicting the life of saint joseph

But somehow, the religious statues were returned unscathed.  Some local would attribute these incidents as miracles.

Our immediate recommendation is for some kind hearten individual or company to help sponsor the installation of a cctv devise within the church.


This church is popular among local families of San Miguel as site of wedding place.


There is also a small side chapel where several large religious icons are displayed for veneration of the general public.


large gothic style urna

Urna vaguely translated into “house shrine,” or a delicately carved wooden housing for santos, or religious icons. These wooden containers are considered part of the religious heritage introduced by the Spaniards in the late 16th century.


religious statue of mother mary


immaculate conception statue

Parokya ng San Jose Esposo de Maria Facebook Page:

Address: Norberto Street, San Jose, San Miguel, 3011

Landline: (044) 764-04-79



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