Great Breakfast Boodle Fight at Arki’s Grill booth

Great breakfast boodle fight at Arki’s grill booth at the 1st San Miguel de Mayumo festival.


Arki’s Grill stall at the 1st San Miguel de Mayumo festival

Arki’s grill is one of the two dozen or so stalls at the bazaar area. The wooden stall is neatly decorated with artificial flowers and long wooden table and chair.


Our group got a first hand experience in eating outdoor and pouring carabao’s milk  on the rice.


breakfast bilao meal which is ideal for sharing between 6 to 8 people

breakfast boodle meal includes plain and garlic rice, tinapa na galunggong, buro, tomato sarsiado, tocino, salted duck egg, ginisang pechay, adobong talong, saba banana, fried egg and deep fried dried fish ( tamban).


l-r buro, ginisang pechay and kamatis na sarsiado


group enjoyed a hearty breakfast boodle fight ( photo courtesy of Arki’s Grill)

Arki’s Grill is opening a branch in San Ildefonso and a stall outlet in Baliuag in few weeks time.

Address: Salangan, San Miguel, Bulacan 3011
Contact :0935 889 1003

Arki’s Grill FB Page:

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