Filipino-Chinese Dishes at Chiow Express in Mandaluyong City

Chiow Express had opened last May 2018. This is one of the places to visit when you are near Mayilo circle and in front of Mandaluyong Medical Center in the heart of Mandaluyong City.

Chiow Restaurant facade

The dishes are comparable to some well-known restaurants within Chinatown or Binondo district in Manila. For those living within San Juan and Mandaluyong. One will not travel far just to have these delectable dishes.


bloggers, reviewers pose for a souvenir shot in front of the restarant

Considering the traffic, travel time and price, This restaurant is a clear stand out in the area.


Chiow Express restaurant had a dining capacity of between 28 to 35 people at any given time.

Short History

Chiow means a lot of things, It is a colloquial term to eat. But according to one of the proprietors, the term “Chiow” was a nickname for a friend who died in 2016. They decided to name the restaurant Chiow in honor of the great friendship and memories shared. Same with the logo which looks similar to their friend.


They planned to open a Filipino-Chinese restaurant about 5 years ago , but only materialized early part of this year. The place is clean with several mouthwatering dishes to offer.



Chiow Express special fried rice

Chiow Fiesta Fried Rice had an assorted array of mixture added, such as minced carrots, scrambled eggs, scallions, green peas and pork meat. This also had a strong hint of sesame oil added. The special fried rice is served in small , medium and large size.


Chinese style kikiam

Chinese- style kikiam ( Quekeng) is another MUST order when you visit this restaurant. This is almost the same taste and texture with other well-known panciterias in Chinatown, Manila.


Hototay soup

Hototay Soup is another MUST order, when you visit this place. The soup had a rich flavors with a young corn, squid, slices of straw mushroom, pork meat and can be shared.


deep fried calamares

Deep Fried Calamares had a soft batter mixture, fresh quality ingredient were use. This is best eaten with their own version of chili oil and sauce.


buttered deep fried chicken

Chiow Buttered Fried Chicken – Is one of the MUST try or one of best seller dishes of this restaurant. The chicken is well coated with butter and batter mixture. One can clearly taste the butter without overpowering the taste of the chicken.


Chiow Fried Salt and Pepper Spareribs – Another highly recommended dishes for those who like spicy spareribs.


Chiow Express crispy sisig

Chiow Crispy Sisig– Their version of sisig is best eaten hot in a sizzling plate. It is crispy with added hint of spiciness from chopped banana chilies, onions and egg. One can squeeze calamansi and bird’s eye chilies for extra spiciness.


chami beef noodle

Chami noodles is another specialty of the restaurant. This had a generous topping of carrots, meat, cabbage and with slight tinge of sweetness. This is a perfect light meal or snack during early afternoon. They also offer several bilao style pancit ( noodle dishes) for larger group.


Chiow Express chami beef sate


some of the well-loved dishes

Address: Ground Floor Garv’s Boutique Hotel, 604 Boni Avenue Bgy. Plainview ( in front of Mandaluyong Medical Center ), Mandaluyong, Philippines 1550

Operations: Everyday from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm

Landline : (02) 579 5289

Cellphone (0906) 675-87-68


Facebook Page:

Delivery Service and Bulk Orders: minimum of Php 300 within Mandaluyong City

Note: Prices quoted at this blog are subject to change without prior notice, This is due to increase in prices of the ingredients and other factors.

How to Commute:

1.) from MRT Boni station, there is a jeepney route with Gabby’s -Rizal Technological University, Maysilo circle. minimum fare is Php 10.00

2.) from Kalentong -Jose Rizal University- there is a jeepney route with signage Maysilo circle, MRT minimum fare is Php 10.00


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