Modern Japanese Residential House at Don Miguel Street, San Juan

Modern with posh and comfortable living within the heart of Metro Manila. One can feel the urban and residential vibes in San Juan City.


Modern-Japanese inspired house with bamboos and high ceilings

Points of Interest

The house and lot covered an area of 940 square meters of lot. The residential property is near hospitals, churches, schools, gymnasium, restaurants, malls, supermarket, golf courses, fast food restaurants and important urban centers like Ortigas financial district, Makati, New Manila, Quezon City and University Belt area in Manila.


mini waterfall, koi pond with water plants


The three storey house reflect a Japanese modern house design with large windows and high ceiling. This allows natural light and allows air circulation to infiltrate the main living rooms and kitchen area.


living room with large windows and high ceiling ( artist concept)

It had a salt water pool, jacuzzi with outdoor shower area and a modern elevator system by Aritco ( Sweden).



The solar heater is centralized with sprawling manicured Japanese -inspired garden complete with koi pond that blends well with nature. One can easily commune with nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


outdoor area with swimming pool and gazebo area

It had a narra floors and doors which complement the colors and features of the house ( narra floor panels are durable and long lasting under the tropical weather of the country).


Hans grohe fixtures with 5 bedrooms with individual toilet. There is the large and spacious living room, dining area, kitchen, There is also daily kitchen, drivers and maids room. There is also ample parking space between 6 to 10 cars.

A gazebo area with grill which is perfect for hosting small parties or having time to spend outdoors cooking barbecue or home cooked meals.

Security and Safety Features

There are security guards on guard 24 hours and the neighborhood had CCTV on street corners with nearby police station few meters away.

For those interested to visit, Please contact:  Ms. Nikki Parulan – Marketing Representative 
email : / 0926-064-2982


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