Stunning Landscape Exhibits at Philippine Plant Festival 2019

Stunning Landscape exhibits were the highlights of the Philippine Plant Festival 2019 at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Rescue Center in Quezon City.


Del’s Native Orchids and Ornamental Plants

Mrs. Delia Pionela had several ornamental plants, bromeliads, ferns, ti plants, aglaonemas and upscale use of old window panels and driftwood as additional accents to her impressive landscape exhibits.


Landscape exhibit of Mr. Noel Vincent “Botchie” Canicula together with Architect Patricia ” Wendy” Regalado

Mr. Noel Vincent “Botchie” Canicula had used several ornamental foliage, anthuriums, ti plants, ferns, alocasias, ferns, bromeliads old window panels, white stones and adobe stones to finish his landscape.


The Legends landscape exhibit included the founders Dr. Ella and Romy Gutierrez, Mrs. Remedios “Remy’ Rodis-Santelices, Ms. Edna Felipe, Ms. Baby de Leon, Mrs. Lily Javate.

The landscape exhibit included several blooming white and pink Phalaenopsis hybrids, Rhynchostylis gigantea , Dendrobium anosmum ( sanggumays) , cobra ferns, Alcantarea imperialis ,variegated bamboos with large pebbles to finish the beautiful hardscape.


Philippine Bonsai Society had several large stunning bonsai on display

Philippine Bonsai Society Inc. led by Mrs. Fely and Yumie Gupit , Bobby Gopiao among others. The group will be having their show next month at SM North EDSA skydome.


Architect Bimbo Vergara had interesting array of award winning cacti and succulents together presented in vintage wooden sala set ( probably in the late 1950’s or 1960’s).


Different tillandsia species and hybrids

Mrs. Doreen Dofitas landscape exhibit booth displayed different cobra ferns, tillandsia, bromeliads. Some of which are their own hybrids.


Los Baños Horticultural Society Inc.won 3rd place in landscape exhibit

The landscape exhibit showcases several aglaonema hybrids, caldiums , Hoya kerrii variety variegata ( sweetheart hoyas) , ferns, palms and anthuriums.


Mr. Boyet Ganigan and Dr. Jae Silvestre landscape exhibit

Mr. Boyet Ganigan and Dr. Jae Silvestre landscape exhibit won 2nd place. Their booth had several brightly colored bromeliads, variegated Alcantarea , Philodendron markianum, Anthurium “Golden Jenmanii” and ferns.


Mr. Alvin Chingcuangco and Mary Ann Fabale landscape

Mr. Alvin Chingcuangco and Mary Ann Fabale landscape used several variegated plants, bromeliads, ferns, old wood and large pebbles as accents.


an array of variegated ornamental plants and flowering plants


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