Philippine Plant Festival 2019 Aroid Winners

Philippine Plant Festival 2019 winners in plant competition. ( partial list )

Aroid A- Aglaonema and Dieffenbachia

1st Aglaonema – Mr. Mac Pagsolingan

2nd Aglaonema -Mr. Mac Pagsolingan

3rd Aglaonema Orange Goldstar  -Mr. Mac Pagsolingan


Ariod B-Alocasia, Schismatoglottis , etc…

1st –Alocasia cuprea– owner; Architect Patricia “Wendy” Regalado

2nd – Alocasia “Low Rider” owner:  Mr. Mac Pagsolingan


3rd – Homalomena “Glory Gem” – owner: Mr. Mac Pagsolingan


Alocasia cuprea owned by Architect Patrica “Wendy” Regalado

Aroid C- Anthurium, Philodendron, Monstera, etc.


1st- Anthurium clarivegium – Mr. Ronald Salazar

2nd- Philodendron markianum – Mr. Boyet Ganigan/ Dr. Jae Silvestre



3rd – Anthurium “Golden jenmanii” -Mr. Boyet Ganigan/ Dr. Jae Silvestre


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