Highlights of AquaCircle 2019

AquaCirle 2019 Fish and Pet Exposition 2019 was successfully staged at Liwasang Aurora within Quezon Memorial Circle from February 20 to 24, 2019 in Quezon City.


AquaCircle 2019 e-poster

The event was a collaboration of several, pet stores, suppliers, fish, bird,hamsters  other non-government organizations and Quezon City government. Unlike other trade show which caters on membership and having an exclusive meet-up. This show is different with no entrance.


Arowana competition and exhibit area

This also allows the general public to enjoy these kinds of shows. It also cater on new generation of pet and fish hobbyists, since the public can interact and talk with seasoned hobbyists.


Arowana Owners Club t-shirts


Buhay Flowerhorn t-shirts


bodega mugs


silver arowana

The judging went on smoothly on February 22 and 23 and the winners were announce during the last day of the show.




angel and discus fishes on display

One sad aspect of the fish show was there were visitors who would tap the glass aquarium. This would give stress to the fishes at the exhibit area.


hamster house, hamster food and pack of sand ( sand bath )


There is a popular trend among new pet hobbyists to buy small mammals like hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs. These small mammals are cute, cuddly and does not require big space.


visitors at the PHOS booth 

We got an invite from the members of PHOS- Philippine Hamster Owner’s Society and via Juan Love Pet store which have a small stall within the show site.

Aside from the usual booths, there was an on the spot raffle and swap meet for fellow pet hobbyists. It was a meaningful day for all those who attended the event.




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