Travelling via General Luis Malinis Street

General Luis Malinis street is a narrow winding street which starts from intersection of Susano Road and Quirino Highway in Novaliches. The street connects several barangays ( Novaliches town proper/ (Poblacion), Barangay Nagkaisang Nayon of Novaliches, Quezon City, Barangay Caybiga / Kaybiga, Barangay Bagbaguin North Caloocan, Barangay Bagbaguin, Paso de Blas, Canumay, Fortune Village, Maysan and Malinta in Valenzuela. This street is between 8.89 to 9 kilometers long.


General Luis Malinis street ( via google map 2019)

Our small group tried to explore this part of Novaliches and the northern parts of Caloocan and Valenzuela. We have several friends and close acquaintances which live within these areas.


Barangay Nagkaisang Nayon ( General Luis street ) Quezon City side


folk story or urban legend that still circulates within Barangay Nagkaisang Nayon, Bugsok (present day Kaligayahan), Bagbag and Capri area would recall that Señorita Nova and Señor Lechi were lovers, however their families objected their relationship. The young couple while gathering fresh water mollusks along Tullahan/Tulyahan/ Tuliahan river met their untimely death. Eventually, people would name the place- Novaliches, in memory of the two ill- fated lovers.


Nagkaisang Nayon welcome arch

General Luis corner Katipunan Avenue – This intersection which leads Katipunan Avenue ( a four lane avenue) to several subdivisions like Sierra Vista, California Village, Goodwill Homes 1, Kingspoint Subdivision, Lukaria street and connects Mindanao Avenue. Some residents would also refer this as part of SB diversion road, which was completed almost two decades ago.


jeepney which ply Novaliches -Malinta route

According to old residents and “Ang Kasaysayan ng Novaliches”book, There are two possible origin of the name- The area is known for livestock raising with herds of cattle, goat, sheep, carabao ranches within the locality. Novaliches also supplies fresh milk and kesong puti in Manila -hence the name was a corrupted term for Nueva de Leche.


Manuel Pavia y Lacy ( photo courtesy of wikipedia)

The widely accepted terminology was the title given to Governor General Manuel Pavia y Lacy ( 1st Marquez de Novaliches ). It was during his term that prisoners from bilibid and some volunteers clear vast tract of forest lands and cogon areas for cultivation and settlement in then Hacienda Tala, Hacienda Malinta and Hacienda Piedad which were friar properties.

Early History

Old residents would recall that they would call this road Novaliches-Polo road. This was renamed as one of Andres Bonifacio’s most trusted and loyal revolutionaries, General Luis Malinis ( however some local historians and historical documents would tell that he was not a resident of the place) who was killed during the Battle of Novaliches around November 17 and 18, 1896.

Novaliches was a hot spot for revolutionaries during the late Spanish era and the fighting continued until American era. Some of the Andres Bonifacio’s friends and allies like Tomas Geronimo and Canuto Dumalay had streets named after them near the town proper. They were beloved sons of the town.

According to memoirs by General Mariano Alvarez (GMA) “He carried out the siege toward the end of November 1896. After a pitch battle, the Sons of the People at noon burned the civil guards’ headquarters and the chapel where the enemies had entrenched themselves. Unfortunately, the brave General Malinis was killed by the Spaniards.

Agricultural, Residential and Industrial

Old time residents would recall that when both sides of the nine-kilometer road were still dotted by rice fields, cattle ranches and primary agricultural. Travel time from Valenzuela to Novaliches, and vice versa, was only 10 minutes 40 to 50 years ago. Industrial parks and warehouses started sprouting up in the mid- 1960’s. Now, travel time could be between 1hour to 1 1/2 hours long. Especially during morning rush hour, lunch time and late afternoon. There are big development plans in some parts of this street.


EconPack Corporation

There are several factories, schools, industrial warehouses, subdivisions, venue place/  resort, manufacturing plants, steel company, food parks, malls, churches, supermarkets, pet supplies, agricultural supplies, wet and dry market  which are found along the street.


signage going to north Caloocan


Diamond road corner General Luis street


street signage


Quiambao Coconut Lumber


overloaded tricycle with students

We also notice that traffic is quite heavy within General Luis street especially near schools, intersection and near wet market places.


Sacred Heart Parish -Dioceses of Novaliches


Tamara and Villa Maria subdivisions


Mindanao Avenue extension corner General Luis street, Caloocan City ( almost completed)


large pico mango fruits

The mangoes , tamarind and duhat trees that grows along the pedestrian area were already seedlings even before the streets were paved in concrete, This was according to some residents, They are gathering some unripe pico mangoes.


turn of a century ancestral house along General Luis corner Mindanao Avenue extension.


turn of a century ancestral house with sprawling garden


Elysian 727– a modern house and private resort with 5 feet infinity swimming pool which overlooks North Caloocan at nigh time ( a separate article on the resort and garden)


pilgrim christian baptist chapel


mid- century old ancestral house


Mejos Store and Eatery


blooming red plumeria and cacti


shoes and shoe repair outlet


Mr. Sapatos repair and shoe store


Vista Verde Executive subdivision


Captain Burger stall


AUV terminal near Vista Verde Executive Homes


pet and agricultural supplies store


pet store ( another angle)




grains and feeds


rice porridge and mami eatery


Naulpit poultry and pet store, barbershop, Japanese surplus and Marben bakery


century-old tamarind tree, modern house and mid-century ancestral house

Old time residents told us that the tamarind and mango trees found along the pedestrian walkways are already there for several decades when the street is still narrow. Some people believes that there are unseen spirits which dwell on those large trees.


Barangay 166, Caybiga, North Caloocan pocket garden


Barangay Caybiga Hall


Caybiga Elementary School


Dayn’s Barbershop

Dayn’s barbershop just opened their business few months ago. They have a cheap haircut promo price which starts at Php 35 for children and adults. Haircut normally cost between Php 40 to Php 50 in other parts of the barangay.


camote cue, banana cue, turon and maruya

Our tour lead us to other barangays like Barangay Bagbaguin, North Caloocan , Barangay Bagbaguin and Paso de Blas in Valenzuela. Stopping to some well known eateries, 24/ 7 tapsilogan, lugawan and sizzling plate.


signage along kilometer 19

My friend also told me that there used to be mini-buses which ply the route from Santa Cruz/ Doroteo Jose several years back.

Out tour lead us to a well-known supermarket mall ( near NLEX Malinta exit) and back to the town of Novaliches, where we parted ways.

How to commute:

There are jeepney which ply Novaliches-Malinta route

There is also a bus from Santa Cruz/ Doroteo Jose to Malinta ( General Luis street)

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