Native Plant Painting Session with Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society members

Philippine Native Plant Conservation Society Inc. provided an entire afternoon of art workshop and session to about a dozen members who went at the BMB training center at the Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center in Quezon City.

The art session started at past 1:00 pm. The focus on the art session are Philippine native plants.

Members came from all walks of life, some are first time while some have some background in art. The art instructor is Miss Bing Famoso Tac-an and had several art exhibits in many parts of the country. Some of her works were featured in postcards.

Some are lawyers, entrepreneurs, students and housewives.



group photo with members with Miss Bing Famoso Tac-an ( art facilitator)

The event ended around past 4:30 pm with member having a group photo and chitchat with fellow members.






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