Scandinavia Lift Group Makes Ideal Home and Business Partner

Scandinavia countries are known globally by their art and design.

Their designs are distinguished by minimalism, simplicity, modernism and functionality.

The idea of Scandinavian design has brought us to the creation of a compact, simple and functional home and industrial type of elevator.

SLG homelift


Scandinavia Lift Group offers two lifts with same function but with different
lifting capacities, ILS 500 has 500kg lifting capacity and ILS 1,000 has
1,000kg lifting capacity.

The lifts are suitable for all types of homes as an alternative to stairs for
access to all levels of the home. It can also serve in buildings and industrial purposes.

Contact Information

Website :

      Store Address: 47 Dexter Street Corner Sta. Gertrudes Street, Quezon City

Office hours from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday to Friday

Contact Person : Ms. Gel Morao Cellphone #0926-383-8704 and Tel no: (02)796-2328

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