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Jar’D in Salad House offers different kinds of salads which were Southeast Asian inspired, Greek, American, among others. They also have vegetables and fruit juices combination. Tea from China,India and Southeast Asia.

different kinds of salad

It is quite hard to find such a salad bar which offers these kinds of varieties in this side of Quezon City.

calamansi with chili juice, carrot juice, ampalaya (bitter melon)  with dalandan juice.

Jar’d IN Salad House facade

Varieties of Salad

Jar’d In Salad offers Cancun barbecue burrito bowl, Greek salad, Vietnamese Banh Mi with pomelo salad, Greek Salad with roasted chicken , Amazonia grain power bowl and Cowboy crispy chicken salad in a plastic jar. They can be eaten or to go.  They are also coming up with some other salad varieties. The salad is affordable which price ranging from Php 220 to Php 350

Vietnamese Banh Mi with pomelo salad

Vietnamese Banh Mi with Pomelo Salad is a MUST try salad. It had a generous topping of two kinds of lettuces, slice picama (singkamas), sliced carrots, cabbage, Banh Mi noodles, corn kernels, peanuts, slices of ham, meat, sweet pomelo, coriander with their version of salad dressing.

Vietnamese Banh Mi

Greek salad with roasted chicken

Greek salad with roasted chicken had two kinds of lettuces, cherry tomatoes, onions, grapes, sliced water melon, walnuts,arugula, sliced bell peppers, topped with roasted chicken breast, feta cheese and their own salad dressing.

Amazonia grain power bowl

Amazonia grain power bowl consists of two kind of lettuces, corn kernels, cherry tomatoes, chopped onions, chicken topped with organic violet rice from the Cordillera region. This also comes with their version of dressing.

Cowboy crispy chicken salad

Cowboy crispy chicken salad consisted of two kinds of lettuces, corn kernels, cherry tomatoes, toasted bread, slices of ham, bacon bits, hard boiled egg, crispy chicken, cheese and comes with their own version of dressing.

cowboy crispy chicken salad in a clear plastic jar

Sitting Capacity

The sitting capacity of the salad house is 20 to 25 with an outdoor patio area which can accommodate between 10 to 12 customers.

Ms. Mary Ann Silayan – first customer along with Mr. Miguel dela Rosa, Mr. Paul Gan, Mr. Edmil Chan, Mr.  Ed Paras of Jar’d In Salad House

Ms. Mary Ann Silayan got a rare chance of having their free salad and juice since they were the first customers of the salad house. She was on her way to the bank and spotted the salad house having a lot of people.

friendly staff


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 Jar’d In Salad to ensure the quality and freshness of the ingredients, source their lettuces, vegetables, fruits from Benguet Growers Association and Antipolo area.

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Note: Jar’d In Salad House is still under soft opening stage until middle part of June 2019. Prices quoted are subject to change without notification.

Address:  Jar’d In Salad House -Mc2 Building ground floor ( beside Paras Alter Station and Tailoring), Congressional Avenue corner April street, Barangay Bahay Toro, Quezon City.

Operations: Monday to Sunday

Operational Hours: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

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