Exciting Creatures Featured at Reptile X Event

Exciting creatures which included Madagascar hissing cockroaches, albino python, sulcata tortoises, crickets, rabbits, white mice, guinea pigs, coral snakes, cockatoo, siamese fighting fishes were some of the creatures showcase at the 4th Reptile X exhibit at the Ayala MallCloverleaf in Balintawak, Quezon City.


crispy crawlies

Angora English rabbit breed

Majestic Wings member

There were over 50 booths selling from wide array of items, from pet supplies , insect snacks, terrarium, carnivorous plants, agriculture magazine among others.

pacman toads

t-shirts for sale

tortoise and snakes

albino python

white mice

different kinds of snakes

Madagascar hissing cockroaches

Madagascar hissing cockroach use to sell between Php 250 to Php 300 a pair. However we were able to spot Php 100 a pair of these cockroaches at the event.

Venus flytrap


The big crowd was attributed to many factors, the accessibility of the venue, no entrance fee, free talks, good publicity and increasing awareness on how to take care of these reptiles, insects and small mammals.


There were also on the spot contests and raffle draw winners during the entire duration of the exhibition.

Pre-event link to Reptile X 2019


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