Secret Life of Pets 2 at Mc Donald’s Kiddie Meal Toys

Mc Donalds-Philippines had issue 10 pieces set Secret Life of Pets 2 starting this June 2019. This is a rather large set of toys.

The set is available when you purchase the value meal which starts at Php 90.00

Fun Camp at Jollibee Kiddie Meal

Jollibee which is the leading fast food chain in the country issue a 5 piece kiddie meal toys were issued by the company for the month of June, 2019 . This includes Jollibee that can swing under a tree, Twirlie which is seated on a camp fire which can be lighted, Yum which had a detachable paddle, Hetty had a fishing rod which can move, Popo is seated playing his guitar. All of these can be inter-connected to form one large camping site.

These toys are available in all Jollibee outlets nationwide.

Note: These toys are suitable for children over 3 years-old and must be accompanied by adults when they are playing the toys.

Summer Delights at Shake King Frost

We have a rare chance to witness the grand opening of Shake King Frost in Goodwill Homes 1 last May 26, 2019.

celebrities Papa Jack ( DJ / TV personality ), Ms. Chacha Pega ( blogger , model) and Dcoy ( producer, singer, rapper)

Some residents initially thought that this was a manpower office few weeks before the grand opening, since they saw a tarpaulin poster of a manpower agency  at the store.

The store had an opening day promo of buy 2 get 1 free king frost shake with tapioca pearl.  A friend who lives in Goodwill Homes 1 had treated us with some smoothies.

The group ordered 1 black forest, 1 choco velvet ( Queen size) for Php 140.00 and the 1 free one which is the red velvet smoothie.

Shake King Frost outdoor area with large umbrella which serves as protection from intense heat and rain.

Shake King Frost Sitting Capacity

The air-conditioned store is a plus for any business entity , which had attracted customers as far as  Holy Cross, Torres Village, Sierra Vista and Vista Verde.

Inside the store had a capacity of between 8 to 10 at any given time, while customers were encourage to play board games while waiting for their orders.  Outdoor patio area had an additional sitting capacity of between 6 to 8 people.

The interior is well -lighted with industrial tables and chairs which match the total ambiance. I just do not know why they have to use artificial plants as centerpiece items. They could use the real ones instead.

board games

Parking could pose a potential problem since it is located near the security guard sentry.

menu board


The store had Fraffe, Milktea, Fruitea, Smoothie and Coffee which were some well-loved flavored drinks. I cannot wait to taste all of their smoothie and fraffe. Although not a big fan of the other flavors.

Prince Php 60.00 ( equivalent to small ), Queen Php 70.00 ( equivalent to medium)  and King Php 80.00 ( equivalent to large).

What we like about these two flavored smoothies were not too sweet and one can taste the texture. However the tapioca pearls seem to be tough. ( not cooked properly).

A blogger friend from San Pedro IX subdivision told me that they also got the same experience with the tapioca pearls when they visited the store few days after it open.

I have visited the store again last June 2 late afternoon and ordered 1 Red Velvet, 1 Cappucino ( Prince size Php 60.00 x 2= Php 120 ) it comes with a free prince size Double Dutch flavor.

The staffs and proprietor seems friendly and accommodating. They gladly opened the indoor light, a plus point again for the hospitality extended in my short stay at the store.

Do not forget to pay them a quick visit, Try their famous smoothies and frappes. I  do not have an idea if the store is a franchise one. I have to taste their other flavored frappes and smoothies.

How to Commute

There are several ways to commute going to the store:

1.) From: Kingspoint Goodwill San Pedro KGSP TODA Barangay Bagbag -One can ride a tricycle ( special one will cost around Php 40.00 ) 

2.) AUV vans from Trinoma/ Landmark -Quezon City with the route ( Vista Verde, Vicas or Deparo)  which which will pass SB road ( Goodwill Homes 1)

Facebook Page:

Address: Katipunan 3 Avenue, Goodwill Homes 1, Gate One, Barangay San Bartolome, Novaliches, Quezon City ( beside the security guard house)

Contact : 0955 459 5286

Operation Hours: 10:00 am to 1:00 am

Operation: Everyday

10 Exciting Booths at the 18th Mango Festival

18th National Mango Festival was held from May 31 to June 2 at Eaton Centris Walk in Eton Centris, Quezon City.

Centris Walk

After we went to SidcorEton Centris Sunday Market, We decided to visit the festival. There were several talks, demonstrations and lecture held at  festival where participants can enrich their knowledge on basic mango cultivation techniques,  pest, diseases, fertilization and how to preserve excess production.

Ilocos Norte grown mangoes

10 Exciting Booths at the 18th Mango Festival

10. ) Wilson’s Tree Bank – offers several tree seedlings of mulberry trees, edible figs and few other tree seedlings.

Bicol mangoes from Yulaik farm

fruit wines

9.) Bicol Mangoes by Yulaik Farm . They also have some fruit wines made from lipote, mangoes. They also process mango sauce, baligang concentrate, dried lipote.

Address: Universal Road, Zone 6, Triangulo, Naga City , Camarines Sur

Contact: #0907-788-3250 / (054) 473-6300

8.) Santa Maria Dairy Farm– Santa Maria dairy farm offers milk, kesong puti, milk gel, milkobar, ice cream and pastillas which is sold for Php 50 per pack.

7.) Philippine Mango Seedling Farm– They have their farm in Candaba , Pampanga province.

6.)  Pampanga Mangoes are sold for just Php 60.00 per kilo

5.) Carlies Handicraft– Ms. Carlita Frades offer handwoven bayong made by the members . They are based in Commonwealth, Quezon City.

Contact : (0932-3153826, 092664441776)

4.) Green Thumb Zambales Dried Mangoes– Aside from fresh mangoes from Zambales, they also have dried mangoes.

3.) Spirulina by Aztec Food Growers Corporation- Their farm is based in Cainta, Rizal province. The ponds are secured and fully enclosed by screen mesh walls and transparent roofing.

Contact: landline 477-2256/ 622-2713 Cellphone :0917-8375280/ 0917-5078539

2.) Villar Sipag Booth– The booth showcases the advocacy program of the foundation like organic composting, urban farming, coco choir making, water hyacinth weaving among others.

They also gave away free organic compost sack for interested group and visitor at the festival.

1.) Guimaras Mangoes– They were sold initially for Php 150 per kilo during the first two days of the festival, But were sold for just Php 120 by the end of the event.

Philippine Hamsters Owners Society Celebrates 7th Anniversary

Philippine Hamsters Owners Society will be celebrating their 7th year of existence in our hobbies.

We want to thank you all the support that you give to the @philipp and we want to give it back to you all the love! So this coming June 15 – 16, 2019 it’s Saturday and Sunday at the 3rd floor Function Hall, Starmall EDSA Shaw, Mandaluyong City around 10:00am to 7:00 pm.

 Philippine Hamster Fair will be celebrating the 7th year anniversary of one of the leading group here in our hobby. We invite all the pet lovers, enthusiasts, pet groups, pet society and pet community to join us in the event that every people wait every year of June. We give something new this time. Our theme is COLLECTORS SEASON. We will be looking for a breeder or just a hamster lover that collecting Hamsters like, collecting hamster species, mutations, dwarfs, Syrians that wants to exhibit and have a chance to win prizes that deserved his/her effort. Tentative Activities: – Hamster Show (depends on entries) – Hamster Race – Best Booth Display – Best Hamster Group –

And many more For more info message @juan or message our PHOS FB page.