16th Open Library Exhibit at University of the East -Manila

It was a hot sunny afternoon around past 2:00 pm when we were given an opportunity by the University of the East-Manila administration to visit their campus.

Mr. Generoso Caringal greets the visitors

We were warmly received by Mr. Generoso Caringal (director- office of the cultural affairs ), Mr. Peter Marc Ramos, Mr. Angelo Vergel de Dios
(UE Assistant University relations officer) members of the university admission office and faculty.

University of the East- faculty, students and employees

The tour group were ushered to the 6 story- library building which is located near the F.T. Dalupan gate ( formerly called Gastambide street ) gate of the campus.


The group were amazed with the number of white painted mid-century old buildings and commemorative plaques.


(photo courtesy of  Ms. Dodie Escartin )

The visit coincided with the 16th University of the East library open house exhibit which features interesting exhibit created by the library staff, graduate school students and faculty.

lualhati statue sculpture made from wood

spacious library hall

The administrator gave the group a short audio visual presentation of the 11 library system and facilities that the university have.


All of the participants enjoyed the vast collection of books ( a lot of them were professors, teachers, students, heritage advocates, cultural workers and bibliophile).

creative exhibits from recycled materials

(photo courtesy of Ms. Dodie Escartin )

 community based volunteer and kindergarten teachers from Tondo also took some time to to examine the materials.

University of the East library staff and employees

recognition and several awards given to the university’s library

hardbound books on display

Dr. Jeorge Ferrer liked the book on shells and beer,  While i like the book on orchids and onions ( middle and far right). Professor Dennis Maturan liked the old photos, memorabilia collection and Filipiniana section.

dry garden ( atrium area)

University of the East old photo

The campus also had a memorabilia section dedicated to UAAP, Francisco Dalupan and archives.

The participants had a very good impression of the library and for some memorabilia collector ( a chance to see the personal memorabilia of the founder).

16th University of the East- Library Open House exhibit runs from July 05 to 12, 2019.

Note: We would like to “Thank” the office of President Ester Garcia, Mr. Generoso Caringal, Mr. Zosimo Battad, Mr. Angelo Vergel de Dios, admission office and the University of East employees.


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