Catterific Day at MeowCon Manila 2019

 Catterific Day ! Feline Council of the Philippines, Manila Cat Fanciers Society, Purina together with cats of manila, cat lovers, cat pet owners had a successful run of the much anticipated Meow Convention Manila 2019.

MeowCon Manila 2019

  This is in partnership with Robinson’s Magnolia in Quezon City and media partner Animal Scene had their big event for this year called MeowCon Manila 2019 (MeowCON 2019).

Robinson’s Magnolia

Mr. Benjamin Javier

All smiles from Mr. Benjamin Joseph D. Javier, a cat owner and he entered his pet cat in the competition.

shampoo bars

talks about cat breed and their care

Scottish fold cat

a cat owner with puspin

Mr. Alex Madrilejo – Cat Fancier’s Association-CFA Philippines

Ms. Mitch Pellicer together with her family

I have met a fellow pet, plant and orchid grower and hobbyist Ms. Mitch Pellicer during the event. This was like a mini eyeball and reunion for us.

One day event aims to bond cat lovers, enthusiasts, owners and the general public.

The event featured a cat competition, parades, veterinarian consultations, cat food sampling, talks, pet adoptions and on -the spot raffles and games.

ribbons by

Ms. Jeza Evangelista ( Junior Marketing Associate ) Contact : 0917-562-8829/ Landline :(02)529-9263

Vigor and Sage is based in The Netherlands which specializes on cat, dog food and healthy options. Their booth gave away some sample packs of cat food for all those participants who pre-registered on site. They gave away Ginseng Well -Being ( fresh chicken and seaweed ) and Lily Root Beauty ( fresh salmon and seaweed) 40 grams.

Ripple Clean is a surface cleaner all natural plant based cleaner. They have green tea + peppermint +lime , Mediterranean Fig + Ginger, Fresh Bamboo + Orange and Fragrance Free

There were about 50 to 60 cat breeds, hybrid, mix breed and even puspin ( pusang pinoy) entered in the cat competition.

The jam-packed site had several stalls selling pet products, hygiene packs  and play items. Organizers are now looking forward for the next MeowCON Manila event.

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