Sustainability Summit Marks Old Manila Eco Market’s Anniversary

Sustainability Summit was successfully held at the second floor Thomas Hall, Saint Thomas of Aquinas building within Colegio de San Juan de Letran marked the Old Manila’s Eco Market first year anniversary.


Ms. Sarah Del Mundo sells foot wear and other products
Contact : 0905-4886628 / 0949-726-8511


Saint Thomas Hall

There were hundreds of participants from stakeholders,all walks of life, professions, environment advocates, students, bloggers,media among others.


Ms. Ferrai Garcia of


table bourse sellers

Sustainability Summit started around past noontime with several table bourse sellers selling different kinds of products. Some of which are handmade and sourced from sustainable materials and organic materials.


Colegio de San Juan de Letran entrance



Sustainability Summit


Survival kit and bracelets


Datu Marikudo- specializes on ethnic wallets and hand painted wallet and pouch


Eco Kaliban


Contact Person : Ms. Crisha Chumacera


Ms. Queenie Rodriguez of Vanity and Queen
Contact: 0908-7744288

Ms. Queenie Rodriguez specializes on hand made soap, lotion and charcoal soap




Ms. Shine de Castro , Mr. Illac Diaz and Ms. Shiela Leyva

The Sustainability Summit organizers aims for a bigger venue place and more speakers in the future. The summit is in joint partnership with Intramuros administration, Colegio de San Juan de Letran, Department of Tourism and Old Manila Eco Market.

Old Manila Eco Market had a bazaar every sunday at the Plaza Roma in front of Manila Cathderal Basilica.

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