Jollibee Christmas Parade Kiddie Meal Toys

Jollibee Food Corporation released new set of 5 character toys riding a train and celebrates Christmas season.


This was released last November 30 and will be available on all branches until supplies last.


Student Art Works at Plaza de Novaliches

More than a dozen art works were created by students of the nearby Rosa Susano elementary school and surrounding schools. The week-long art fair also coincided with the yuletide season in Novaliches which is the northern part of Quezon City.

art works by students

Student Art Works and Bazaar

covered amphitheater

Plaza de Novaliches with old narra trees

The Christmas bazaar is held every year at the Plaza de Novaliches. There are also cultural performances at the amphitheater area.

Quezon City Public Library branch in Novaliches.

Local monument of Gat Andres Bonifacio and katipuneros was erected to pay homage to these heroes.  Novaliches was a hotbed for the katipunan movement when the revolution took place in 1896.

Several descendants of Gat Andres Bonifacio were residents of the districts. Not far from the plaza is the compound of Metro Manila College where the historic duhat tree serves as place where Tandang Sora also known as Melchora Aquino took care of wounded soldiers and cared for the sick.

Epic Battle of Novaliches

Gat Andres Bonifacio and katipuneros monument

The two books authored by Alvarez and the Calairos posted that in the later part of
November 1896, Gat Andres Bonifacio and his army had left for Cavite from
Balara (then a part of Marikina), General Luis Malinis prepared to
attack the enemy position at Novaliches, then a separate town since
Quezon City was not yet in existence at that time).

He carried out the siege toward the end of November 1896. After
a pitch battle, the Sons of the People at noon burned the civil guard
headquarters and the chapel where the enemies had entrenched
themselves. Unfortunately, the brave General Malinis was killed by
the Spaniards.”

Another book entitled “Himagsikang 1896,” published by the
Miranda Bookstore in 1995 based on a diary recording the 1896
Revolution from Jan. 1, 1896 to Dec. 31, 1896 and authored by Zeus A.
Salazar, E. Yulo, and A. Navarro, also confirmed that a battle
between the Katipuneros and the Spaniards took place in Novaliches on
Nov. 26, 1896.

Plaza de Novaliches bazaar is also near the bus and jeepney stop.

Gat Andres Bonifacio and katipunan monument

The exhibit is until this weekend and some of the art pieces bought. Proceeds from the sale of the art works will go to help indigent students.


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