Lumpiang Ubod ng Sarap

Lumpiang Ubod ng Sarap is one of the savory dish that is hard to make, One had to be careful in choosing the right ingredients such as julienne coconut pit or coconut heart, julienne carrots. It must is not too soft and the coconut heart must not be too old. The crepe/ lumpia wrapper must not be too soggy or stiff.

The lumpia recipe is one of the dish that reflect strong Filipino-Chinese influence which uses ingredients that is locally available. There are several known variations within the country.


Lumpiang Ubod in sauce topped with crush garlic, peanuts

Lumpiang Ubod ng Sarap

Lumpiang Ubod ng Sarap had a catchy tagline, in which is affordable and quite delicious. It had julienne coconut, carrots, fresh lettuce leaves topped with their secret sauce, crush peanuts, fried garlic, crush fresh garlic. All the ingredients are fresh and they do not skimp on the quality.


lumpia crepe wrap are soft and moist

This recipe is from the family of Ms. Mabelle Tenorio (heritage advocate and founder of T&T FB group) specializes on this dish.

Her cousin from the mother side, Ms. April Rose Manundo who hails from Tondo, Manila had been cooking for generations.

The sauce is quite sweet but by adding the fresh crush garlic and peanuts will taper the sweetness.

It is better that some of the well-known commercially available lumpiang ubod in the market. The lumpiang ubod can last up to 7 days if properly refrigerated. They also accept orders in bulk or for any occasion.


Grab driver Mr. Antonio Suarez

One can order a minimum of 30 lumpiang ubod ng sarap or more at least 2 days in advance. Plus grab delivery service fees. We can not wait to order again in the future.

Note: We would  gratefully ” Thank” Ms. Mabelle Tenorio and Ms. April Rose Manundo for letting us taste their lumpiang ubod ng sarap dish.

Do not forget to like and subscribe at their FB page and try to order via private message.

Lumpiang Ubod ng Sarap

Contact  Person : Ms. Mabelle Tenorio ( 09275887611) 

Ms. April Rose Manundo (0916-710-5934)

Facebook Page:

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