Saint Paul John Paul 2 Recuerdo de Patay phonecards

Pope John Paul 2 was canonized as a saint on 27 April 2014. CNC a Chinese mobile company had issued a commemorative 4 pieces funeral phonecards to commemorate his death.

Saint John Paul 2 Funeral/ Wake CNC Phonecard set from author’s personal collection

Recuerdo de Patay Funeral Phonecards

The CNC funeral phonecards were sold for 30 yuan per piece ( 120 yuan for 4 pieces set)

The phonecard set bore photos of the late Pope John Paul 2 in funeral casket and his face during the wake. The expiry of the phonecards was December 31, 2010.

Some people might take this as bizarre and eerie memento. Somehow diehard collectors would disagree. This set was quite popular among phonecards and memorabilia collectors from all corners of the globe.

Few decades ago, taking photos of love ones and famous people after their death became a fad and custom when photography was introduced.

I was able to buy this commemorative phonecard set 10 years ago at a local bourse around December 2010 and got the set for few hundred of pesos.

The phonecard set was never used and a couple of set were sold during past few years. The price of the complete set had risen by about 10 fold.

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