Tales of 1971 Piso Coin

A good feature story aired by Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho at GMA channel 7 featured some FB group buying sites looking for the rare 1971 1 peso coin.

75 Trendy Plants for 2021 in the Philippines (Part 1)

Plantitos, plantitas, plantiquarians,halamoms,plant enthusiasts from many parts of the country are waiting for the next plants to watch out for 2021 to early 2022.

Specialties of Mang Tootz Foodhaus

Mang Tootz Foodhaus was named after Mr. Edwin “Mang Tootz” Vergara a former OFW which opened a carinderia or eatery with a twist.

Crispy Chicharon by Inay Goyena’s

Inay Goyena is known for their freshly made deep fried pork rinds more popularly called ( chicharon).

5 Important Ways How to Start A Coin Collection

Starting a collection is something one must have passion , dedication or something of sentimental value . One of the most common items collected are coins , paper bills, stamps and postcards. They are easily transported via land, baggage and air. There is a popular television show Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho last June 4 episode, […]