PHLPOST Issues President Corazon Aquino Second Series Floral Paintings with Scent Stamps

Boracay Room- Sofitel Luxury Hotel , Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex, Pasay City – Philippines

Ms. Ballsy Aquino-Cruz , Ms. Pinky Aquino -Abellada and Ms. Deedee Siytangco

The Philippine Postal Corporation in observance of former President Corazon ” Cory ” Aquino sixth death anniversary on August 1, A second series of special scented stamps which depicted her lifeworks on her favorite subject matter ” flowers ” was finally launched on July 29, 2015 at the Boracay Room of Hotel Sofitel in Pasay City.

There was a small gallery of stamps and first day covers from the past issuance of PHLPOST. There were 11 such stamps that depicted President Corazon Aquino from 1986 People Power stamps to the current scented paintings on stamps.

As her duties in Malacañang Palace ended in 1992 , a new journey for President Corazon Aquino was invited by a group of friends to join a painting class. She hesitated because , she said, she could not even draw. Ms. Ballsy Aquino-Cruz, the eldest child of Cory and the late senator Benigno Aquino Jr. prodded her mother to pursue painting.

painting featured in stamps

” I told her , Come on mom, they’ll make nice gifts’ . It’s not so much the painting but the one who painted it. A painting is also something that you can leave to your children ; it becomes a treasure . Because of my persistence , she finally gave in , ” Ballsy told SELYO ( official magazine of PHLPOST )  in an interview.

SELYO Magazine – July, August , September 2015 issue

A GIFT that MONEY Cannot BUY :

Cory would paint on different surfaces and materials including trays , flat stones , porcelain, canvas and even bags. Painting relaxed her, and it brought her closer to her family. Soon she became enamored with the craft , Cory started giving them away her paintings as gifts to family members, close friends, colleagues in politics and wedding godchildren.

MMDA Chairperson Mr. Francis Tolentino

We also saw Mr. Francis Tolentino during the lunch, he just stayed for a few minutes

According to Ms. Deedee Siytangco, They received their first and only painting by Cory in 1999 when her daughter Ms.Sandeee Marasigan , gave birth to daughter Amanda on January 24- which also was the birthday of Cory Aquino .

L-R Ms. Zyann Ambrosio ( ABS-CBN channel 2) , Ms. Sandra Aguinaldo -(GMA channel 7 ) and Ms. Ina Andolong ( CNN-Philippines)

The event is well covered by major television station and broad sheet like Philippine Star, Manila Bulletin and Philippine Daily Inquirer. I am quite lucky together with Ms. Jimmy Ang ( APO Philatelic Society ) to have the privilege to cover the event .

Ms. Rina Jimenez-David and Ms. Julie Yap -Daza

The former President stood as sponsor at the wedding of Sandee and husband Andrew . She gave them an oil on wood painting of flowers . Famous People like Mr. George Schultz , a former Secretary of State of US President Ronald Regan , remarried , Cory gave him a painting on wood . He send Cory A wonderful “thank you ” note.

Mrs. Teena Sarino and Mr. Jeffrey Consumo

Mr. Jeffrey Consumo is the art instructor for former President Corazon Aquino and her friends. While Mrs. Teena Sarino is one of Mrs. Cory Aquino friends and classmate in painting sessions.

Ms. Ms. Lilia de Lima, Ms. Teena Sarino, Mr. Aniceto “Chito” Sobrepeña , Mr. Ceasar Sarino with Ms. Deedee Siyangco  and Ms. Macaria Leonardo ( standing )

Mr. Aniceto “Chito” Sobrepeña, Metrobank Foundation president, former Cabinet Secretary, said: “Tita Cory played a pivotal role in the development of our country even after her presidential term. She served as Metrobank Foundation chairperson in our board of advisers from 1993 until the time of her demise.  The foundation had purchased Php 100,000 worth of stamps and First Day Covers.
 a short press conference and q and a portion was held Bulong Pulugan sa Sofitel 

Another prominent figure , Brunei royalty , invited Cory to visit even after her presidency . ” She brought him , ” Your Majesty , I know you can buy anything you want but I’m into painting now and I thought I’d give you something that’s not for sale.” She presented him with her painting. They were pleased , and it made mom happy” This was according to Ms. Ballsy Aquino -Cruz. recalled.

ceremonial autograph signing

Cory’s subjects revolved around faces, landscapes, rosaries and most notably flowers.Her favorite subject was flowers. People would say , Your mom really likes flowers ! Yes, she did but she always said she painted flowers because it was the only thing she could paint” ! Ms. Ballsy Aquino -Cruz recalled.

complete set of stamp souvenir, sheetlet and first day cover with cancellation marks

Five different paintings of ” Tita Cory” is included at the special block of 4 stamp and a souvenir sheet. About 400,000 copies in four design of the special scented stamps is printed using imported unwatermarked paper and floral scented ink.  PHLPOST has also printed 50,000 copies of the souvenir sheet at Php 120 each plus 12% VAT.

Here are the link to last year’s stamp launching :

President Corazon Aquino memorabila exhibit at Glorietta

President Corazon Aquino Memorabilia Exhibit at Glorietta , Makati

Palm Drive, Glorietta 3 Activity Center, Makati City-Philippines

Glorietta Activity Center

The exhibit entitled “History and Her Story” commemorative photo  , memorabilia’s, and film archive gives guests a rare glimpse into former president  Corazon “Cory” Aquino’s life. This marks the 5th anniversary of her death anniversary on August 1, 2009 . There were a lot of activities all over Metro Manila , while  PHLPOST issued a 4 piece stamps and 1 souvenir sheet  flower paintings on scented papers last week.

Photos from her school years at the St. Scholastica’s College, to her marriage to the late Senator Benigno Aquino Jr. to the People Power EDSA revolution that changed her life, and in the process, Philippine history.

Saint Scholastica’s College-  Ms. Corazon  C. Aquino

This is quite rare moments of Cory Aquino, when she was studying at St. Scholastica’s College elementary days. This undated photo taken sometime before the second world war .

red dress

 Attire worn by former president Corazon Aquino when she was awarded Time’s magazine in 2006 as one of the top 65 Asian heroes and heroines. Not known to many- Cory’s favorite color is not yellow but it was RED !


The exhibit showcases photographs from Cory’s close-in photographer Mr. Val Rodriguez, and the collections from the Aquino Center and Museum, and the Ninoy and Cory Foundation.
flower paintings on stamps
It was August 3, 2014 when we went to the Phlpost and saw some employees from the Philatelic section doing last minute preparations . We thought that there will be some sort of stamp exhibit about the former President Corazon Aquino – There were several stamps , fist day covers from 1992 to the definitive issues of 1999 , Cory memorial stamps in 2009 and the latest scented stamp issues .
stamps and paintings ( replica ) on display
We thought the exhibit will show all of the stamps issued during President Corazon Aquino term of office  but we got dismayed on how the presentation of the  framed stamps were exhibited. We thought  that it was because of the security inside the mall that the real paintings which were featured on the stamps was not exhibited . All of the stamps are in private collections.
L-R yellow dress worn by President Corazon C. Aquino during the 25th anniversary of ninoy aquino death in 2008, right yellow dress worn by cory which was depicted in the new generation Php 500 peso banknote issued by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and she also worn the dress during People Asia magazine pictorials.

People Asia launched its issue entitled “Five Years Later Remember Cory”, which features never before seen photographs of Cory prior to and during her presidency.
video of President Corazon Aquino joint US congress address
Along with the exhibit, President Aquino also led the unveiling of a photo of former President Cory, which is featured in the special issue of People Asia magazine for August 2014. The magazine is being sold for Php 200 at the secretariat.
People Asia Magazine
 The exhibited was opened by President Benigno Simeon Aquino last August 4, 2014 monday and the exhibit will be until August 10, 2014. There is no entrance fees.

President Noynoy Aquino inagural stamp cover

Last June 30, 2010 I was one of the few very lucky individual who bravely went to the Philippine Postal Corporation office at Liwasang Bonifacio  ( Despite being declared as holiday and the philatelic section might not sell any stamps ) to buy some commemorative first day cover of the much anticipated P-NOY Commemorative stamps. Unlike any other occasion, This is the inauguration of the 15th President of the Republic.

A limited commemorative inaugural stamp with serial number 1979 and a memorial stamp of former president Corazon Cojuangco Aquino issued last June 30, 2010

Braving the heat of the day , I arrived past 8:30 am at the Philatelic section of the Philpost , die-hard philatelists from all over the country and the world are awaiting for this special event in our country’s history.  I though that i was one of the early ones, but there are already several dealers and enthusiast who also went to the office even earlier.

Crowd buying the special commemorative cover

The Philatelic chief told me that , they are maintaining a skeletal staffs in order to sell these limited edition stamps.

In keeping with tradition, the Philippine Postal Corp. (Philpost) is issuing a a commemorative stamps  of president-elect Mr. Benigno “Noynoy”Aquino III. It has been part of Philippine Postal Corporation tradition that when there is a new president, Philpost  would come out with a new stamp issue.

Philatelic tellers ( in yellow t-shirt and Professor Marlon Vicente wearing orange t-shirt,  selling commemorative P-NOY stamps)

The 50-year-old Aquino was officially proclaimed by Congress as the country’s 15th president yesterday. He will take his oath as president on June 30.The stamp might be issued after Aquino’s oath taking. “There is a protocol that we have to follow. The pictures of Senator Aquino that would be used in the stamp would depend on the photos that would be provided by president-elect Aquino’s staff.

Philpost employees enjoying a brisk sales from souvenir hunters, philatelists and even balikbayans

He believes the Aquino stamp would be a hit among stamp collectors, like the commemorative stamp for the 25 death anniversary of Aquino’s father, former Sen. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. issued on Nov. 27, 2008 and the collectible stamps for his mother, former President Corazon “Cory” Aquino issued on Sept. 8 last year.

The stamps bearing the image of boxing legend Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao and the late Iglesia ni Cristo head Eraño Manalo were also sought after. Carlos said they even had to reprint copies of the Manalo stamp.

Then, including a few employees of the Philpost, our group quickly hitch a ride  from a small van toward the postal station at the Luneta postal detachment (  near the Quirino grandstand where the Presidential inauguration )  .  We then quickly unloaded all the First Day cover and started helping the  employees  to sell their commemorative stamps.

Zen Hernandez of ABS-CBN channel 2 reporter with the author and employees of Philpost

A lot of souvenirs sellers from caps, button pins, umbrella, t-shirt , dolls etc… There are also some die-hard stamp hunters too! I was  still amazed that people still collect stamps . One of Filipinas Stamp Collectors’ Club officer Professor Marlon Vicente of Bulacan  took some respite and even joined the group , But before helping to sell the commemorative stamp cover . He quickly bought 20 pieces of FDC. According to him , He do not want to be left out in history.

Some present generation students which are used in the e-mail and texting though that we were selling stickers. It took us some time to convince these people. In fact the  Philpost issued only 2,000 pieces on these stamp. I was still wondering “why” limit these inaugural stamp covers to just merely 2,000 copies???? In fact during the past Presidential inauguration in the 1990’s the postal corporation would issue at least 50,000 to 100,000 sets????

Although this is a special issue, Issuing a very low quantity of these commemorative covers could even create a black market were the original Php 15.00 value of the cover may increase several times over!

This is a good news to the speculators and dealers, Since the issuance  of the limited edition cover. The price had already increase by at least  twenty (20) fold. However, For everyone to enjoy this so-called dying hobby . The stamp advisory committee should likewise refrain from issuing a very low quantity issue. In other South -East Asian countries like Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam ( I am limiting  my comparison to South East Asia )  Selling special commemorative  and thematic issues are a Big Big business bringing Million of Dollars in revenues !

But here in the Philippines ? From what we have learned from an insider of the Philpost , a government corporation. The last time they got a hefty earning was in 2004 ????

55th wedding anniversary of Corazon Aquino and Ninoy Aquino

October 11, 2009 marked the 55th wedding anniversary of the late President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino and Senator Benigno Aquino Jr.

Photo taken from  the book : Ninoy Ideas  & Ideologies  page 9 : copyright 1993

The couple were married on October 11, 1954 on a simple ceremony.

Kris was emotional after Christian Bautista sang the song.

“I don’t think my dad could have become the man he became and the hero for all of us if he didn’t have a wife like my mom. And… my mom would never have become the symbol of democracy for our country kung hindi siya naging asawa ni Ninoy Aquino,” Kris said.

Photo taken  from the book : Ninoy Ideas  & Ideologies , page 8 : copyright 1993

“Finally, they’d be together in their wedding anniversary,” Kris added. “No matter how much we missed our parents, knowing that they’re together now, gives us some measure of comfort.”

Corazon Aquino memoriam stamps

The Philpost had issued last September 8 , 2009 a special commemorative memoriam stamps for the late president Corazon Cojuangco Aquino. This was a day before the 40th death anniversary .

First day issue with se-tenant stamp

Some of the memoriam stamps that was issued by the Philpost includes former president Ramon Magsaysay , US president John F. Kennedy , Pope John Paul II, former Manila  Archbishop Jaime Cardinal Sin among others.

President Cory is a known devotee of Mother Mary. The EDSA Shrine was formally known as the Shrine of Mary, Queen of Peace, which is dedicated to Our Lady whom many believe miraculously interceded to oust the dictatorship in a peaceful uprising in 1986.

The Philippine Postal Corporation released a  limited quantities of se-tenants postage stamps, or two pieces of stamps that are joined together but bearing different designs, in honor of the former leader.

whole sheet of President Corazon Aquino stamps

PhilPost  had issued  a limited number of the stamps of  70,000 pieces of this new Aquino stamps will be made available to the public and collectors alike.

Four-hundred pieces of first day cover (FDC) envelopes was  given as a special gift to the Aquino family. A limited number will be made available for sale during the launching, strictly for those who have been invited to the affair.

Menchit Ongpin, whose photograph of President Aquino was used in the stamp and University of Fine Arts professor Marco Ruben Trinos Malto II would also receive smaller versions of the stamp frame for their respective contributions in the preparation of this iconic stamp.

Villanueva said that “Cory Aquino stamps will serve as a fitting tribute to her achievements before her incumbency when she led the 1986 People Power Revolution. As well as the freedom and democracy that we regained during her tenure, including fighting off several coup attempts to unseat her, must never be forgotten by all Filipinos,” he said.

Villanueva is also hoping that the stamps would serve as a permanent reminder to all Filipinos, those present and future generations, of her valuable contribution to the country.

complete set of 1992 Kabisig stamps of then President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino

This is the fifth  Cory stamps issued by PhilPost. The first was when she assumed the Presidency in 1986. This is not to include the definitive issues by the Philpost in the early 2000.

complete set of 1986 People Power stamp (mint condition)

Above – Sen. Benigno Aquino post card, 1992 Kabisig first day cover

Here is the breakdown:

1986 People Power 4 piece set issue plus souvenir sheet

1987 Constitution 2 piece set

1992 Kabisig Program 4 piece set

1992 President Aquino with President Ramos inaugural stamp

The production of the stamps was  coordinated by Mr. Rapa Lopa, nephew of Mrs. Aquino, who is also the Executive Director of the Benigno Aquino, Jr. Foundation.

However, Most of the first edition print were already sold-out during the first 3 days of the sale!!!!! The Philpost again reprinted another 150,000 se-tenant set or about 300,000 stamps of Cory.

Philatelists ,  saw  the second print editions had color variations. Thus creating another market ( errors and variation)!!! The  first printed edition is highly collectible since only 35,000 pieces of  se-tenant pairs were issued.

Very limited indeed!!!!