10 Thrift Shopping Tips in Kamuning Street, Quezon City

Kamuning street and the district was named after Murraya paniculata. This is a sweet smelling flowering shrub which used to be commonly found within the vicinity.


Kamuning street

The district was developed mainly for housing project in the 1930’s for government employees. Other business eventually opened and it is synonymous for custom made tailoring shops and supplies.


Kamuning Bakery which had the oldest existing bakery in the city is located nearby.


Barangay Kamuning street map ( serves as guide for tourists and newbies)

The district also had several bus stations and a jump off point to several provinces in the north and southern areas like Batangas, Laguna, Quezon, Bicol and Visayas.

Thrift Shopping Tips


mid- century building along Kamuning street, some of the former residential houses were transformed into tailoring shops.

According to old time residents, Some houses would conduct garage sale once in a while but it was to dispose of their pre-loved items in the 1960’s and even 1970’s. The district is also known for its tailoring stores and customized outfit.


cloth for sale ( per yard)

Sometime about 30 years ago, thrift stores began to open one after the other. Some of the stores would held a monthly swap meet, eyeball or discount sale intended to attract customers, loyal clients and friends. Rent is relatively cheaper compared to Malate, Cubao Expo, Quezon City and Evangelista Street in Makati until few years ago.


Iyaman Fashion House Ukay-Ukay

Location : 17, Kamuning Road, Edsa Avenue Corner, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila

10.) Thrift Stores are mostly located near Kamuning corner EDSA- There were at least a dozen or so thrift stores which are conveniently located near the EDSA intersection. Some specializes on fashion, bags, fixture, bicycles, furniture, office supplies, house items and Japan Surplus. One can have a leisurely walk within Kamuning street from 50 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes visiting each store. The far end of the thrift stores are located near Tomas Morato Avenue.


Japan Surplus Kamuning-YAMEINA Enterprises

Location: 122 GFO bldg., Kamuning road, Barangay Kamuning , Quezon City

9.) Opening Time – Each store operational hours would vary. The earliest would open around 9:00- 9:30 am and closes around past 7:00pm or 8:00 pm on ordinary days. Some are closed on sundays.


Swap Meet Antique Store

Location : 124 Kamuning Street, Quezon City


Santa Clause and Christmas village houses for sale

8.) Have a Strategy – Be sure that one must already know a ballpark figure on what items do you need, have a price estimate and try to scout other thrift stores within the vicinity.


Laughing Buddha for sale

7.) Have a Pleasant Disposition–  Start the conversation with warm hello or hi, This will brightens everyone’s mood.

6.) Photography – Some thrift stores, especially those carrying home appliances have a large signage which do not allow photography and taking videos inside.

5.) Give Everything a Second or even a Third Look– Do not get afraid to ask assistance from the sales person. Take your time to look at the items for sale.


Northwest Estate and Collectibles

170 K-1st Street, Barangay Kamuning, Quezon City

Contact: 0905-315-9388 

4.) Not All Items are Cheap – I have a chance to visit a Japanese Surplus store which specializes on items from Japan. They were selling their small kokeshi doll for Php 100 each, which is a bit steep compared to those in Fairview, Novaliches or Valenzuela. Maybe there are a lot of kokeshi doll collectors within the district which may have jack-up the demand for these kind of dolls.


Japan Selections

Location: 6 Kamuning Road, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila

3.) Know their Discount Sales and in-House Promos – Surplus or Thrift stores within Kamuning street also have their discount sale on certain time period.  I do not have an idea on the policy of DTI with regards to returning items. Remember that almost all the electrical appliances on sale does not have a warranty. Pre-love items have the mark of age and patina.  Tagging a friend or acquaintance is also recommended. As some say, ” You do not know everything “.

2.) Regular Visit–  Thrift shoppers would visit the thrift stores as often as weekly basis or depending on the arrival of the items. Find out the days and times your thrift store restocks its shelves, in order to get first deals on all the latest items. Since i do not have a luxury of time, I would only visit these stores on bi-monthly basis.

1.) Do not forget to Haggle – Haggling is an art and do not be afraid to ask for discount.

How to Commute :

Jeepneys have would have route to Kamuning from Project 2 and 3. There’s Project 2 and 3 via Kamuning, E. Rodriguez to Recto; Project 2 and 3 via E. Rodriguez to Welcome Rotonda; Project 2 and 3 to Vito Cruz Mabini, and Arroceros via España and E. Rodriguez to Project 2 and 3.

Another option is by bus which ply the EDSA route. Southbound buses from Malanday, Monumento, Novaliches would pass Kamuning street. Before going to Cubao.

Note: This is just a guide for those planning to visit the thrift stores. This is personal experience and interview with some residents of Kamuning street.


20 Spooky Places in Quezon City

Quezon City is a large sprawling city which had her own share of spooky places, haunted buildings, heritage trees, creepy tales tucked in her colorful history.

We came up with at least 35 places within the city that people had experienced or find some paranormal activities or haunted stories. We decided to narrow down the list to 20.


20 Spooky Places within Quezon City


Sacred Heart Novitiate -Novaliches (photo courtesy of Ms. Jo Quimpo)

20.) Sacred Heart Novitiate. Retreat House and Seminary 1118 Quirino Highway, Novaliches –  Sacred Heart Novitiate was erected in 1932 as a chosen site for seminarian and priest who wanted to have a peaceful retreat under the cool weather and simpler lifestyle away from hustle and bustle of the city life.

In the 1930’s, Novaliches is primary an agricultural town with few people living beyond the northern part of Bayan ( town proper).

Jesuit retrieval team from the Sacred Heart Novitiate in Novaliches, Quezon City, spent two separate days in December 1945 gathering all the remains from the niches, for transfer to the Jesuit Cemetery at the Novitiate.

The haunted stories in this seminary started way back in the 1960’s, when some people reported seeing some headless priests, nuns and even people dressed in Katipunero within the cemetery compound in unexpected manner.

Some people would recall that they would refer the place as ‘ masukal‘ densely covered with trees or vegetation even in the late the 1970’s. Some residents would recount that there might be unseen spirits who might have been disturbed when Quirino Highway was widened. Another expert recount that some of the long dead priest wanted some prayers.

19.) Saint Paul University of Quezon City – In some portion of the comfort rooms inside the university. They say that a girl who committed suicide is known to show herself to students. An alumni would also recount a Japanese soldier who lurks within the old building of the university.

Another alumni recounted that she would get lost within some parts of the buildings during her stay in the campus.

18.) Poveda College -The school had a black garden behind the chapel in which a former student who hanged herself spirit. Another story is of an old friar who is spotted in one of his favorite classrooms during early morning.

17.) Flos Carmeli Institution – The school was conceived in 1972 the Catholic school—the name of which literally means “Flower of Carmel” within Fairview, Quezon City.  It is located 12 Carmel Street, Fairview Park.

The owners of Fairview subdivision Mr. and Mrs. Bonifacio Regalado offered a land to be manage by the first superior of the Sister of Mount Carmel in the Philippines. The school got their first graduates in 1975 and had a large sprawling campus of about 1.4 hectares.

The school closed down in 2012 due to dwindling number of enrollment and bankruptcy. Eerie sound of children reciting were still being heard by some residents who lives near the abandoned school.

16.) Camp Crame– One of the spookiest place within the camp is the main building. Some former military personnel would be spotted marching around the campus, while Japanese sentry guards are sometimes spotted even in noontime.


Saint Joseph College

15.) Saint Joseph College – One of the oldest building and structure constructed along E. Rodriguez Sr. avenue. Students, employees and security guards would cite some stories.  Among the most popular is the headless nun, Japanese sentry guard which guards the old building and American gentleman are spotted jogging.

14.) Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center– The villas and small quonset huts were popular to photographers,film crews shooting at the lush man made lagoon and big trees within the sanctuary. There were reports of sightings of ethereal beings which dwells in some decades- old balete trees and villas located within the sanctuary. There were also reports of orbs spotted by a couple of well-known photographer.


NCBA compound along Aurora Boulevard

13.) NCBA compound – some of the students, employees and security guards would swear that sounds and creaking voices at the upper portion of building.


tamarind tree

12.) Tamarid Tree in Narra street, Barangay Amihan, Project 3, Quezon City- The tamarind tree is considered heritage tree of the district.


heritage tree marker

The tree is said to be home of several enkanto, tikbalangs and ethereal beings.


narra street

There were several attempts to cut the tree in the past,Those who would try to attempt would risk getting sick or died in a mysterious way.


tamarind tree which grows along narra street and molave street

There are two tamarind trees located within Narra street. Another tamarind tree also had reported some sighting.


According to one jeepney driver which ply the Project 2 and 3 route, recounted that as long as people would respect the tree like saying “tabi-tabi po” or excuse me when passing underneath its trunk.  It is polite way to request unseen spirits to move to the side. One way is not to harm the tree like cutting the branches, hammering nails unto the branches.

11.) Q.C. Ville near Central avenue – The area used to have a lot of large trees and there might be spiritual beings disturbed during the construction process and development of of the subdivision. There were reports of dwarves, white lady and ghouls that have been spotted in some of the houses.

10.) Miriam College – ghost of a nun in the ladies’ restroom at the 4th floor of the Caritas Building.

9.) Quezon Institute compound- used to be known as Santol Sanatorium. There were several art deco buildings located within the compound. The old buildings were host to lot of ghostly stories. One recounts that a Japanese sentry soldiers would bow down to passers-by and patients. Another story is of hauling sounds during wee hours were heard by guards.

8.) Capitol Medical Institute– According to some feng shui experts, the main entrance of the hospital is facing the wrong direction hence attracts bad elements unto the hospital. Another expert say that, the hospital location is the problem.

There are certain times that one of the elevators would malfunction despite being in good working order. There were also some reported sightings of shadows and former employee on some floors.


Benitez Hall

7.) University of the Philippines campus – There were several buildings within the campus that had some ethereal spotting among which is the Benitez Hall (College of Education) had its share of haunted stories. One of which claims that former Dean Francisco Benitez is seen observing classes.


Melchor Hall

Some of the buildings which had their own share of haunting tales also included the Quezon Hall,College of Music,Vanguard Building, Palma Hall and Guerrero Theater.


Quezon Hall

6.) Ateneo de Manila University – Employees, students, professors and those with strong psychic vibes would say that the old Communication Department Building is the most haunted place in the university. Ghost sightings includes a mother and child figure climbing the stairs to the second floor, a deceased Jesuit priest,old janitor and several Japanese soldiers.

Other spooky place within the campus were the Cervini, Eliazo dormitories, Rizal library , Jesuits Retirement House and Old Mango Tree at High School Oval. According to old time residents which lived near the present day campus, it was formerly a military camp during World War II and had a cemetery before the remains was re-interred somewhere.

Paranormal experts would say that the campus were home to some unseen spirits that were disturbed during the construction of the campus. While another spirit questor advise that there were some people that got emotionally attached to the place that their spirits would dwell on these buildings long after they were gone.

5.) Balara Filtration Plant – It is a 60 hectare property which houses filtration plant, several art deco style building and Balara Filtration Windmill.

According to some paranormal experts, parts of Balara, Ateneo, UP campus, Miriam College and La Vista Subdivision used to be forest areas during the Spanish and early American colonial regime. Many areas were home to these spiritual beings who were disturbed when development took place. The spirits which dwell on trees and surrounding areas were not properly cast away. Hence some of the elemental spirits have moved to the buildings and built areas with ease.

4.) Children’s Hospital – There are some reported ethereal sightings of children at the 3rd floor of the hospital. Some say that it was the spirits of the unborn babies who died without proper burials or blessing that still lingers some of the rooms of the hospital.

3.) Veterans Memorial Medical Center (formerly known as Veterans Memorial Hospital) was established in 1955. Nurses, employees,security guards and even visitors would gave some accounts of stories. One retired employee say that a well -known gentleman who dress in a period dress is General Emilio Aguinaldo. Some say that it was the former president Sergio Osmeña Sr. seen walking in the hallways.



2.) Ozone Disco now Goodah -On March 18, 1996 a tragic fire in which 150 people died  inside Ozone Disco, a go to club located in the corner of Timog and Tomas Morato Avenues in Quezon City.  Despite the new management, new building employees can still hear voices during wee hours of the night. Residents from nearby townhouses and condominium units can still hear faint ghostly disco music and faint apparition of teens.


Balete drive

1.) Balete Drive derives the name from Balete or Ficus trees which used to be abundant within the street. Balete tree is believed to be the dwelling place mythological creatures like kapre, tikbalang or any ethereal being. The narrow road is about 1.4 kilometers long which intersect major thoroughfares like E. Rodriguez Sr. , Aurora Boulevard and Nicanor Domingo street.


Balete drive corner 9th street

There were several takes of white ghost, tikbalangs and Japanese era soldiers lurking on some ancestral houses and along the street.


Balete drive

 The white lady story started in the early 1950’s with at least 3 to 4 versions. Some say that the tales were magnified in films, taxi drivers and urban legend.

A more detailed story came from a distant relative who lived near E. Rodriguez Sr. Avenue said that there were local gangs who would victimized unsuspected passersby and maybe carjacked private vehicles coming from Highway 54 (now EDSA). The area used to be dimly lighted in the 1950’s. This is also to deter people from passing or taking that route.

There were also some skeptics who told us that it was real estate agents or companies who would magnify the story so that the land value within the area would not increase.


Balete drive also host to several old mango trees, acacia tree and frangipanis (kalachuchi) in which many parts are poorly lighted. Most of the walls had Ficus pumila growing. There were parts of the street which had blind spot which are accident prone to motorist and drivers.

Some residents and even taxi drivers say that the white lady tends to be spotted after heavy downpour, full moon or during intense heat between 12:00 midnight to 4:00 am in between Mabolo, Sampaguita and Bougainvilla streets.

Note: This is an incomplete list of spooky places in Quezon City in which were given by relatives, friends , paranormal experts,stories from employees, students, alumni and other personal accounts.

Timely Bloom of Dita Trees along N. Domingo Street in Quezon City

Alstonia scholaris (linn.) Br. commonly called Dita/ Bita, Devil’s Tree or Scholar’s Tree is in bloom in many parts of the city.


Dita tree blooming

There were about half a dozen of so dita trees growing along N. Domingo street near Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM) convent in Quezon City which were in bloom. Some of them are several decades old.


There is another dita tree within Barangay Valencia near 1950 Restaurant


Echites scholaris named by Linnaeus then was renamed Alstonia scholaris by Robert Brown in memory of Professor Charles Alston. The wood is commonly used as boards and wooden slates in many schools from India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.


another dita tree growing on a private land

The name Devil’s tree is based on a belief in Western India that the tree is an abode of evil spirits. The belief may have been carried  into the country by some Southeast Asian or Indian traders during the pre-Hispanic era. Some people also believe that spirit dwell on the tree, especially on night time. It depends if it is good or bad. Thus one must say “tabi-tabi” po or “excuse me,” when passing to a large tree to request spirits to move to the side.


Dita flowers

The flowers seems to have faint smell during the morning and had a pungent smell during nigh time which attracts pollinators. The blooming season is quite between early September to mid -November depending on the area.

In the Philippines, dita bark is used by some folk healers as remedy for fevers, dysentery , chronic diarrhea,  wrapping wounds and ear aches.

Dita wood is also use in some parts of Bicol, Pampanga and Bulacan as coffin.

Early records during the Spanish colonial regime reported at the dita bark was also used in some hospitals as a quinine substitute.

I have seen a lot of dita trees planted along EDSA near Ayala Vertris mall and Mindanao Avenue NLEX exit.

Bibliographies and Sources:

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Executive Living at 28 May Street, Congressional Village, Quezon City

Executives and those how wanted to live within the comforts of gated subdivision must consider the accessibility of the place to hospitals, supermarkets, church, wet market, banks and the ability to walk around the neighborhood during weekends.




The two storey residential house and lot is located at #28 May street within Congressional Village.

Lot area covers 420 square meters with floor area of 938. 97 square meters.

It also had attic which is good area for guests and children. It can also serve as an entertainment area, family room or storage area.

Swimming pool area with neatly manicured lawn and elevator from Sweden.

Another exciting feature is that, it a garage which can hold up to 5 cars at any given time.


The residential house and lot is located within Congressional Village within Congressional Avenue. The area is near major market place like Muñoz Market where dry and wet goods are available, S&R warehouse market , Waltermart Mall, SM North EDSA, Trinoma, Fishermall, gasoline stations, schools and hospitals.

The place is also near Balintawak Market ( which is one of the largest public wet markets in Metro Manila ) and NLEX ( North Luzon Expressway) is just few minutes away. One can visit the provinces of Bulacan, Pampanga and Rizal within just an hour or so travel time.

The residential house and lot sits on an area which is not flood prone and the property is not located in an earthquake fault line.  One would also consider that prices of the property within the area steadily increases over a period of time.

Feng shui experts agree that it is a wise to consider it not just of good location but also good flow of air and lights.

Safety and Security

The residential house and lot is conveniently located in a gated subdivision where there are security guards. There is also CCTV monitor within the place. One can also enjoy jogging within the subdivision.

The subdivision also had a club house and large parks with trees and flowering shrubs. There are also some celebrities living within the vicinity.


For those interested to visit, Please contact:  Ms. Nikki Parulan – Marketing Representative 
email : wparulan@gmail.com / 0926-064-2982


NAPA Restaurant: an American – Italian restaurant in Scout Borromeo , Quezon City

NAPA Restaurant ,# 2 Scout Borromeo Street, Quezon City- Philippines

Napa Restaurant signage is very visible within Scout Borromeo street in Barangay South Triangle with ample area .

I had a privilege last January 24, 2013 to join an eyeball and a victory party  (Filipino Bloggers Worldwide) organized by Ms. Sumi Go that was held in the heart of the busy Barangay South Triangle area. This area is known for its restaurants, condominiums, medium- sized malls that are perfectly located just a stone throw away from two popular television stations.

According to some old time residents , This area used to be a quiet and lazy residential area even up to the late 1970’s when commercialization started converting the residential lands into tall condominium units and business establishment.  The restaurant used to be called Bistro Napa located at IL Terrazo in Quezon City.  The place used to be an old residential house, then converted into  a pre-school  run by ABS-CBN Children’s Center  for about a decade, before it was re-adapted as a restaurant and bar by its present owners.


Much of the foundations of the old-house was retained and was enhanced by the present proprietors (Kudos for its re-adapted re-use).

used wine bottles  as a lightning fixtures in the restaurant

It had an open area perfectly fit for occasions like garden events, baptism, meetings, and a hangout place for barkadas.

Napa restaurant outdoor area serves an an ideal place for couples or small group its garden -like theme is perfect for moonlighted date or team building

NAPA restaurant had function rooms that can hold private affairs from company team- buildings, seminars, meetings, family reunions, parties, media conference and special events ranging from 20-120pax.

chicken buffalo wings -one of the signature dishes of the restaurant

According to Chef Joseph Apolinario , the name was derived from NAPA Valley in California that is known for its grape vineyards  and agricultural lands. Another interesting trivia is that one of the proprietor hails from the NAPA Valley region hence they choose the name.

Ms. Ruby Rodriguez with her family dining at Napa Restaurant ( photo credit :  Napa Restaurant)

Celebrity clients:

There are some celebrities and government employees, is said to have been regular clientele of the restaurant among them  were Ms. Ruby Rodriguez, Mr. Piolo Pascual , Mr. Gerald Anderson , Mr. JM de Guzman , MTRCB Chairman Atty. Toto Villareal, PBA player Mark Barroca and Artista Academy celebrities of TV channel 5.

Artista Academy of TV channel 5 press conference ( photo credit : Napa Restaurant )

The garage area was converted into an outdoor patio style setting, perfectly fit for those people who wanted to admire the various flowering and ornamental plants carefully arranged in a landscape.

This area used to be a garage  , now this was converted into a semi-outdoor  dining area by the proprietors

The friendly staffs and crews were very accommodating and even escorted us to our dining area. The new location comes an updated menu, with a focus on comfort food like pizza, pasta, cakes, spare ribs, spicy buffalo chicken wings, sweet potato chips, lava cake and other popular favorites.

painting are hung on the wall serves as gallery for the art collection

Gallery: The wall of the restaurant had a several collections of paintings and object d’ art (collection by one of the owners)  –This is another reason to visit this restaurant.  Aside from the yummy food that they serve, their restaurant offers a visual treat.

wine bottles serve as lightning fixtures in the restaurant

What I like most about this restaurant is their ability to convert their used wine bottles  as accents for their lightning effects and retaining the structure of the old residential house.

Filipino Bloggers Worldwide group picture (Photo credit :Napa Restaurant )

Food Menu :

We would like to Director Rich Ilustre and Chef Joseph Apolinario and the whole Napa Restaurant & Bar team, Thank you so much for hosting this wonderful event for us. Maraming Maraming Salamat po sa inyong lahat!

The restaurant will have their valentine’s day treat

How to get there: From MRT (EDSA -Quezon Avenue station) take a short walk 10 to 15 minutes or take a tricycle/ pedicab ride going to Scout Borromeo street ( Php 25 special )

 Public transportation (from Manila, and South areas) take the PhilCoa and Fairview buses /jeepneys and go down at the Quezon Avenue / National Bookstore/ Tropical Hut area then a short walk for about 5 minutes. The restaurant is located just about 2 blocks away from Quezon Avenue.

I would give my few cents of ratings

 Location: 8/10

Parking: 8/10

Ambiance: 8/10

Service: 8/10

Food: 8/10

Drink: 9/10

Price: 9/10

Facilities: 9/10

Address: Napa Restaurant and Bar-12 Scout Borromeo St.,
South Triangle, Quezon City , Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone: (02) 414-8272

Operations: Monday to Thursday

11:00 am to 2:00 pm and 5:00pm to 1:00 am

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

11:00am to 2:00pm and 5:00pm to 2:00am

* The restaurant also accepts reservations for events

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Napa-Restaurant-Bar/177409372345905