Kessaku: A Japanese Fusion Restaurant in Alabang

Ground Floor , Commercenter Building , Filinvest Avenue, Alabang 1781, Muntinlupa City- Philippines
restaurant facade
Kessaku in Nippongo means  ” Creating a Masterpiece,” according to Ms. Yums Sahgabao, one of the managing proprietors .  The restaurant has a sister  restaurant of Jozu Kin located in Burgos Circle and  Yumi Japanese Restaurant  in Promenade area, Greenhills, San Juan City- But Kessaku menu are different and are specially made to suit the Filipino palate and the international community which lives nearby.
      ground floor area
The ground floor can accommodate around 50 people while the second floor can accommodate  25 to 30 people at any given time. The restaurant opened its door to the public last September 2013 .
spacious ground floor viewed from second floor
The restaurant is located along Filinvest Avenue and a short distance from Acacia Hotel , South Supermarket Mall or Filinvest Mall
stylish and simple table and chairs
I admire the simple and stylish interior of the restaurant . ( modern minimalist style)
four season shake
One must try their four season shake , They use all natural ingredients and one can taste the real pineapple tidbits and cherry toppings . Not too sweet and the flavor blends really very well.
grape shake
This is another one in the bucket list ! I think it is about the freshness of the seedless grapes ( not too sweet )
green mango shake and dalandan shake
amuse-bouche or complimentary light snacks
Amuse -bouche is served in zhōngshì tāngchí  or Chinese -style soup spoon elegantly rolled crab-stick ( kani ) with kewpie or Japanese mayonnaise topped with chopped spring rolls  . This is good light snack to clean the palate while waiting for the dishes .
salmon sashimi
 This particular sashimi is made with superior grade Norwegian salmon .  The restaurant’s executive chef would inspect all the salmon during the delivery and they would choose the top most quality ( freshness and high grade salmon)  Additional garnish includes freshly picked lettuce , bean sprouts , finely grated carrots with wasabi paste and lemon .  To fully enjoy the quality of the sashimi, you need only to dip the tip and not drown it with the sauce.
Salmon Sashimi – Small ( Php 125)  Large (P265).
Usi Ebi or Sunburst Salad
 Sunburst Salad is an assortment of vegetables -lettuce, cabbage , carrot with two kinds of grapes , strawberry , sliced apple , bits of mandarin oranges,   tiger prawns tossed with salad dressing and bits of sesame seeds.
This is good for 2 to 3 people sharing
California maki topped with flying fish roe and grated pepper
California maki taste very different from the other more traditional maki that i have tasted in other Japanese restaurants. The kani , sweetness of Japanese mayonnaise, lettuce , mangoes , sliced red pepper strips, black flying fish roe adds to the overall flavor of the California maki ala Kessaku . Based on the ingredients , you can see the fusion of other ingredients which make it among the top sellers.

Unagi with Foie Gras
Foie Gras is from fattened duck or goose liver , eel and Japanese sticky rice rolled with nori strips (seaweed wrapper)  topped with sesame seeds and with wasabi paste
The Foie Gras really melts on your mouth and the eel taste crunchy .  The soft texture and mixing of the two really compliments each other .   Another MUST recommended dish , a visit to the restaurant is not complete without ordering this dish. You can share this with 2 to 3 people Php 350

Spider rolls

Spider Rolls is made from soft- shell crabs ( a culinary term for crabs that had recently molted their exoskeleton ). This means that almost the entire crab can be eaten, rather than having to shell the animal to reach the meat. The crab is finely chop into bite size bits fried with minimal batter or coating , wrapped on a sticky Japanese rice with special sauce and nori sheet and additional lettuce leaves with bean sprouts and  pepper strips as topping

Maguro tempura maki

Tiger Roll  is a mixture of ebi tempura , fresh tuna, sticky rice , creme cheese, avocado , dazzled with creme cheese , bean sprouts , sesame seeds and lemon

This tempura dish is a combination of sweet, sour and creamy , perfect for those who like creme cheese . The creme cheese does not overpower the tempura and you can still taste the fresh ingredients !


Symphony it is a layers of  fried sushi rice, layers of spicy tuna, spicy salmon and crab-stick ( kani) with Japanese mayonnaise , topped with red and black  fish egg roe with Katsuobushi shavings and spring onion leaves an effortless medley of spicy , sweetness and savory.

It is meant to be shared with 2 to 3 people so it is okey not to cut them like cake , it can be quite messy but it is like mixing all the desired flavors . Php 380

Sukiyaki  is a hot pot  dish,  It has a sweet and salty flavor a little bit like teriyaki sauce , Japanese wine which add sweetness , but with tender angus beef and vegetable in the mix like carrots, cabbage , spring onion , It is a perfect dinner for family or great food to enjoy with guests.
Chicken Yakitori
  Chicken Yakitori Barbecue marinated with special sauce topped with finely chopped spring onion leaves with side garnish of fried thin noodles, red and green cabbage , carrots thinly sliced.
The chicken is tender and it almost melts in your mouth . It is well marinated ( special sauce)  and ideal for 2 to 3 people sharing. Don’t forget the side garnish , They are perfect combination ! This is also a MUST for barbecue and chicken lovers !!!!!
Shishamo is a Japanese smelt fish with roe ( eggs ) fried  with lemon , fried noodles and finely chopped vegetables as garnish or side dish .
The dish can be compared with our own tinapa –  but minus the heavier smoky taste and can be shared with 2 to 3 people.Php 295
 Angus Prime Cha han
Angus Prime Cha- Han is the Japanese version of fried rice , but they use the  sticky rice , less soy sauce ,  angus beef , vegetables and sprinkled with chopped spring onion .
This is a complete meal or can be shared with 2 people .
Ebi Tempura
 Tiger Prawn Tempura  is coated with  simple batter then deep fried in hot oil  .  It is best dipped with simple lemon and rock salt which brings out the taste. the dish also comes with special tempura sauce.
Shared with 3 to 4 people. It comes in small, medium and large order .
Soft Shell Crab Tempura
Soft Shell Crab Tempura is coated with simple batter then deep fried to perfection .
When you eat this tempura, you can eat the entire shell without any fear  of indigestion , The crab carapace is soft and similar with fried talangka . Can be shared with 2 to 3 people. Perfect with its own tempura sauce or simple lemon and rock salt mixture will bring out the taste.
Kaikage Teppan
Kaikage Teppan or Fried Oyster in Batter  with fried noodles and thinly sliced vegetables perfectly compliment each other . I remember its Chinese version,  the Oyster cake which we always love to eat in Binondo , The Japanese version is different since they are individually coated with batter and deep fried with special sauce topped with chopped spring onion . Ideal for 2 to 3 people.
Mixed Kamameshi
Mixed Kamameshi is a traditional rice dish cooked in an iron pot.   which includes thin strips of carrots and sweet potato, boiled shrimp,  mushroom , beans , pork and beef that’s mixed with rice flavored with soy sauce. Guests can do the mixing or ask the server to do it.  (P450), Ideal for 2 to 3 people.
from the facebook page of Kessaku
Celebrity spotted- Ms. Jodi Santa Maria , Mr. Jolo Revilla  , Mr. Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzales ,  Ms. Nikki Valdez , Ms. Ellen Adarna were among the celebrities that are spotted eating at this restaurant .  This is aside from the expats and foodies who want a different taste.
food and lifestyle bloggers
* Note : I must ” Thank” Ms. Kathy Kenny Ngo – food connoisseur for organizing this food tour and to the owners of Kessaku for the warm hospitality to the group ” Maraming Salamat Po” 
I must give Kessaku a rating of 9.25 out of 10 for the ambiance, food , presentation and service !
vicinity map
How to Get There:
1.) Metropolis Star Mall  – 1 ride Baclaran, Alabang jeep then go down to Caltex station cross the intersection ( Alabang-Zapote Road ) then a short walk toward Acacia Hotel
2.) Alabang Terminal Station – Jeep going to Alabang Filinvest , then go down to Caltex station cross the intersection ( Alabang-Zapote Road )  then a short walk towards Acacia Hotel
  3.) Baclaran , Sucat – 1 ride going to Filinvest Alabang then go down to  Filinvest Avenue  then a short walk towards Acacia Hotel.
Private Cars – Take the Filinvest Exit of South Luzon Expressway  then look for Commerce Avenue. For commuters, the best way is to use the Chef’s Avenue exit of Festival Super mall (until 9pm) then the straight pathway will lead you to Commerce Avenue. It is around about 500 to 600 meters from the mall.
Address : Kessaku Commercenter Alabang
Filinvest Corporate City, Muntinlupa City-Philippines
Call 403-3445

Jar’d In Salad House Rainy Day Special Treats

Good News ! to avid salad and health buffs people within Project 8, Bahay Toro, Project 7, Congressional Village, Mindanao Avenue, Novaliches, West Fairview and Muñoz area in Quezon City.

The price is affordable and the selection also includes smoothies, tea and fruit juices.
Jar'd In Salad

Jar’d In Salad


different kinds of salad

Jar’d In Salad House had a tie-up with delivery companies  had a rainy day special 20% discount promo on their salad.

Vietnamese Banhmi salad – This is one of my favorite salad. This had a right combination of meat, pomelo, vermicelli noodles, corn kernels,peanuts, slices of ham, slice picama ( singkamas) and dressing.

Burrito Salad
Cancun Barbecue Burrito salad – Romaine lettuce, red rice, roasted chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, corn, black beans, red onions, barbecue sauce, nacho chips with pesto yogurt dressing.

Crispy Chicken
Cowboy Crispy Chicken salad – Romaine lettuce, fried chicken, hard boiled egg, crouton, bacon bits, parmesan cheese toppings.

Greek Salad
Greek salad is one of the customers favorite. This had a right combination of fresh ingredients like fresh lettuce leaves, slice cherry tomatoes, onions, walnuts, watermelon, grapes, arugula, sliced bell peppers, topped with roasted chicken breast, feta cheese and their own salad dressing.

Japanese Noodles
Japanese salad – This is their newest line of salad. This had a perfect combination of green lettuce, diced mangoes, slice cucumber, carrots, two types of cabbage, Japanese noodles, Japanese seaweed ( Nori sheet) with sesame seeds and their special dressing.

Power Grain Salad
Amazonia Power Grain salad – Consists of two kind of lettuces, corn kernels, cherry tomatoes, chopped onions, chicken topped with organic violet rice from the Cordillera region. This also comes with their version of dressing.

Fruit and Vegetable

Different kind of fruit and vegetable combination mixture

Salad Promo

Note: Jar’d In salad had a special in house promo of 20% , Please try to visit their FB, Instagram account for more details.

Address:  Jar’d In Salad House -Mc2 Building ground floor ( beside Paras Alter Station and Tailoring), Congressional Avenue corner April street, Barangay Bahay Toro, Quezon City.

Operations: Monday to Sunday

Operational Hours: 10:00 am to 8:00 pm

8 Appetizing Ways to Enjoy, Eating and Drink at Wrong Yakiniku

Wrong Yakiniku had a soft opening last June 24, 2019. The Japanese-Korean inspired restaurant had officially opened today ( July 08) past 10:00 am.

Wrong Yakiniku facade

The mood was very festive with relatives, friends, proprietors, bloggers, vloggers were on hand to witness the blessing and ribbon cutting ceremony.

Wrong Yakiniku proprietors and friends

There are also big plans to expand the business in nearby cities like Taguig, Parañaque, Quezon City and greater Luzon area in the next few months.

Here are some of the reasons why one must try to visit and dine at this restaurant.

8 Appetizing Ways to Enjoy , Eat and Drink

buffet table

8.) Korean and Japanese inspired dishes– samgyupsals, shabu-shabu, sushi, tempura, salad, kimchi , chadolbaegi, samjang,japchae and grilling different kinds of skewers. This place is worth visiting.

7.) Ambiance – The ambiance is very Instagram and photo worthy. The use of natural wood and authentic products like Japanese mayonnaise and Soju from South Korea will delight clients.

There are also live indoor plant which filters indoor pollutants. These also add beauty and improve the chi inside the restaurant.

Sansevieria bacularis

6.) Family and Friend Oriented– One can invited the whole barkadas, co-employees , relatives and family to dine at this place.

5.) Big Sitting Capacity– The restaurant had a sitting capacity of between 75 to 95 people at any given time.

different cocktail drinks

Korean soju and Japanese wines

4.) Cocktail Haven – For those who wanted to taste their soju and different kinds of cocktail drinks. Just try to come an enjoy them from Tuesdays to Sundays from 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

friendly staff

3.) Friendly Staff– One is warmly greeted by their receptionist neatly dress in Japanese attire. They are also attentive to one’s need.

Korean soju and Japanese sake

2.) Korean and Japanese products– One can also buy some of the neatly arranged soju, noodles, mayonnaise, spices among others.

different kinds of  dishes

shrimp tempura


different kinds of sushi

1.) Value for Money – Their unlimited samgyupsals, shabu-shabu and buffet meals are worth visiting. One can also do-your-own sauces and having the experience of cooking one’s food.

exciting array of different dishes at affordable prices

Note: Buffet policy: No leftovers and Php 1.00 per gram of food wastage

Wrong Yakiniku

Address: Ground Floor, Vensu Place, 2 Pontiac street corner Camaro street
West Fairview, Quezon City

Contact: 0977- 413 7211/ 09388665953

Operational Hours: Everyday from 10:00 am to 12:00 midnight ( last order will be at around 11:00pm)

Food Racing at Pit Stop Food Park

Food Racing and enjoyable family meal at Pit Stop Food Park . One will surely love going around and enjoy the race track inspired food park. The food park had their soft opening about year or so and is slowly becoming a food haven for residents of Quezon City, Fairview , Marikina and adjacent places.

Jian’s Dimsum House, Tapa Out , Masta Pasta ,Crazy Quesadilla

There are over 2 dozen food stalls offering different menus not only locally but those found in other parts of the world.

lounge area at the second level

The area can accommodate between 280 to 300 people at any given time and there is also an ample parking space beside the food park.

There are also live bands and performances during weekends. Some of the food stalls are already open by 4:00 pm.

Tokyo Tempura stall

Tokyo Tempura stall offers interesting eat all you can shrimp tempura promo for just Php 199.00 with additional rice value meal to avail of the promo. The stall also offer fried chili tempura for those who wanted to try a more spicy flavored tempura.

Jian’s Dimsum House

Jian Dimsum House offers dimsums, noodles, siomai and siopao

Brandon’s Steak Hub

The exterior of the stall is rustic and one is not intimidated to ask for the menu or their signature dishes. They are posted visibly handwritten in the blackboard .

Chef Robert Principe of Brandon’s Steak Hub

Brandon’s Steak Hub started their operation about a year or so with common friends who likes Italian and American dishes.  Almost all of the proprietors are from Quezon City area, hence they choose the food park for their initial endeavor.

Rib’s Eye Steak cost Php 289 , There are three kinds of sauces Php 10.00 per additional order ( wild mushroom sauce, brandon’s signature sauce and black pepper sauce ) .

For just additional Php 55.00, one can add Maki Cheese Balls , Potato skin for side dishes.

different kinds of in house drinks

We bought the in-house ice tea blend which cost Php 70 small jar and Php 140 for large jar.

ice drinks in fancy containers ( light blubs )

Ideal between 3 to 4 people sharing. There are also soft drinks and beers that are available.

Andy Cola

Andy Cola is a combination of whiskey and cola drink which was popular in the local market way back in the 1980’s . This drink is making a big comeback in the local liquor market and luckily there was a sample taste .

Shisha Bar

Shisha Bar is ideal for those who wanted to try shisha which starts at Php 350 full load.

Chef Resty’s roasted beef carving station

Sons of Burger proprietor Mr. Glen San Agustin and staffs

Another eye catchy name for a burger stall is Son’s of  Burger or SOB . This burger stall had their branch in Antipolo, Rizal province and this is their second stall . The specialty are burger meals, kickin wings, frinkin fries and potato cheese balls.

We also got a chance to talk with the proprietor and we saw how the burger patties are grilled upfront . The hamburger and quarter pounder is even better than some commercially available ones.

Sons of BurgerFacebook Page

Kimu San specializes in Japanese cuisine

This stall offers Ramen dishes, Yakitori, Donburi , Maki roll, Takoyaki  in a traditional Japanese stall setting.

Chinders ice cream and ice cakes are popular not just for kids buy also adults

  nitrogen infused cold brew coffee

Some of the food stalls are also open to catering to some events and they would be glad if one could personally visit them .

Beer Below Zero

live performance

customers and visitors

Operations: Monday to Thursday -4:00 pm to 12:00 midnight 

Friday to Sunday -4:00 pm to 2:00 am


How to Commute :

1.) There are jeepneys which ply the Congressional via Luzon Avenue and Munoz market .

2.) Electric jeepneys from SM North to Katipunan via Congressional Avenue.

Note: Prices quoted are subject to change without prior notice from the food stalls. The dishes posted in this site were ordered by the author and companion. The Food park is near Luzon avenue and Tierra Pura subdivision entrance.

Food Tasting Event Features Breakfast in Bread at Trinoma

Food Tasting event is a much anticipated event organized by ABS-CBN channel 2, Food Magazine , Trinoma , Kamuning Bakery , Tefal with side participation of  Alpha Corporate Event at Trinoma Mall at the heart of Quezon City shopping and business district .

Every quarter, Food Magazine invites kitchen masters from various restaurants and bakeshops to take the lead in demonstrating exciting recipes at Food Tastings.

We are fortunate enough to be given complimentary ticket for the event , This is a short cooking demonstration by top chefs and restaurateurs in the country.  The feature was easy to made breakfast meals .

The tickets were distributed around past 2:00pm for the supposedly 4:00 pm demonstration and food tasting event.  The event started around 4:30pm  with Chef Portia Baluyut, Pixie Sevilla and Ms. Kimberly Ann Boadilla in Food Tasting: Breakfast in Bread course. In the two hour crash course, the guest chefs presented several breakfast concoctions using bread as the main course.

Shibuya Benedict Savory Toast

One of the favorite Japanese restaurants in Trinoma is Cafe Shibuya. This is an easy to cook breakfast dish by Chef Kimberly Ann Boadilla.

Pan de Suelo platter or sampler plate

Chef Albert Rance and Mr. Wilson Lee-Flores, explains how their best-selling Pan De Suelo pairs perfectly with their homemade corned beef, adobo, and menudo. The platter / sampler is available at only(Php 165 ) at Kamuning Bakery .

Chef Pixie Sevilla showcase two breakfast dish which consists of breakfast noodle dish with diced longganisang Macau, Chinese sausage, all purpose cream, Sapporo sotanghon noodles, chopped onions, spring onions for garnish.

Breakfast noodle omelette included Saporro sotanghon noodles, shredded bottled tuyo or sardines, chopped garlic, chopped tomatoes, 6 to 8 eggs and 75 grams of kesong puti (carabao’s milk soft cheese) crumbled into pieces.

Chef Portia Baluyut

Chef Portia Baluyut a well-known chef, proprietor of Rustic Mornings at Isabelo Garden in Marikina and host of Lifestyle’s ” A Pinch of Portia”. She shared some of the ingredients for two breakfast meals which uses 1 day -old bread French baguette.

She shared Mushroom and Spinach Strata, Grilled Sausages and Grilled Tomatoes with Pesto and Chocolate Banana French Toast Bake with Walnut Streusel.

There were 6 morning breakfast meals that were served during the two hour cooking demonstration and exciting raffle items( apron ) c/o Tefal .