9 Foods and Places to Eat in Tuguegarao

Tuguegarao is such a fascinating place to stay and eat. In our short stay in the city. We were able to eat and dine at the famous delicacies of the city. Although we lack time exploring the city our group made a short list or guide.


Cagayan peanut candy

9 Foods and Places to Eat in Tuguegarao

9.) Tuguegarao or Ybanag Longganisa – It is made with coarsely ground pork, black pepper, garlic, coarse salt. This is best paired with local cane vinegar or sukang iloko. some longganisa are dyed with achuete sold per dozen in market, hotels and pasalubong center.


8.) Kakanins– Tuguegarao is also known for their different kakanins. Among their famous kakains are made from sticky rice, tinupig, corn.


Alcala milk candy – Php 35 per small pack or 3 for Php 100

7.) Milk Candy– There are different kinds of milk candies made from carabao’s milk. One product that stands out is Alcala. It was hard for us to find a decent pasalubong center during our last night in the city. We have to visit a bus station where we bought some milk candies.


chicharabao – chicharon from carabao skin

6.) Chicharabao– This is one of the most common peddled snack in the city. We were lucky to taste the chicharon in small packs which cost Php 25 with home made vinegar. We also bought a generic sopas chicharon which is also common snack item in Metro Manila.


sopas chicharon

5.) Josh Papaitan and Laoya – When you are in Tuguegarao city, try to visit Josh Papitan and try to order their Laoya.


Laoya is carabao meat and bones, innards which is slowly cooked with broth with spices. It is offered in many karinderia, eatery or even in some hotel establishments.  Some establishment would also offer unlimited rice meal along with Laoya.

Address : 152 Lecaros Street, Tuguegarao City

Contact: 0955 497 1238




Jacob Mami House menu board

4.) Jacob Mami House – This is an affordable eatery which specializes on mami, lugao, pares, barbecue, lomi and tapsilog meals.


Address: Stall #3 Joaquin Lim building, Diversion Road, Pengue Ruyu, Tuguegarao City


Billy Jacks -Pancit Batil Patung ( special with chorizo, carabeef and longganisa)

3.) Billy Jacks Panciteria – Although their version of Pancit Batil-Patung caters to the eclectic taste . Try to visit this place for a sample of their pancit.


chopped onions and calamansi

Address: Buntun, Santiago- Tuguegarao road, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan province


supreme pizza

2.) Hotel Carmelita – Culinare restaurant is a fusion of Filipino and Italian cuisines. Their pizza was a fave among the locals. Becoming the number one pizza and pasta restaurant in Tuguegarao. Its unique brick oven-cooked chewy pizza is the pride of the town.

Address:  # 9 Diversion Road Balzain, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan 3500

Contact : 0917 572 2777 / (078) 844-1024


1.) Boy Kanin (Tuguegarao) – All new 24/7 restaurant which offers well-loved meals like crispy pata, barbecue, silog among others.


Boy Kanin – Tuguegarao restaurant was designed and build by Architect Cenon Cesar M. Lumor of Tier One Architects. The 6 red tubular pillars symbolize the number of years of Boy Kanin in the business.

One can also play the three types of board games such as Chess or Dama Board, Snake and Ladders, and Maze.

Address: # 9 Diversion Road Balzain, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan 3500

Bestylog : A Neighborhood Food Station

Bestylog is a neighborhood food station which specializes on all morning value meals, chicken wing, hamburger, french fries, smoothies which opened their business a little over a year ago within Old Sauyo road in Barangay Talipapa, Novaliches, Quezon City.


Bestylog cover meals ( from FB page)

The prices of their TAPSILOG meals, lomi and hamburger are affordable. Most of their customers are residents of Barangay Talipapa,Old Sauyo, Silvinia Village, Mindanao Avenue and Novaliches.


There were several private and public schools near the food station which also attracts additional customers during weekdays.


Mr. Paulo Ortega, a resident of the barangay also told us that Bestylog would attract the mid-morning and late afternoon crowd. The food station sitting capacity is between 12 to 15 persons at any given time.

The menus were clearly posted and had a catchy names like hugot burger, bunwhich, oinksilog, Bes i am on a diet.


Bestylog bumwhich and hamburgers are colorful and the buns come in 5 colors, purple, green, yellow, pink and orange.


We tried to order almost everything on the menu, however not all meals were available which also includes their smoothies, milkshakes and fruit shakes.


Ham Bunwhich


beef tapa with fried rice

Beef tapa with fried rice- the beef is well marinated and tender, rice is pretty decent. One can have the option to not to order the egg.


deep fried pork chop with rice or oinksilog

Pork chop is deep fried and crispy. One can have the option not to order the egg.



Lomi – We tried their version of lomi, It is good for sharing between 2 to 3 persons. It had noodles, beaten egg, kikiam, liver, meat, squid ball topped with Baguio pechay. One can add powdered pepper and calamansi to enhance the taste. The downturn of their lomi is a little bit salty.

We only paid a little over Php 180 for the entire meal. When you are within Old Sauyo road or Barangay Talipapa near Mindanao Avenue ( jeepney terminal of SM/ Trinoma- C-5/ Hortaleza Beauty Center) Do not forget to pay this food station a visit!

Bestylog: Food Station

Contact: 0915-840-8880

Address:Old Sauyo Road,Barangay Talipapa,Novaliches, Quezon City

Operations: Monday to Saturday 6:00 AM – 9:00 PM

BJ Snack House: Great Family Heirloom Dishes

BJ Snack House is one of the local restaurants within San Miguel, Bulacan province which specializes in goto ( rice porridge) and pan de carne. These are heirloom family dishes. The original recipes were handed down from their grandmother.


l-r fried dried fish ( tuyo na tamban), fresh carabao’s milk, boiled okra, boiled eggplant, fried tofu, buro, adobong atay (liver), hard boiled eggs, lechon kawali, fried intestines (chicharon bulaklak) , pan de carne and goto.




The restaurant was established in the middle part of 1979 by Mr. Vivencio Cruz Chico ( who is a public servant and together with his wife Mrs. Felicidad Ligon Chico. The husband and wide tandem established a home-style eatery that mainly serves “Gotong Baboy” and best match with ” Pan de carne” to cater the people within the town.


childhood friend and business partners Jam Dimacale and Lei

In 1982, the eatery was named after Billy Johnson (BJ) for short, the eldest grandchild of the household. Ms. Jacklyn Jose ( Filipino actress ) is one of the celebrities who dine at the place.


Mr. Billy Johnson

Through word of mouth and distinct flavors of the goto, more people from far flung towns like San Ildefonso, San Rafael, Doña Remedios Trinidad shortened as “D.R.T.” and even as far as Nueva Ecija would come and eat the famous goto.


Unfortunately, BJ Gotohan closed in 2007. Through the years that it was closed, many customers are still craving the taste and asking for the original Gotong Baboy. This is the reason why Jam, the youngest son of Gracita decided to open the restaurant again.


The goto is not salty and is best paired with these toppings like hard boiled eggs, adobong atay ( liver), lechon kawali, fried tofu and deep fried intestines (chicharon bulaklak).


BJ Snack House menu board

Together with his childhood friend, Lei supported him, in loving memory of Gracita who acted like her second mother.


pan de carne

This is the well- loved pan de carne, locals would pair this with their favorite goto. the bread crust is crispy in the outside and one can taste the butter and meat. MUST TRY!


bikers from San Ildefonso congregate at the restaurant

The purpose of re-opening the business is not just earning money but they want to relive the memories and continue the family legacy. The ground floor can accommodate between 35 to 40 people at any given time, while the second floor which also double as bar area can sit around 40 people at any given time.

dsc_00071Aside from goto and pan de carne, the restaurant also serves lomi, pares, lumpiang shanghai, mojos , lechon kawali, calamares, pasta, sandwich and pancit palabok.


buro (pickled or fermented fish) is best accompanied by steamed bitter melon ( ampalaya), okra and eggplant. The buro is well-seasoned with the balance of sweet, sour, little salty and umami. Not the typical ones which had a bad after taste.


semi-vintage beer and liquor tin posters are displayed at the second floor


San Miguel Water District is just beside the restaurant

BJ Snack House is just beside SANMIBUL Water tower and near the plaza. They also accepts catering for events and special functions.

BJ Snack house group photo.jpg

bloggers, media and local organizers ( photo courtesy of Mr. Jam Dimacale)

Note: They have a promo ” GOTO Overload ” which starts at Php 49.00 with 3 kinds of topping to choose from.

For more information about their latest events and promos- Please try to like, share and visit their FB page and instagram

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bjsnackhouse/

Instagram: @bjsnackhouse

BJ Snack House

Address: 328 Victor Street, Poblacion, San Miguel , Bulacan, 3011

Contact : +63 (916-250-6995) /0917 637 2011, (044) 309040-88

Operational Hours- Everyday : 6:30 am to 8:00 pm

Chinese lauriat dishes at Cocina sa Lido, Mindanao Avenue

Cocina sa Lido -Mindanao Avenue branch is near Project 8 , Tandang Sora , Congressional Avenue , Visayas Avenue and within few kilometers away from Novaliches, Quezon City.

The original restaurant is located within Binondo , Chinatown and was named after their Chinese chef- Lido who specialized on Filipino- Chinese dishes – With more than 80 years of dining tradition.  A visit to any of their branches is a MUST for any foodies.

Another urban story, that one of the best known dishes of the restaurant is Lido soup, hence the name.  Must try is their breakfast value meals, congee and coffee too.


sumptuous dishes – flat lay style  by Mr. EJ Bunag

There are over 14 branches located within Metro Manila and adjacent areas. Cocina sa Lido takes pride on the old- style traditional wood fired method of cooking pork.


Buchi and Lychee with Tutti Frutti Jelly 

Their pugon style pork asado , drunken lechon macao, beef with brocoli and mushroom , fried rice,  lomi and Manchurian fried chicken wings are some of the dishes to crave for.


drunken lechon macao

The marination of pork asado and their dunken lechon macao took a long time. The smoky flavor of the pork asado permeates into the meat. Adding chili sauce or tomato ketchup further enhances its spiciness. Four Season Shake is another MUST TRY.


Shrimp Foo-Yong is Highly Recommended dish. It had a generous mixture of shrimps, vegetables, scrambled eggs and sauce.


One can choose from their timeless favorite like SET A, SET B and Set C classics- These starts at Php 2,399.00 and good for sharing between 3 to 5 people.

The restaurant had a sitting capacity of between 80 to 95 people at any given time, However on special occasions and event. The restaurant can be pre-booked in advance.

There is also a weekly press conference held at the second floor.

  • Note: According to the management of the restaurant, This is a joint venture between Cocina sa Lido.

Address: 43 Mindanao Avenue, Beside Phoenix Gas Station, Project 8, Quezon City

Operational Hours: 7:00 am to 10:00 pm 

The restaurant is also listed under popular restaurant review site: ZomatoPH