Vanilla calopogon: A rare orchid at the backdoor of Metro Manila

Vanilla calopogon Rchb.f., Otia Bot. Hamburg.: p40 (1878) Local Name: The Beautiful Bearded Vanilla, leafless orchid Flower Size 1.6 to 1.8″ [4 to 4.5 cm] History : There are more than 120 species of Vanilla that can be found in tropical areas of the world. However only 5 to 6 species are known to produced […]

Cosmic CON 2014 : The Biggest Comics, Cosplayer and Collectible Expo in Metro Manila

IEM in cooperation with Festival Supermall, HERO Tv,,Paws & Tails, Suzuki, Naruto Cosplayer Philippines presents…. This will be the largest gathering of comic , cosplay and toy collectors in this part of Metro Manila . COSMIC CON 2014 !!!!!! Event Highlights: 1. Toys and Otaku Collectibles. 2. Life Size Statues 3. Comics 4. Cosplay/ […]

Reopening of Manila Metropolitan Theater

April 29, 2010 ( Thursday) Officials of the city government  said that the Met—fondly referred to as the “grand dame” of Manila’s theaters—is on its way to being restored to its former glory. group photo of the stakeholders within the  Metropolitan Theater According to old historical records, There used to be an old theater during […]

Vintage 1960’s Manila Postcards

Manila is the gateway into the country. A great place to capture her famous city-views, buildings, ruins, historical places, and aerial views thru the lenses of a professional photographer and mass producing them for tourist market thru postcards.

American Regime Manila Thru Postcards (Part 4)

The arrival of the Americans in 1898 saw the increase number of colorful postcards, that were first printed in the United States, then foreign postcards like French photo postcards, British companies, Japanese sponsored postcards were printed.