Bonsai Innovation Opening at Quezon Memorial Circle

Bonsai and Suiseki Alliance of the Philippines Incorporated together with Quezon City , Quezon Memorial Circle , Del Monte , Philippines and affiliate plant organizations  held at around past 3:00pm near QCX Interactive Museum

international delegates, invited guests and members

There will be a 2 day seminar tomorrow from July 22 and 23 and July 29 and 30 ( with local and international speakers) bonsai exhibit, ikebana display and a trade fair bazaar at the Charito Plans garden which is just beside the famed QCX Museum near Commonwealth entrance.

Sua Your Face Car Show at Quezon Memorial Circle

Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City -Philippines

stage area

Montero Club in partnership with Mitsubishi Alliance Philippines and several car clubs members were treated to an afternoon of fun , music , raffle , food and car exhibition at the Quezon Memorial Circle.

I was invited by a member and car enthusiast to join and cover the car show.  The venue is just a few steps away from the orchid show so I took  a sneak peak and some time at the car show.

secretariat/ registration area

When i arrived past 2:00pm , It seems that the organizers are still preparing the secretariat , sound system and the set-up. There was an emcee who manage to call everyone’s attention and announcing the use of hashtag #SUAyourFace  #aBIAScbn #MitsuAlliancePH  and Twitter @murahantayo and @MitsuAlliancePH

There were some dining tables and there was a FREE registration for the members of the clubs. For non-members ,there was a raffle stub worth Php 300 to cover the cost of food and others. According to the secretariat , their car show would change their venue from time to time. There were also Free t-shit and photo booth at the site.

Quezon Memorial Shrine serves as an ideal backdrop for the car exhibition

It is also good that the Montero club and Mitsubishi Alliance Philippines members and dealers are organizing a car show , after a series of negative publicity about the Sudden Unintended  Acceleration (SUA) incidents on Montero Sport SUVs have turned to social media to voice their grievances and calls for action.

different mitsubishi cars on display with their accessories

Forgot to ask my friend ( the one who invited me ) who owns a Montero unit about the negative public perception of the car unit and even so some extent the car company.I have some relatives who own  units of Montero and had not encountered problems .

mitsubishi car with accessories and tagline

Since I do not own any Mitsubishi Montero unit, I could not give an honest opinion with regards to the road safety and worthiness of the unit.

After taking some photos , chatting with some members of the club , I finally bid farewell to my friend , who seems to be in a very bright mood. I did not attend the appreciation party at the orchid show and even at the SUA event , there were no formal invitation for me to stay longer and need to cover another event.

Note: photos were all taken by the author and was invited by a member of the Mitsubishi Alliance Philippines 

Mirage Ph :

Walking Tour Around Quezon Memorial Circle

Quezon Memorial Circle , Quezon City -Philippines

group participants at the hardin ng mga bulaklak ( HB garden )

 It is orchid and garden show again this time of the year and we decided to open a guided tour around the orchid show , Quezon Memorial Shrine , Joy of Urban Farming and Quezon Heritage House. There were 35 participants with the status ” Going ” at the 69th mid-year orchid show tour Facebook event page . About 20 managed to showed-up during the duration of the tour, while some choose to stay at the orchid show site and enjoy the exhibits.

We were joined by a small group of bloggers, freelance photographers, educators , students ,  senior citizens and environmental advocates.

Vanda sanderiana -locally called Waling-waling

This is the highlight of this year’s annual show the blooming season of the rare Vanda sanderiana .

Vanda sanderiana variety alba

There is the pale alba form at the booth of Purificacion orchids which marveled the tour participants.

Pioneer Epoxy

There seems to be a lot going inside the orchid show , Aside from the regular plant bazaars ,  there are daily lectures and special on the spot painting contest  ( september 1)

Mr. Lino Rom’s commercial booth

However, some netizens are not very happy with the increased of the entrance fees from the usual Php 20 student and senior citizens and Php 30 for general public to Php 40 students and senior citizens and Php 50 general public .

Joy Urban Farming

But unknown to them , there is pick a price and special raffle to the visitors of the show. Some of the tour participants won Philippine Orchid Society key chains and epoxy .

sala set at the Quezon Heritage House

tour participants at the Quezon Heritage House

Dr. Tess Obusan of Kapitbahayan sa Kalye Bautista was also there to join us. By the time we finished the tour, there were only about a dozen of us.

Note: I would like to “Thank ” the following organizations which granted the permits and other necessary hand-outs- Quezon City government -office of vice-mayor Ms. Joy Belmonte, Quezon City Tourism Office, Communication Coordination Center , National Historical Commission of the Philippines – Ms. Janice and Philippine Orchid Society

Flower and Garden Show Festival 2014 at Quezon Memorial Circle

Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City-Philippines

special guests of honor includes Ombudsman Conchita Carpio -Morales at the center

In commemoration of Quezon City’s 75th founding anniversary, a Flower and Garden Show Festival will be presented in cooperation with the Bonsai and Suiseki Alliance of the Philippines, Inc. (Basapi) headed by Mr.Vic de Rona, Cactus and Succulent Society of the Philippines, Inc. (CSSPI) headed by Ms.Becky Buenaventura, and Ikenobo Ikebana Society of Manila (IISM) headed by Dr. Divina Lupe Lazaro.

Mr. Joselito Campos Jr. and Mrs. Adoracion S. Bernabe

The special guests of honor’s name was not revealed until the last minute , since there was a security protocol to withheld the names of the top vips except for the foreign dignitaries from Taiwan, Singapore , China, Japan and top bonsai experts .

Mr. Mike Du , Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales and Ms. Becky Buenaventura

Overall chair Mrs. Adoracion S. Bernabe said the theme is “Ancient Arts in Modern Times,” the exhibit showcase bonsai, Suiseki, Ikebana floral arrangements, dish gardens, ornamentals, herbs, medicinal plants, ornamentals, cacti and other succulents.

extra-terrestrial ( ET) in stone

The art of dwarfing plants called ” Bonsai and Suiseki (natural rare and unusual stones) is showcased by the members of the Bonsai and Suiseki Alliance of the Philippines from Metro Manila, Rizal, Marikina, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya, Pampanga and Pangasinan , Laguna chapters.

members of BSAPI and guest of honor

members and invited guests

In the Philippines the Chinese migrants who settled in Binondo, Manila were also growing plants in rocks. This was gleaned from the writings of a Spanish priest Father Pedro Cherino in his book Relacion delas Islas Filipinas in 1590.

bonsai on display

In Chapter 10 he mentioned that the Chinese were growing balite trees (Ficus sp.) on Coral stones which until to this day, is still practiced by bonsai culturists calling it rock-clasping or rock-grown style. In the US . and other countries the art of bonsai started to develop only after liberation from World War ll.

Ms. Joyce Kato ( rightmost)  and members of the Ikenobo Ikebana Society of Manila (IISM)  in tropical kimono outfit

The American soldiers who were stationed in Japan brought with them potted plants as well as the knowledge and culture when they were discharged honorably. Now there are many bonsai clubs in the U.S.A. and the most well known is Bonsai Club International with affiliations worldwide.

suiseki on display

The art of  collecting natural stones or Suiseki is also part of the exhibit . The stones come in natural forms, shapes or designs depicting a person, animal, flower or whatever interesting representations untouched by man. There were over 50 natural stones on exhibit and owned by the members of the club.

Ikebana display

There are about a dozen or so display of ikebana by the members of the organization.

economic uses of cacti and succulents

Pet Show at Quezon Memorial Circle

Hardin ng mga Bulaklak, Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City

Sulfur Crested Cockatoo -was voted ” Most Popular , Most Desirable and Best Pet of the Show” owner Ms. Vangie Go.

different variety of lizards

Most Desirable Pet” award goes to a Chow-Chow dog owned by Mr. Manuel and Susan Lee.

Chow-Chow dog

It was a bit sunny on September 6 and September 7 when Philippine Orchid Society members together with some pet enthusiasts hosted a 2-day Pet Show .

ballot box

There was a popularity voting which requires visitors to choose from several kinds of pets at the exhibit area. There were over 50 kinds of pet that was entered in the contest ( registration fee of Php 50 ) .

visitors to the pet expo

golden pheasant

The variety of pet includes, dogs, cats, turtle, bantam chickens, frogs,pigeon, cockatoo , rabbits, snakes, lizards, pheasants and even cockroaches ! These is also to attract hobbyists and younger children to have some hobbies.

bull frog

sulcata tortoise

Our small close knit blogger and media friends decided to go and visit the Pet show which also coincided during the 68th Mid-Year Orchid and Garden show.  Some of them were quite disappointed because of limited number of pets and on display .

Ms. Stephanie Cham

It was on the last day , when Ms. Stephanie Cham ( a well-known pet and reptile breeder) was invited as a speaker on March 7. This was the last day of the Pet expo and , she taught about the new trends of breeding insects such as cockroaches, kataba worms, crickets which pet shops in having a short supply .