American Regime Manila Thru Postcards (Part 4)

The arrival of the Americans in 1898 saw the increase number of colorful postcards, that were first printed in the United States, then foreign postcards like French photo postcards, British companies, Japanese sponsored postcards were printed.

American Regime Manila Thru Postcards (Part 1)

Postcards in the country were distributed during the mid-19th century and were known as tarjeta postal.

Visita Iglesia of 14 Churches and Chapels in Manila

Walkwithchan in special arrangement with Royal Postal Heritage tour, heritage groups conducted a FREE guided tour on Maundy Thursday (April 18) and dubbed the walking tour as Visita Iglesia of 14 Churches and Chapels in Manila. Palacio del Gobernador and Plaza Roma with art works We decided to open a FREE Visita Iglesia 2019 walking […]

Flores de Ermita at Manila Hotel

Manila Hotel, Manila-Philippines The Ermita Malate Business Owners Association ( EMBOA) Flores de Ermita Parada ng mga Sagala and the Kasuotang Pilipino Fashion Show is taking a giant leap forward showcasing the annual Flores de Ermita event with young fashion designers of the Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines . This is the second year […]

8 Fun Facts about Epipermum pinnatum

Epipermum pinnatum is a common plant found in many areas of Asia like Southern China, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indo-China region, Indonesia,Tropical India, Melanesia region, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines.