Savoring Pancit Liliw at White House Bistro in Laguna

White House Bistro is an ancestral house converted into Filipino dining restaurant. The house is also known as Polistico Mansion which was built in 1938 and reflect the art deco architecture style.


White House Bistro also known by locals as Polistico Mansion

The ancestral house stood near the Liliw Church and footwear stores within the main street of the town.


friends from San Mateo, Rizal province

In a recent tour of Tito’s and Titas of Manila which encompass the towns of Majayjay, Nagcarlan,Los Baños and Liliw in the province of Laguna.  Our group decided to have a light afternoon snack at this restaurant.


collection of Asian mask and family photos hung in a portion of the wall

I think Chef Justin Sarabia of well- known Rural Kitchen in Makati is related to the owners of the mansion.


menu board

The former ancestral house was converted into a restaurant and bistro around May 2015 and focused on serving Filipino specialties.

White House Bistro


The white house bistro had several rooms which can be use to host between 12 to 25 people at any given time.  The entire restaurant can accommodate between 70 to 100 people at any given occasion.


According to one of the servers, They are open for reservations and other functions.  The group tried pancit liliw, club house sandwich, pancit habhab and softdrink.


They also serve value or combination meal. The furniture and fixture reflect a gentle era and minimal use of electricity with large windows and high ceilings.


There is also a pasalubong corner where one can buy their special honey in bottle.


Pancit Liliw

Pancit Liliw– This combines two types of noodles, sotanghon and miki noodles with sliced carrots, beans, slices of meat topped with chopped spring onion leaves. Php 250 per order ( can be shared between 2 to 3 people).

Some of their specialties includes fried chicken, crispy pata, beef kare-kare, tortang pako, chopseuy and Pancit Lucban.

According to the manager, The restaurant also serve Japanese dishes and there is a ice tea stall located at the ground level of restaurant.

Address: Gat Tayaw Street, Liliw, Laguna province

Contact Persons: Ms. Marianne Polistico or Mr. Christian Villegas Polistico

Contact: 0917-532-8075/ 0956-1290931

Operations: closed during Mondays, Operating Hours: 10:00 A.M. to 7:30 P.M. from Tuesdays to Fridays. However, it varies during weekends and holidays.

Due to COVID 2019 restrictions, the restaurant will only have take out and delivery.

Note: The author is not connected with the management of the restaurant. Menu prices quoted are subject to change without prior notification.

Intramuros Open House 2019

It was a hot sunny day when our small blogger group met at Plaza Roma past 7:30 am for the one day Intramuros Open House event.


Manila Cathedral Basilica

They took a chance to explore and enjoy these museums within the walled city. Some of the bloggers are living in northern part of Metro Manila like Deparo,Novaliches, Fairview, Rodriguez, Montalban and San Mateo, Rizal did not have much time to visit the place during ordinary days.

Intramuros Open House

Old Manila Eco Market

Mr. Philip Reyes is one of the early bird at the meet-up place which was the Old Manila Eco Market in front of Manila Cathedral Basilica.


Manila Cathedral Basilica and former Manila Collectibles place


flowering Dendrobium orchids and ornamental plants for sale

Old Manila Eco Market had stalls selling environment sustainable products, flowering plants, handicrafts and food made by locals or ethnic groups.


Manila Cathedral interior


Archbishops of Manila from late 1579 up to the present


Manila Cathedral Basilica – We have waited a couple of minutes and took some time explaining a brief history of the church to the participants.


La Pieta


Fort Santiago entrance

Fort Santiago is our second stop, The well manicured space was a delight to photographers, we saw a lot of intagramers. However it seems hotter compared to what we have accustomed with. It was the paved concrete which gives a heat island effect.


Plaza de Armas


historical marker at the Dr. Jose Rizal’s shrine


Dr. Jose Rizal wax figure




Dr. Jose Rizal cell


lego exhibit- Manila Hotel

The Lego exhibit is one of the MUST See attractions inside the Fort Santiago. I have been there several times. Some visitors keep on touching and playing the lego buildings that some of them have missing parts.



The group met a lot of familiar faces and friends during our tour.

San Agustin church facade

 Except for Philip Reyes and the author. It was the first time for the rest of the group at the museum. The last time i have entered the San Agustin museum was two months ago, when the company that i am working organized a pre-conference tour in intramuros.


columbary units



At the ground floor of the San Agustin Convent and Museum, There was an ongoing Marian exhibit entitled ” Regina Caeli”  which also attracted record number of people.  We saw Sir Jeff Fernando ( a santo devotee and collector).


botanical prints and samples

We also saw a couple of stamp collectors and heritage advocate at the museum.


 immaculate conception carved from elephant ivories – Don Luis Ma. Araneta collection

 The group enjoyed the two hour or so tour inside the San Agustin convent and museum.


Casa Manila and San Luis Complex

Casa Manila is a three -story rich merchant house in the late 18th and early 19th century. According to travel brochures and some books, This  merchant house was replicated from an actual house in San Nicolas district in Manila. Some materials were from demolished period houses in Manila and nearby provinces.


second floor

The collection also included furniture f rom estate and family collection acquired by Intramuros administration in the early 1980’s up to the mid-1990’s




kitchen area




Casa Manila central courtyard

Casa Manila central courtyard is favorite location set for films, television commercial and wedding reception venue.




Instituto Cervantes – There was an art and bazaar at the second floor of the institute.

The group took a short lunch at the nearby convenient stores, It is much cooler inside compared to the karinderia.


Bahay Tsinoy – Bahay Tsinoy is a resource center,venue and museum. The place also had an auditorium area and resource library.


terracota warrior replica from Xian- donated to the museum

We used to include the museum as part of the extended postal heritage tour.


life size mannequin

The group of Mercedes Maata left after the Bahay Tsinoy museum tour. We were able to get some postcards, books and Tulay newspapers at the lobby.  They use to sell the postcards before.


Museo Destileria Limtuaco signage

We continued our Intramuros and visited the Museo Destilleria Limtuaco which opened their door in 2018.  It was my 8th time in this museum and first time for the rest of the participants.

Museo Destileria Limtuaco facade

( photo courtesy of Mr. Philip Reyes)

Museo de Intramuros– We arrived past 1:30pm at the museum and fall in line to revisit the museum. It was the first time for the rest of the participants. Saw Axl Guinto and Dennis Dy Kho fellow bloggers. According to the security guards manning the museum, The museum is still FREE until the end of the year. Do not the miss the chance to visit the place.

Museo Destileria Limtuaco This used to be an ancestral house of the Limpe family acquired in the late 1970’s. Eventually the ancestral house was converted into a museum and memorabilia center.



Destileria Limtucao company had tucked into their colorful history 5 generations of master blenders.  It was established by a Chinese immigrant born of a merchant family in Amoy, China, Lim Tua Co.






Lights and Sound Museum– The museum opened past 1:00 pm. There were two other schedule held within 1 hour interval.


life-size mannequin


Boy Scout monument  ( photo courtesy : Philip Reyes)

Boy Scout Monument  sometimes called Laging Handa Monument beside Colegio de San Juan de Letran. The monument was featured in a local postcard in the late 1960’s. It was printed by Madonna and distributed by Goodwill Bookstore.

The three boy scout featured were the three boy scout from Colegio de San Juan de Letran.

The group also went to the Parian gate area where is an ongoing Likhaan booths. By this time, most of the participants were tired and could not take any photos.

We accompanied Ms. Darylle and her daughter at the foot of Quezon bridge, where they rode an AUV express going to Fairview and the author took an LRT line 1 Central station. Finally bid farewell after almost 8 hours of walking tour within intramuros.

Sneak Peek of Master Landscape Artist Yuyung LaO’s Garden

Master Yuyung LaO is a well-known, famous and respected master landscape artist in the country. The group were given a sneak peek at his garden last sunday,despite being a busy person.


several Buddha statues

One of the few landscape artists which drew his inspiration from mother nature, planting materials, natural contour of the land.

aglaonema hybrid

aglaonema hybrid

Despite his stature, Master Yuyung LaO is a respected member of plant societies, a simple down to earth person with a lot of ideas and full of artistry.

Master Landscape Projects


Mr. Yuyung LaO together with the group

Some of his project includes the Tropical Garden within Quezon Memorial Circle, private garden within Forbes park, well-known personalities, resorts, venue places in many parts of the country. His contemporaries in Southeast Asia is Mr. Wade Wijaya of Bali, An Australian -Indonesian who had several popular resorts projects.


variegated fern

Another recent landscape project was the recent APEC and ASEAN meet in the country.


staircases going up

I have seen a lot of variegated plants within the property. The landscape is compact with a lot of beautiful plants. Every nook and cranny of the property is very photogenic.


According to the master landscaper, It took him over 20 years landscaping in phases within the 1 hectare of property. He harness the natural creek flowing within the property and natural sloping landscape.


He was able to construct two layers of pond in which giant gouramis and kois lives.  The pond also had a a filter system built on the side of the pond.


variegated dracena


concrete staircase with landscape accents

Another nice feature were the tall tree ferns and epiphytes. The key to his success were irrigation, misting system and right media.


 Buddha statues potteries, owls figurine, turtle figurine are located within the pavilion area


lunch buffet


mini greenhouse

There were at least 1,000 known plant species, cultivar varieties, ferns, begonia, bromeliads,water plants, palms which are cultivated.  He also had a small greenhouse in which is cultivates Phalaenopsis orchid hybrids, ferns and other plants.



Our group had a fun time at his garden, enjoyed the hearty lunch of grilled tilapia, grilled green mussels, lechong manok, tuna, brownies, orange juice and soft drink.


Yuyung LaO garden, water features and accents

It was a fun filled day of adventure, sight seeing and learning experience. The private garden is located within San Mateo,Rizal province. It is not open to the general public and thus the author cannot reveal the exact location and other contact details.

Note: Maraming Salamat po, for the warm hospitality and sharing your great knowledge


Piso Day Sale at Arid and Aroids Farm

It is a rare opportunity to know that one can still buy something out of One Peso (Php 1.00). This was proven at the Piso Day Sale and Great Discount Sale at the Arid and Aroid’s farm in San Rafael, Bulacan province.

Arid and Aroids farm entrance

One Peso Sale

portion of the farm

A last minute decision made past 9:00 pm on April 30 while chatting with an online friend who will be visiting the farm. I manage to wake -up by 3:30 am and left our home by 4:00am.

long lines of buyers

It was early dawn when people began to arrive at the Arid and Aroids farm located in San Rafael in Bulacan province.

Hundreds of people have flocked from different areas  and provinces to buy rare and hard to find plants and cacti. Some arrived before 5:00 am.

variegated sanseviera

dykia hybrids for sale

buyers at plant area ( photo courtesy of Mr. Marlon Valdellon)

There are several buyers which went to the Php 1.00 , Php 2.00 and Php 3.00 area.  Most of the plants were sold out even before noontime !

all smiles from Mr. Joshoua Banzuela ( photo courtesy of Mr. Marlon Valdellon)

different types of grafted cacti for sale

We were able to arrive around past 8:00 am and registered at the booth. We were given a haworthia cutting upon registration and some stubs which can be use to purchase some 1 and 2 PESO worth of potted plants like cacti, aglaonema, episcia, rhipsalis, sansevierra, tillandsias, adenium and among others.

Rhipsalis cacti

Aglaonema hybrids

variegated pineapples

I cannot help but to splurge in buying episcias, rhipsalis, aglaonema and cacti for token gifts (pasalubong) to some of our neighbors. They would give us some of their vegetables produce and would lend their 7 feet ladder whenever we needed them.

variegated sansevieras


Some of the much rarer plant varieties like variegated cacti, succulents and foliage plants were sold between 30 to 70% discount.

different tillandsia

Just like any event, there were on the spot raffles, short talk on cacti grafting, chit-chat with fellow plant lovers and pocket meetings.

resource speaker

The generous host also fed all the visitors with pancit, banana cue, sandwich for mid-day snack. While they also prepared a lunch which consisted of mix vegetables, pork and beef barbecue, lumpiang shanghai and softdrinks.

blooming aloe hybrid

Plant enthusiasts from Taytay, Cainta, San Mateo in Rizal province even brought some foods and juice which they shared with participants.

( Photo courtesy of Mr. Timothy Laurie Ang -The Haworthia Guys)

There were several plant and cacti groups from Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga and even from Laguna and Quezon provinces.

Another hot item for sale was the A&A magic drops . This is a type of hormone can induce growth for cacti, succulents and other plants.

lucky visitor winning a variegated sanseviera

Those who does not have time to visit the farm got hooked over the FB page of the farm, since online discount selling happened several times a day.

online selling

Everyone was happy and glad to have went to the big sale.  For those who were not able to come at the great big sale, There will be another round of PISO Sale and Great Discount Sale at their Silang farm sometime September 2019.

group photo

Try to save money, time and save the date for the great big sale and PISO sale.

40th Feast of Parokya ng Pagkabuhay Parish in Barangay Bagbag, Novaliches

Parokya ng Pagkabuhay (Parish of Living) is also known as The Resurrection of Our Lord’s Parish. It was then a small chapel dedicated to Mary, Mother of Perpetual Help and Jesus, the Divine Mercy.

Pagkbuhay road corner Quirino Highway, Novaliches, Quezon City

However some older residents that there are plans to create a parish in early 1970’s. The church was turned over to the Achdiocese of Manila when it was established as the Pagkabuhay Parish on November 15, 1978 by the late Jaime L. Cardinal Sin.

Easter vigil mass attendees

The parish is located along Pagkabukay Road just beside Bagbag cemetery within Barangay Bagbag, Novaliches,Quezon City.

Origin and Etymology

Jesus Christ and Blessed Mary

Barangay Bagbag was then called Sitio Binagbagbag/ Sitio Binagbag when it was established around mid-1850’s. The terrain is hilly and uneven landscape which required some pounding of grounds, crushing of rocks, leveling in several places, clearing of cogon grasses and cutting of trees. Eventually, it was elevated to Barrio Bagbag by the late 1860’s due to the increase local migration and settlement by people coming from Polo, Meycauayan, San Mateo and even from Manila. The name was then shorten it to Barrio Bagbag for easier pronunciation and recall.

This is one of the first barrios of Novaliches and old residents would recall that, the place also had a high density settlement. Most of the residents are low and middle income families.

Black Nazarene statue in front of Barangay Bagbag hall

grotto area

There is also Bagbag reservoir which was built by the Americans which the water flows coming from La Mesa Dam and impounded in the reservoir. Older residents would recall that they would play and even take a bath at the spillway during the dry season.

Establishment of the Parish

band from Nueva Ecija province

grotto area

The friars came from the nearby Our Lady of the Angels Seminary (OLAS), founded 1962), which is located at the western part of Barangay Bagbag. In 1979, the community was able to purchase the land near the Campo Santo de Bagbag or Bagbag cemetery.


The construction commenced a bit slower phase due to lack of funds and relying on private contributions coming from the parishioners.

statue of the risen Christ

The first church was completed in 1983 in modern style architecture with its belfry built on the center. The establishment of the Pagkabuhay Parochial School in 1983, which would eventually evolve into the Resurrection Catholic School in 1998.

The first fiesta was celebrated on Easter of 1979. This year’s marked the 40th anniversary of the parish. The celebration started with a vigil then followed by the traditional “salubong” rite between blessed virgin mary in black veil and statue of the risen Christ.

festive arch with buntings and colorful lights greeted parishioners and visitors

The program also included children singing on top of the grotto and showering rose petals on the images.

fireworks display

Colorful fireworks and firecracker display is never complete at the fiesta and easter festivities.

Jesus Christ

Before the elevation of Christ the King of the Universe parish in Kingspoint subdivision. Priests from Parokya ng Pagkabuhay, San Bartolome would celebrate mass within Kingspoint,San Pedro IX and Goodwill Homes 1 chapels before the establishment of a separate parish.

Quirino Highway early morning

Baragay Bagbag tarpaulin poster

Parokya ng Pagkabuhay Easter Celebrations

Goodwill Homes 2 arch

The author was invited by a friend living in Goodwill Homes 2 to experience the annual fiesta. Some of the houses even prepared a hearty lunch which celebrates both fiesta and Easter.

Bishop Antonio R. Tobias ( diocese of Novaliches ) lead the mass and was special guest of the parish. Special guests also included Congressman Alfred Vargas, Barangay chairman Rex Ambita and councilors of district 5.

Bishop Antonio R. Tobias presided at the mass

He was warmly welcomed by parishioners and celebrated the 9:00am mass. The bishop also celebrated the mass last April 17 Ash Wednesday at 6:00pm.

Parokya ng Pagkabuhay parish with festive buntings

My friend invited me for a breakfast at their house and took sometime walking around the  place. We also ate at the nearby Nak’s Sarap Buffet restaurant in nearby Barangay Talipapa by lunchtime.

Happy Easter and Fiesta to all residents of Parokya ng Pagkabuhay and Barangay Bagbag in Novaliches, Quezon City !

Address: #625 Pagkabuhay Road,Bagbag.,Novaliches, 1116 , Quezon City

Phone:  +63 997 749 7836

Sources and References:

Diocese of Novaliches website

personal communication with residents of Barangay Bagbag, Goodwill Homes 2 and Parokya ng Pagkabuhay

40th anniversary souvenir program,  Parokya ng Pagkabuhay parish

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local marker