Sisigon, Matnog Chapel Restoration Update

Barangay Sisigon, Matnog, Sorsogon province- Philippines


newly painted chapel

It was a few weeks ago since i have posted an entry about Sisisgon Matnog Chapel Restoration and Dedication of a private chapel located within Sisigon , Matnog in the province of Sorsogon .

interior of the chapel

After a few days of repainting of the chapel  and changing of old galvanized roofs. The people within the vicinity with the help of the barangay electrification program installed a light outside and inside the chapel .  Newly installed steel doors were already installed and painted white . Installation of light will also help passing motorists see their way around the curve highway .


The chapel bell which was kept by one of the villagers was again brought back . It was tied on to a branch of a two decades -old mango tree.

Mr. Fronil G. Grefaldo and son of the mayor

group photo inside the chapel altar together with Ms. Marie Ubaldo ( wife of the mayor of Matnog )

Newly bought Catholic images from Tayuman , Santa Cruz , Manila . The icons were blessed by a local priest before these were enshrined inside the chapel .( Although the main icon was supposed to be Saint Jude Thaddeus . Instead, it was an image of Saint Joseph  )

group photo

The wife of the current mayor donated an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe with wooden case . With the newly repainted chapel and with the refurbishment , These deeply devoted people have a place to say their prayers.

devotees and guests leaving the chapel

After the short dedication , there was a simple snack serve in one of the houses . To those who helped in the repainting , cleaning and refurbishing of the chapel , We would like to ” Thank” everyone those who assisted . Maraming Salamat Po sa Inyong Lahat !

Note: The author was there at the site during the first few days of the repainting .

Sisigon Matnog Chapel : Restoration and Dedication

Barangay Sisigon, Matnog, Sorsogon province -Philippines

Sisigon – Matnog chapel circa July 1977 ( family photo archive)

This is a private chapel built within the property of my maternal grandparents . According to family records and accounts , the purpose of building a chapel is for the people within the area to visit at least everyday and on special occasions like fiesta , Christmas , new year or holy week. Even if this is in private land, there are people in nearby towns which would visit the chapel .

 Notice the straight cemented stairways leading to the main entrance in the 1970’s

There used to be a smaller chapel made of wood . The current chapel was built in the middle part of around May or June 1977 when my grandmother and aunts decided to have a small chapel built . They made some planning and a small portion of the property was allocated for worship since a big percentage of the people living in the place were Catholics.

inauguration of the chapel circa July 1977 – notice the young palm fronds used as decoration 

The nearest chapel is located several kilometers away and people would not have the convenience to walk  that far . The chapel is located on a sloping terrain with a curving road in which people can visibly see the chapel on ideal location.

inauguration  of the chapel

Local and foreign tourists would sometimes flock to the chapel for some photo opportunities , the location is a good vantage point for taking photos of scenic spots and coconut plantations.

chapel viewed from main road ( photo courtesy by : Mr. Raymond L. De Vera )

There was also light which illuminates the place and serves as guide for motorists visiting the port of Matnog ( which is just 4 barangays away ). One can climb comfortably at the chapel with its 29 staircase made from cement.

 chapel ( circa February 16, 2016 )

Materials were sourced locally like stones, gravel, sand , cement and galvanized roofing were added . Most of the benches and wooden beams were made from local hardwoods.   Since the chapel was made in the late 1970’s, no further improvement were made except for the cement stairs that were eroded due to heavy rains and erosion from the surrounding mountains  . The contractor decided to follow the natural contour of the land.  The curve cement stairways were later rebuilt in 1998 .

chapel interior

The main altar have 3 Santos ( saints) made from different materials, soft wood, hardwood and plaster of paris  . Based on the arrangement of the images. The chapel is dedicated to Nuestra Señora de Salvación ( main altar ) other images included Santo Niño and Saint Jude Thaddeus . Unfortunately all the 3 statutes were in a very sorry state and the Nuestra Señora de Salvación wood image was eaten by termites! According to the caretaker, the chapel is dedicated to Saint Jude Thaddeus since there is also a chapel dedicated to Nuestra Señora de Salvación a few barangays away.

L-R Santo Niño , Nuestra Señora de Salvación and Saint Jude Thaddeus

There was a minor repair done in the early 1980’s due to strong typhoon which hit the place and no other restoration was done . Only the caretaker had kept the small bronze bell  and the chapel is only open a few times every year .

chapel with new iron door and being painted

It had been over 30 years since it was first restored and due to the recent typhoon which hit the area, some parts of the roofs are leaking, side entrance to the chapel and main  wooden door entrance of the chapel have either rotted away or eaten away by termites.

changing of old galvanized roofs and repainting ( photo courtesy : Mr. Raymond L. De Vera) 

When Typhoon Melor ( Bagyong Nona ) hit the province last year December 14, 2015 .  It also left portion of the chapel with roof leaking and badly needed some rehabilitation. We saw a lot of trees, coconuts and houses along the highway that were topped down due to the typhoon . Recovery is still on its way in many places.

repainting of the chapel

It started with the change of chapel door ( from wood to steel last January 2016 ) and then change in parts of the roof and repainting of the chapel ( both interior and exterior ) . The work within the chapel had already progress with the delivery of building materials last February 17 . The project time table is between 3 to 5 days and hopefully within this week, the project will be completed .

There are plans to install electric lights within the chapel and if all things goes well, the chapel will be fully furnish before the end of this week.

The wife of the mayor had pledge a divine mercy frame to the chapel and those who wanted to donate religious icons and images are gladly accepted.

Just email me at

Cellphone : 0928-6604819 SMART

Dining Experience at Billy Jacks Panciteria in Tuguegarao

Billy Jacks Panciteria is famous for their Pancit Batil Patung. This is one of the must dine restaurant when you are in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan province. Is also favorite hang-out place for foreign tourists.

The panciteria is owned and managed by Mr. Billy Anchanzar Lim opened in 2014.


Pancit Batil Patung ordinary Php 80


Billy Jack’s Panciteria


Billy Jacks Panciteria interior


Billy Jacks Menu Board

Billy Jacks Panciteria sitting capacity is between 40 to 60 persons at any given time and it is always teeming with customers. We were lucky to visit this restaurant early mid-morning around past 10:00 am just before lunchtime.


Billy Jacks Panciteria


The vibe is mid -1970’s and 80’s with reggae/surfer atmosphere with poster of Bob Marley, surf, guitar with a lot of signatures from their customers and loyal clients.


signature and autograph from customers


Bob Marley photo collage

Pancit Batil-Patung

Pancit Batil-Patung (or patong) is the specialty of Tuguegarao city. Almost every carinderia, eatery or even in hotel serves this kind of noodle.

The name originated from Hookien and Ibanag languages- Pian e Sit- from Hookien-Chinese language “which means easy or convenient food”, “Batil “( to beat ) and “Patung” ( to put on top).iho

Before the 1970’s, Most of the pancit (noodles) serve in the province were miki, bihon guisado. It was in the early 1970’s when Theo’s Panciteria introduced this dish by adding carabao’s meat with poached egg. Triangle Panciteria offered this dish around 1972 and is one of the oldest known panciterias which still offers this well-loved noodle.

Out of the 160 or so panciterias in the province, Over 90 panciteria have sprung -up in the city. The city’s thus earn the nickname “Pancit Capital of Cagayan“.


Pancit Batil Patung with chorizo for Php 100

The noodle was introduced by the Chinese immigrants and was localized by using ingredients which are available in the region.

This is an all in one noodle dish which is heavy, the original version had a hand pulled miki noodles topped with sautéed minced carabao meat (carabeef/ karahay) with poached egg on accompanied with a cup of soup made from carabao beef stock complemented with another egg cracked and stirred in the soup.


It is also serve with chopped onions, chilies plus a dash of calamansi and vinegar to add taste.


The group ordered two kinds of pancit batil patung, the ordinary one and the one with chorizo. This is the first panciteria to offer pancit batil patung with balut.

Other popular variations of the pancit-batil patung at Billy Jack’s Panciteria comes by simply adding on some of the available toppings such as: balut,Tuguegarao longganisa, tapa, chorizo, sisig, chicharon bulaklak among others.

Visitors from Metro Manila and other places, specially returning college students after the semester break and summer break flock to the panciteria for some bouts of the famed pancit with their own variations of choice.

The restaurant is just few kilometer away and within 1 ride away from Hotel Carmelita.

Address: Buntun, Santiago- Tuguegarao road, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan province

Operations: Mondays to Sunday from 9:00 am to 8:30 pm

Contact : (078) 304-1888/ 0975-363-5435

Boy Kanin Opens in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan

Boy Kanin had a grand opening at the premiere and cultural heritage district in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan province.


Boy Kanin at WOW Tuguegarao marker

The big day started past 10:00 am with a grand motorcade within the historical centro district, capitol grounds and along the commercial center of the city.




tricycle paraded within the city


Boy Kanin mascot together with tricycle drivers of the city

BOY Kanin Grand Opening


 Boy Kanin’s CEO and President Mr. Ronald Allan Callao together with Mr. Tristan Jarvis Tolentino ( franchisee),Ms. Nastassia Euperio (Miss Tuguegarao 2019),important local officials, friends, family, motorcycle association, bicycle group and the general public graced the occasion.


Miss Natassia Euperio together with her friends and co-employees


Miss Natassia is Miss Tuguegarao 2019. She is also the city’s ambassador of goodwill


ribbon cutting


After a short prayer and ribbon cutting ceremony, The general public were able to dine-in at the first 24/hour full service restaurant in the region.


Affordable Price

 The restaurant is known for their all time favorite, well-loved lugaw, all day almusal, chicken pinoy barbecue, crispy pata,tocino, pinoy burrito and their new pinoy spaghetti.


sizzling sisig with rice


Boy Kanin rice meal

crispy pata

crispy pata

The restaurant had a stylish interior which can accommodate between 80 to 100 customers. Unlike other fast-food restaurants which limit students to study within their premises.


friendly staff

Boy Kanin had a friendly atmosphere that also caters bakadas, office mates, entire family to come and enjoy playing games while eating at the place.


well lighted dining area

Stylish Interior


second level

Second level had a cozy sit down place. One can enjoy playing board games, FREE access to pillows and bean bags.


Hotel Carmelita

The branch is located within the Hotel Carmelita which is more than the usual place to visit, when you are in Tuguegarao. It is just few meters away from Five Star Bus company and major city center.

Boy Kanin -Tuguegarao branch

Address: #9 Diversion Road, Balzain, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan province

Contact : 0917- 572 2777

Operations : Everyday 24 hours

9 Must Try Dishes at Juan Pablo Chicken Bar and Grill

Juan Pablo Chicken Bar and Grill just recently opened their business for the general public about 4 months ago within the heart of the city.


some of the well-loved dishes 

The ambiance is modern chic with a lot of beautiful graffiti, wall murals which decorate the restaurant. The sitting capacity is between 25 to 30 customers at any given time.


Juan Pablo chicken logo



The restaurant name was from Mr. Paul John Medina in which the Filipino translation is Juan Pablo.


9 Must Try Dishes of Juan Pablo Chicken Bar& Grill


9.) Salt and Pepper Pork Spare Ribs– The pork spare ribs is well seasoned with spices and special ingredients. This goes well with their ice tea, San Miguel beer light or pale pilsen.


8.) Bokchoy – The bokchoy is good as side dish and often good on any type of meat.


7.) Fried Calamares – The squid had a batter mixture and deep fried with vinegar dipping sauce.


6.) Beef Broccoli with Sauce – The beef meat is tender with broccoli, button mushroom, chopped carrots, spring onion leaves and soy base sauce.


5.) Yang Chow Fried Rice – This is a complete dishes with bits of meat, diced carrots, green peas, shrimp, topped with green spring onions.


4.) Shrimp Rebosado – The shrimp is coated with batter mixture, deep fried with thick oyster sauce. This is best eaten with white rice.


3.) Chow Mien Noodles / Pancit Miki Bihon / Miki/ Pancit Canton  – This is another MUST order dish, when one is dining at this restaurant. They also have large bilao size good for large number of people. The Chow Mien combination noodles had pieces of pork meat, slice carrots, shrimp, squid topped with chopped spring onion leaves and calamansi.


2.) Crispy Pork Sisig – Two thumbs up for this dish ! This is best eaten hot off the sizzling plate with egg, chopped finger chilies, chopped onion topped with red chili and dash of calamansi to taste. Can be ordered any time of the day and best accompanied with any San Miguel beer pale pilsen or San Miguel light.


1.) Garlic and Teriyaki Fried Chicken Wings– One of the signature dish of the restaurant. They also have half chicken and whole chicken roasted and cooked with spices and secret herbs.

In -House Promotion for September 2019


The restaurant is having an in-house promotion of just Php 199 Unlimited fried chicken wings with unlimited rice. Which one can choose in 3 flavors. They also had delivery and catering service within Mandaluyong City.

Juan Pablo Chicken Bar and Grill

Address: 604 Boni Avenue,Barangay Plainview, Mandaluyong City 1550

Operations : Monday to Sunday
12:00 noon to 10:00 pm (T-F 11pm, Sat / Sun 12:00 midnight )

Contact : 5795289

Landmarks: (Walking distance from Mandaluyong City Hall, in front of Mandaluyong Medical Center)

Facebook Page  :

How to Commute:

There are many ways on how to visit this restaurant, One can opt to take a jeepney with Gabby’s- Boni Avenue/ MRT Boni station signage ( Php 9.00 minimum fare).

One can also take a leisurely walk from MRT Boni station to 604 Boni Avenue.