6 Important Highlights of TernoCon 2018 in SM Clark, Pampanga

TernoCON 2018 open with a big splash in the activity area of SM Clark field in Pampanga province. The terno exhibit covers 28 finalists and winners at the recently held TernoCon competition in 2018.

different ternos

It also coincide with “Buwan ng Wika” month of August where promotion of Filipino language, arts and culture is emphasized.


From May 8-10, 2018 a mentoring and preparatory workshop was conducted at the CCP. The Project’s Artistic Director Gino Gonzales together with Ternocon Chief Mentor Inno Sotto, regional mentors JC Buendia (Luzon), Cary Santiago (Visayas), and Len Cabili (Mindanao) shared their respective philosophies and design processes with 30 participants.

6 Important Highlights of TernoCon 2018 in SM Clark

SM Clark Field, Pampanga crowd in attendance

This is the second leg of its SM Super malls tour, the first one was held last June in SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City

Ms. Bea Alonzo

Ms. Maria Margarita Moran ( Miss Universe 1973 and CCP chairperson)

cultural performers

Ms. Maria Margarita Moran address the crowd

Mr. Ben Chan together with the performer


6.) Promotion of Philippine Ternos– Ternos which is an epitome of modern Filipina takes it roots from Pre-hispanic era, Spanish colonial era, American, Japanese and post war era.

Terno” was derived from the English word for “matching,” or ” to match”  has evolved over centuries. The dress also evolve from one colonial master to another. According to some fashion authorities, the design was from the baro’t saya and through the decades saw it innovative designs and modern interpretations, whether in structure, materials, or coloration evolving into what we see today.

Terno designed by Mr. Jerome Marcos from Sarangani province

5.) Use of of Indigenous Weaves or Textiles– Several of the terno on display use regional, local fabrics like abaka, jusi, abel iloko even old rags were use in making terno and evening gown.

4.) Collaborative Efforts – several well known companies, designers and cultural groups like  Slim’s Fashion and Arts School, Steven Tan of SM-MOA, SM Super Malls, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Bench and celebrities worked to make this project highly successful.

Maestro J.C. Buendia with some of his ternos on display

3.) Mentorship – Well known Filipino fashion designers like J.C Buendia, Inno Sotto, Cary Santiago and Len Cabili  who serves as mentor for the new designers on how to create a beautiful work of art.

2.) New Designs–  Twenty-eight designers were finally chosen and asked to create one cocktail version of a balintawak and one formal evening terno each as entries to the competition.  Unlike the old terno, all the terno exhibited at the TernoCon 2018 were design and created by these new generation of artist.

Mr. Marlon Tuazon ( Gold ) with his award winning white terno

1.) Home Grown Talent– Mr. Marlon Tuazon which won the “GOLD” award, hails from the province of Pampanga. This is like a homecoming exhibition for the Kapampangan artist as well as many of designers who hails from this region.

ribbon cutting ceremony

TernoCon 2018 exhibit is from August 2 to 9, 2019 at the Activity Area of SM Clarkfield, Pampanga province. Do not miss this exhibit. There are no entrance fees and one will be proud to see the modern design concept by these artists.

Note: Met some familiar faces ,people and friends which are actively involve in the fashion, culture , art and heritage.

A roving exhibition tour in other regions which will happen between August to November 2019!

Giroc’s Shawarma Opens in Goodwill Homes 1, Novaliches

Giroc’s Shawarma opens a new branch along Katipunan Avenue within Goodwill Homes 1, Barangay San Bartolome, Novaliches in Quezon City.

Giroc’s Shawarma Opening

Giroc’s shawarma started in 2015 in Cubao with their well loved shawarma and value meal.

Shawarma craze had invaded the foodie community of Kingspoint Subdivision, San Pedro IX, Kasiyahan Village, Grand Monaco Villas, El Pueblo Condominium (Barangay Bagbag).Goodwill Homes 1,California Homes, Doña Faustina Village, Sierra Vista and nearby areas.

The grand opening was supposed to be at around 3:00 pm but had to wait at least 1 hour for them to start getting our order Everyone is on happy mood despite the change in afternoon skies.

There are long lines of customers coming from all walks of life and their BUY 1 TAKE 1 Promo is a big hit for just Php 125.00 !

They will be having their shawarma value meal and others. Giroc’s shawarma will be coming up with their own delivery system within the community. But the meantime, They only accept take out.

The stall is located near the famous Ohtako Takoyaki and Potato Corner along Katipunan Avenue which is considered as food street area which stretches from Kingspoint Subdivision, Goodwill Homes 1, California Village to Sierra Vista.

Note: The author is not connected with the management of the stall , all prices quoted in this blog may be subject to change without prior notice.

Giroc’s Shawarma

Address: Block 1 , Lot 1, Goodwill Homes I, Barangay San Bartolome, Novaliches, Quezon City

Operations : 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm Everyday

25 Basic Do and Don’t During Hungry Ghost Month

Hungry Ghost Month is one of the most inauspicious month of the lunar calendar in Chinese, Filipino-Chinese all over the world.

This usually takes place in the 7th month of the Chinese lunar calendar. The highlight of the inauspicious month is ” The Hungry Ghost Festival,’ which occurs on the 15th day of the 7th lunar month.


Chinese Hungry Ghost month

The Ghost month begins on August 19 and ends on September 16, 2020. There are several superstitious belief which were associated during the entire month of celebration.

25 Basic Do and Don’t During Ghost Month

25.) Visit to Chinese/ Taoist/ Buddhist temple. This is to seek protection during the entire ghost month. Some Buddhists/ Taoists will also visit the remains of their dead relative enshrined in columbary units or in temples to ask for guidance and blessing. This is also the time to receive amulets or bracelets blessed by Taoist monks or Buddhist priests in a special ceremony according to one’s Chinese zodiac sign.

24.) Refrain from opening new business during the duration of ghost month.

23.) Starting construction,opening bank accounts,signing contracts, major surgical operations,starting construction, celebrations, purchasing new furniture, buying dolls, puppets and moving out are usually postpone until after the ghost month.

22.) Travel into far flung places and wilderness is avoided – People are advise to avoid going to lakes, beaches, waterfall, rivers, mountain hiking or far places. This is not to offend the wandering ghost or unseen spirits which may dwell on these places.

21.) Wearing of bright colors like red, pink, fushia,magenta or dark colors like navy blue, gray and brown. Avoid these colors for they are considered inauspicious during this month. This is also generally practice by those who have relatives or close friends who died away within two- year time period. Some people also do not visit barbershop or salon to fix their hair, cutting of hair even nails during this month.

20.) Avoid Hanging Clothes Overnight – Wandering spirits may inadvertently enter one’s home.

19.) Avoid putting wind chimes around your home or property – The sound of metals clanking during the hungry ghost month may signal to spirits that your house is open to visitors. This can also attracts negative chi into your home or establishment.

18.) Avoid open umbrella inside home or buildings– unseen ethereal being may take refuge under them during this time. Bright colored umbrellas such as red, brown, grey or black must be avoided. Try to wipe your umbrellas dry for just a little while and close as soon as you can before entering one’s home or building. One may also leave one’s umbrella in the patio area.

17.) Do not leave the front door open – Do not leave front door open for a long period of time.This can invite negative chi or ethereal spirits into your home or building. Keep the negative energy out by keeping your doors closed. Some people will not enter the main door and will only use the side door or doors at the back to enter one’s home or establishment.

16.) Women and Men are discourage to wear high heel shoes– When a person feet are elevated from the ground, the person vulnerable to being possessed by spirits through the heels. Try to wear footwear without heels as much as possible.

15.) Avoid going outside after sunset -People are advise to stay indoor after sunset or avoid staying outdoors until dawn is observe in many Asian countries. Some will not go out by 12:00 midnight. This will avoid contact with any wandering spirit or offending unseen ghost in the dark. Some of which may cast misfortune or misery to anyone who might be offending them.

14.) Avoid killing insects inside home or building – This is specific to moths, butterflies, grasshoppers,crickets,dragon fly which are found within one’s home. These are considered as messenger by one’s ancestor or recently decease relatives who may opt to visit.

13.) Avoid sweeping floors and washing clothes during night time for the entire duration of the ghost month. This is like an open invitation to all the wandering ghosts that they can stay in your home or building by providing environment.

12.) Consulting the Dead and Deities– This is the best time to consult the dead “Pwa-pwe” by throwing the “Jiaobei“/ Moon Blocks/ Poe to the floor, (a pair of half-circle red wood or black wood, to ask the deceased if they are done with their feast).


Jiaobei or Moon Blocks/ Poe 

11.) If the Pwa-Pwe comes out as “No” / “Maybe”, come back for a few more minutes and try again. If it comes out as “Yes”, burn first the gold joss paper of the gods then followed by the silver joss paper of the deceased.

Moon blocks are also used to verify a range of issues, such as proper ritual protocol, spiritual presence of the gods or if they have eaten the offerings presented to them.

10.) Different offering date for the recently decease relatives and those who died  three years or more. 

Proper schedule and offering is strictly observe for those who have relatives who died within the two year period. People normally offer favorite food, burn personal belonging,burn joss paper money or joss paper crafts should be done on September 1, 2020 ( July 14th lunar calendar), a day before the Hungry Ghost Festival. The burnt objects and offerings are normally use and eaten by dead relatives in the afterlife.

Those who have decease relatives three years or more can prepare offering during the day of the Hungry Ghost Day on September 2, 2020 (July 15th lunar calendar). The spirit of the dead will be visiting their families, feasting and looking for victims during this period. While the ghosts are roaming, people are expected to offer sacrifices to their deceased ancestors and relatives during these dates.

9.) Offering to Ho Hia Ti must be done by September 2, 2020 on the date of the Hungry Ghost. Avoid saying the Chinese term for ghost “gue” or ” guizi” but usually refer to them as good buddies or good brothers.  The term is equivalent is “ho heng tai” in Cantonese ,” hao  xiong di” in Mandarin or “ho hia ti” in Hokkien.

8.) Avoid offering food and dishes must not be hot, otherwise the wandering ghost can not eat properly.

7.) Do Not Leave Chopsticks standing upright in your bowl. It is considered taboo in many East Asian countries. The position resembles joss sticks for the dead. Hungry ghosts may mistake your food as offerings and take over your body to consume it. The only time one will put the chopstick upright is during the offering of food.

6.) Offering of round fruits in odd numbers (3 of a kind, 5 of a kind, etc.). Examples are apples, pear, oranges, pomelo. Avoid offering fruits like lansones, figs, guavas must be avoided. ( Those fruits which seeds passes in the gut of birds or bats and can germinate). Noodles can also be offered; however, it must be either bihon, pancit canton, misua or sotanghon only. Avoid offering birthday noodles since it is reserve for celebration.


incense sticks- Photo courtesy of pixabay user: Ms.trixie-429304

5.) Color Coding for Incenses and Candles- Maroon/ Red colored incense is offered for those decease relatives who died at least three years or more. Yellow/ Brown colored incense for those with decease ancestors who died less than two years.

Candles ( white for first year, yellow for second year and red/ pink/ magenta for those with dead relatives who died three years or more.) It is normally waived for those decease relatives who died ages 100 or more- They can offer maroon/ red candles or maroon incense.

4.) Burning Hell Banknotes / Ghost Paper Money or Joss Paper.

Hell Banknotes/ Ghost Paper Money/ Joss Paper are burn after consulting the moon block. The joss paper are burn on a special color coded silver and gold can containers on the sidewalk in front of your house or store. One must wait until past lunchtime between 1:00 or 2:00 o’clock in the afternoon when the day is at its hottest. There is no limit to how many joss paper money offering to your ancestors or guardians of hell.It is believe that the joss money is use by dead relative in the afterlife, while the kim joss money is use to bribe the guardians of the underworld.

Silver colored (Gun) joss can containers are for the dead relatives, While the gold colored ( Kim) joss can containers are reserve for the deities or guardian of the hell.

3.) Offering an odd number of a kind of food to the lost spirit or wandering ghost inside their garage in front of their gate. Try to offer even number of incense/joss sticks for the deceased (two sticks per ancestor). Use three maroon incense/joss sticks for each of the Gods.

Try to light stick one incense per food. Use a joss paper called, “Kwa-Kim”, a special joss paper that is wrapped in newspaper, it can be bought at all Chinese specialty stores. A small table for To Ti Kong/ Tudi Gong (Earth God/ Lord of the Place) on the right side (facing the gate) beside the offering table for must also be displayed.

Try to clean up the offering at the ancestor’s altar after burning all the joss paper and enjoy the food that has been offered. This will bring the luck to the people offering the food.

2.) Do not consume the offering until after the joss sticks lights are out and joss papers are completely burn. This will give time for the ghost to eat.

1.) On the Night of “The Hungry Ghost Day” people in China and Chinese communities around the world write the names of their deceased relatives on paper lanterns (usually shaped like a lotus flower) with a candle inside. The lanterns are floated down the river in the belief that lost ghosts will follow them and find their way home. Few people practice this in the country. Some will also light firecrackers to scare away evil spirits.

These are just a few of the do and don’t which were practice by Tsinoys/ Chinoys/ Filipino-Chinese during the Hungry Ghost Month.

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8 Practical Tips on How to Take Care of Portulaca Grandiflora hybrids

Portulaca Grandiflora popularly known at a variety of names which includes portulaca, sun rose, sun plant,moss rose, rose moss,moss-rose purslane,alembong,time flower,clock flower,table rose, Japanese rose, Vietnam rose, Mexican rose. Portulaca plants are native to Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

In India,Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Philippines growers sometimes call them nine o’ clock flower,ten o’ clock flower or eleven o’ clock flower because the flowers open fully during this time. While in some parts of Latin America and in the country, Backyard hobbyists call this as flores alas diez which refers to the time the flowers open fully.

They have several species and colorful hybrids which looked like miniature roses.


photo courtesy of pixabay:BarBus ( single petal variety)

Portulaca Grandiflora hybrids was introduced into the country in the late 1940’s. About that time there were several venereal diseases which spread in the country. One of which is Syphilis nicknamed (Vietnam Rose). Whether the name is related to this is open for argumentation.

Another story from an old time plant collector said that they acquired cutting which was introduced from Vietnam in the early 1950’s to mid-1960’s thus getting the name. It was common garden plant. The hybrids have single petal or multiple petals varieties.

It is favorite flowering annual plant in many countries in United States, Canada, Southern Asia, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Latin America and Mediterranean region.

carnation color (multiple petal variety)

8 Practical Tips on How to Take Care of Portulaca Grandiflora hybrids

8.) Propagation – The most common way to propagate Vietnam rose / Mexican rose / Japanese rose/ Sun Rose/ Moss Ross Purslane/ Portulaca is by cuttings and by seeds. Try to remove any buds or developing flower in the stem so that the plant can conserve its energy in producing roots. Seeds can take longer to grow.

7.) Water Requirement-Rose Moss is all time favorite among backyard hobbyists,local landscapers would plant portulaca hybrids in man made grotto,cement containers, terracotta pots, soft-drink plastic containers and as hanging pots. In United States, Canada and Latin America, portulacas are use as hedge plant and planted en masse.

6.) Lots of Sunlight- Vietnam rose needs between six to ten hours of sun to reach their flowering potential. If you try to grow portulaca in a shady area, their growth will be limpy and will have some difficulty in producing flowers. One will also notice that flowers are minimal and close early in late afternoon and on cloudy days.

5.) Soil- The preferred ones are a combination of 30% loam soil with the rest includes combination of compost, sand,pumice,aged cow or carabao dung,aged rice hull, bits of crush charcoal and coco coir.

4.) Temperature and Humidity – A native of Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina, moss rose likes heat and can tolerate dry conditions. It is commonly used for xeriscaping, hanging plant, hedge or as focal point in pocket garden. In the Philippines, This is popular in many community garden, public schools, pocket garden, vertical garden and hedge plant.


pink with shades of magenta ( multiple petal variety)

3.) Fertilizer- One can fertilize using any brand of water soluble fertilize 20N-20P-20K diluted between 1/2 to 1/4 strength sprayed over the foliage after watering on a weekly basis during their growing season. One can also put some slow release fertilize for those who cannot tend their garden in a weekly basis. Small amount of trace elements, calcium nitrate and epsom salt to boost its growth and blooms during rainy season. One can also add compost or vermicast which can also help in retaining soil moisture and nutrients.

Another good option is application of Naturamin which can help the ornamental plant to overcome stress like (sprouting, drought, pests and diseases). Try to dilute 3 grams per liter for matured plants. Once to twice a week spray in leaves and in parts of the plant.

Naturamin is available in Harbest Agricultural Business Corporation in Pasig and also had outlets located in Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao region.

Address: Harbest Main Office – No.5 Rosemarie Lane Brgy. Kapitolyo Pasig City Metro Manila.

Telephone : 6717411 to 14 Fax 671-22-32


dark magenta color (multiple petal variety)

2.) Varieties – There are several hybrids available in the market. Varieties includes Afternoon Delight which flowers stays longer and even blooms up to nigh time, Yubi series, Fairy Tale series among others. A lot of the seeds packs and cutting are sold in several online stores and price ranges from Php 30 ( seeds pack) to Php 200 for several cuttings.

1.) Pests- Try to regularly check for caterpillars, aphids,mealy bugs, slugs and snails. During rainy season, Botrytis blight or gray mold is a fungus disease can kill the plant. The disease can affect leaves, stems, flowers, seeds or any part of the plant except the root. Brown spots and gray spores of dead tissue form on the plant. The best way to avoid getting the disease is by regular inspection of the plant and sterilization of cutting tools before using them.

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Mid-Year Big Sale at 7-Eleven Convenient Store in Goodwill Homes 1, Novaliches

There is a Big Mid-Year Sale set from July 1 to 11, 2020 with 7-Eleven which is one of the largest chain of convenient stores in the country is celebrating their anniversary month.

The convenient store hopes to celebrate by giving back to the community and offering exclusive promos and discounts up to 50% off on over 100 grocery items according to their social media site.


tarpaulin posted their super discount sale at 7-Eleven Goodwill Homes 1

 Big Sale Promos at 7-Eleven

According to Mr. Jose Victor Paterno, President and CEO of Philippine Seven Corporation.

We prepared our big 7-Eleven birthday week with our customers in mind,” “It’s their celebration as much as it is ours. Giving promos and discounts on basic essentials — it’s our own little way to help them save during this time.”
items on display were discounted at 30%
The first stop was 7-Eleven branch in Goodwill Homes 1, Barangay San Bartolome, Novaliches, Quezon City. Plan to pay our PLDT due over their Cliqq online payment center, but the branch system is not working that time. We were dismayed over the narrow selection of their items on promo at about 50 items.
My cousin decided to drive us to 7- Eleven Mindanao Avenue corner Quirino Highway which is part of Barangay Talipapa, Novaliches glad to have paid our PLDT due, since their Cliqq payment center is working.
Our last stop was the 7-Eleven Kingspoint Avenue which is located in Barangay Bagbag, Novaliches.
Buy 1 Take 1 Assorted Pick A assorted chips and Piattos Cheese flavor
We bought Jack n Jill’s Pic-A which consisted of assorted cheddar mix of Piattos, Nova and Tostillas ( 180 grams) for Php 112.00 ,Piattos, 2 Mountain Dew 1.5 ml, Fita biscuits, two kinds of Pringles and chocolates.
According to the managers and staff, they still more products and the promo period is still few days more.
The discount ranges from 30% from soaps, deodorant, detergents, batteries and other select essentials. While some items have 50% off from July 7 to July 11, 2020.
We are happy that the convenient stores that we visited outlet had all the safety procedures in place.