Interesting Exhibit Booths at the Agrilink Expo 2016

World Trade Center, Senator Gil Puyat Avenue ( Buendia ) , Pasay City -Philippines

The annual Agrilink Expo 2016 opens their doors to the general public and several hundred of exhibitors from different  agriculture companies were at the World Trade Center to showcase the advancement in their technologies , new plant cultivars , poultry , fisheries , orchids, fruit trees ,  product innovations, home grown products, process foods, plastic ware, machinery  products among others .

World Trade Center 

World Trade Center in Pasay City is the venue place for the largest agriculture , fisheries and livestock event in this part of the Asia.

Allied Botanical Corporation with flowering annuals 

Allied Botanical Corporation with vegetables and fruits

Allied Botanical Corporation with a lot of clients 

new varieties of violet-colored corn 

Aside from flowering annuals , ABC is also known for their quality seeds and fertilizers.

Mr. Yohei Hisashi 

Mr. Yohei Hisashi is from Sakata Seed Corporation from Japan .

L-R Mr. Frisso Klok, Ms. Rowena Bienes, Mr. Gerard Hulisz and Mr. Aldrin Bassit

Salanova – quality lettuce varieties examples are butter, oak, crispy ,batavia and mello

Website :

Ms. Dorry Fadriquela -NCR Sales Manager 

Contact Person : Ms. Dorry Fadriquela

Area Sales Manager -National Capital Region ‭‭+63 939 910 8924‬‬

Harvest Company

Harvest Company is known for their agriculture implements and greenhouse technology  in July 1997, the company is the exclusive distributor of  Known-You Seeds Co. Through the years, the product product lines have expanded to include plastic materials like mulching film, seedling tray, irrigation and greenhouse systems, hand tractors, power sprayers, testing tools and many more.

King Louis Farm

King Louis Farm exhibit booth never fails to impress any visitor to the expo. The company is one of the largest potted flowering poinsettias , chrysanthemums, lilums and cut flower producer in the country. They have store within Quezon Memorial Circle and Dangwa.

A Visit to the AANI Sunday Market

Quezon Memorial Circle,  Quezon City -Philippines

It was sunny sunday morning when we visited the Agri-Aqua Network Incorporated (AANI) sunday market at the Quezon Memorial Circle.

Mr. Mark Manfred Spitzer during the cactus and succulent workshop

There was an ongoing agriculture trade bazaar , seminar and agri-kapihan ( some sort of press-conference  ) at the venue site. It was a 3-day event  from September 16 to 18 which highlighted several lectures/ workshop among well-known agriculture, health and wellness, horticulture and orchid growing .



Royal ELMSS Food Corporation

Royal ELMSS House produces all natural vinegar made from 100% pure sugar cane sourced from only the best and freshest harvest .  They are cheaper compared to the  commercially known brand .

500ml vinegar cost Php 15.00 , 1 liter at Php 26 and 1 gallon at Php 89.00 . They also have some sinamak at Php 130.00 per bottle . They also have sinamak which cost only Php 120 .00 per bottle.

Some of their new products are chilli sauce and chilli paste . I have met them during the last orchid and garden show .

Contact : (02) 586-7091 Cellphone : 0995-1936045 

Email :

fried finger foods

There are also several interesting foods and healthy options at the AANI Weekend market at Quezon Memorial Circle. For those who are not familiar , AANI also had a weekend market in Taguig .

Nicole’s Mushroom Burger

Nicole ‘s Mushroom Burger had different mushroom dishes – Among them are mushroom burger, mushroom cheese burger , mushroom burger steak with rice , mushroom siomai .

canteen area

Ms. Jo Quimpo and the rest of the group bought mushroom burger and mushroom cheese burger at the stall. Mushroom burger cost Php 35 .00 Mushroom Cheese Burger cost Php 40.00

Contact: Fred or Mel ( mushroom culture ) : 0939-626-2088 / 0910-8920-309

Veggie 01 Express 

Veggie 01 Express specializes on vegetables menu – They have siomai , tofu nugget ,lumpiang shanghai , mushroom tofu sisig and siopao.

poultry and rabbits for sale

Aven Nature’ Farm sells rabbit , culinary herbs , native fruit trees, native pigs, free range chickens, pigeons , ducks and fowls, fish pond.

Their farm is about 8,000 square meters located at 68 J.P. Rizal street, Santa Barbara, Baliuag , Bulacan .

They also provide seminars and farm tour

Contact: 0918-9030633 (Art) 0923-721-2509 ( Ms. Angie )

rabbit for sale 

There is another rabbit farm based from San Miguel, Bulacan -but the farm is not yet open to the public and the owners only participate in bazaars and one must try to pre-order rabbit several weeks or months before.

For more inquiries  at AANI Market Bazaar , please call 475.0134 or 0917.795.0916.

Landline : (02) 837 7927

AANI FB page:

Philippine Bantam Fanciers Association 2016 Show Winners

Hardin ng mga Bulaklak ( HB -Flower Garden) , Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City -Philippines

The Philippine Bantam Fanciers Association in partnership with the Philippine Orchid Society , Quezon City  government and their members held a 2-day bantam and fancy chicken show at the Hardin ng mga Bulaklak on September 3 and 4, 2016 .

poster of the bi-annual show

There is also a public lecture on the basic of bantam chicken care and feeding them on September 3 and 4 . The seminar starts around 10:00am

different kinds of bantam, fancy chicken breeds exhibit

About 2 dozen different kinds of chicken breeds were exhibited . Some of the all time favorite are the Japanese Chabo of Mr. RJ Rebusi Camba , Chinese Silkie Chicken , Polish , Malaysian Serama , Old English Game , Cochin Ball , Ko Shamo , Silver Sebright of Dr. Kevin Niel Manubay , Cochin Ball of Mrs. Susan and Manuel Lee, Phoenix exhibited by Mr. Vilmo Silvederio

Some winners of the exhibits and free raffle entries, with pbfa model Ms. Tanya Nacion of ” Iron Claw ” ( sponsor).

Japanese Chabo pair owned by Mr. RJ Rebusi Camba

 Phoenix owned by Mr. Vilmo Silvederio

Is a German breed of long-tailed chicken . It derives from cross breeding or selective breeding  imported long-tailed Japanese birds similar to the Onagadori  with other breeds.

Chinese Silkie chickens from the United States owned and exhibited by Mr. Ricardo O. Jacomile Jr.

Silkie Chicken / Chinese Silkie Chicken or Silky breed . They are called as such because of their fluffy plumage which is said to feel like silk or soft satin fabric.  originally comes from China . The chicken are normally kept as food and its black skin is used in different kinds of Chinese cuisines.

These chicken are good nature and easily tamed . They are comparable to pet dogs or cat . They’re so gentle and trusting by nature, they can often be bullied in a flock of other breeds.

The breed are also known as lap chicken . Since these chicken are good nature , they can easily recognize people which feed them .

hen and rooster ( Silkie Chicken Breed)

Most Fancy Bantam Chicken in Exhibit

Silkie Chicken exhibited by Mr. Ricardo O. Jacomile Jr.

Second Place  Cornish Bantam

Awesome Paired Breeder, Owner and Exhibitor : Mr. Ricardo O. Jacomille Jr.

Third Place: Modern Game Bantam

Mesmerizing Bantam Breed in Exhibit

 owner (rooster), Mr.Ricardo. O. Jacomille Jr, with co-owner (hen) RJ Rembusi Camba

Exotic Fowl in Exhibit

Breed: Ayam Cemani

Owner : Mr.Aris V. Estanislao

Ayam Cemani is a black chicken which originated from Indonesia .  They are sometimes called Ulikba or sometimes called Patani chicken . Ayam means chicken in Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Melayu while Cemani ( totally black )  where this breed of chicken originates from, on the island of Java, Indonesia. This breed used to be quite rare and would commend a hefty price in the pet or fancy chicken market .

A few years ago , Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho aired on GMA channel 7 had featured this type of chicken breed . The price for a pair of these black chicken would command at least Php 100,000 .

 The price of these exotic chicken breed had gone down to more manageable level , since the episode was aired few years ago. The Ulikba chicken were brought by some fancy chicken breeder and collectors to the country from Mindanao and elsewhere via Indonesia.

In Indonesia and parts of Asia, it is believed that the blackness of the Cemani makes it an ideal bridge between the human and  supernatural world.  Aside from the Indonesia, The Chinese also believe that eating the black meat of ayam cemani is an aphrodisiac .

Apple of the Eye Breed in Exhibit

Breed: Silver Sebright 

Owner: Dr. Kelvin Niel Manubay

Bantam chickens winners in exhibits was chosen by non -pbfa members and of the Philippine Orchid Society  show , pbfa exhibit visitor- spectators. The award is in theme of as ” peoples choice ” . Special ” Thanks” to Dr. Vet, Rj Ballesteros ( mad science ), iron claw team ( sponsor ) Tanya Nacion ( pbfa model ).

Contact Person: Mr. Vilmo Silvederio PBFA PRESIDENT 09777093571

10th PAN Asia Farmers Exchange Program


Roma Salon, Manila Hotel – Manila, Philippines

Crop Life Asia and Crop Life Philippines in partnership with Biotechnology Coalition of the Philippines and SEARCA Biotechnology Information Center held a symposium and farm tour in several farm locations around the country.

Manila Hotel facade

Roma Salon

The awarding ceremony was held at the Roma Salon were certificate of attendance was awarded to the delegates. Roma Salon can accommodate between 40 to 60 participants at any given time . There was a short audio video presentation which highlighted the participants visit to the Philippines and a short message from Crop Life Philippines director .

delegates holding their certificate of attendance

Delegates from Malaysia, Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, Australia , Thailand, India and the Philippines had participated in the 4-day symposium .

Mr. Simeon Cuyson ( Crop Life -Philippines Executive Director ) received token from Assistant Professor Dr. Sirirat Sanyong of Thailand

Asia-Pacific delegates and Mr. Simeon Cuyson ( Executive Director ) Crop Life Philippines

Asian delegates

participants from the Philippines and Vietnam

Some of the delegates had already left after they got their certificate and were not able to join the cultural and historical tour of Intramuros .

buffet table

This year’s symposium started on March 14 to March 18, 2016 which highlighted a program and a cultural tour of the historic Intramuros , San Agustin Church and Casa de Manila .

San Agustin Church

group photo with the founder of Bambike

The welcome and opening cultural night  was held on March 14, 2016 at the Barbara’s Restaurants within Intramuros.

Participants of the symposium were given two and half hour of brief tour of Intramuros before going to their final stop over at SM Mall of Asia in the afternoon .


AGRI-Link 2010 Expo

Last October 7 to 9, 2010, The World Trade Center hosted one of the Philippines biggest Agriculture Show. Envision as AGRI-LINK 2010 expo . the show aimed to bridge the buyers and the sellers of various Agriculture products, services , machinery , live stocks , industry practitioners , academe and technology transfer  .

Entrance to the retail area

There are many interesting ideas, products and technologies that will certainly be of great interest to lot of show goers. At the outdoor exhibit area, for instance, there will be a lot of plants aside from the farm animals. Guest of honors include Department of Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala .

King Louis Ornamental Plants and Cut Flower landscape exhibit booth

If you are interested in plants, you will see them in the booths of the Friends of AANI. There are, for instance, the many different bamboo varieties from Mrs. Carolina Gozon Jimenez who has developed a bamboo plantation in Antipolo City. She has about the biggest collection of bamboo varieties hereabouts.

If you are looking for planting materials of superior exotic fruit trees, you will also find them in the outdoor area. These include superior varieties of pummelo like Magallanes, two varieties from Vietnam as well as from Thailand. There will be stocks of grafted Longkong lanzones (the superior variety from Thailand), imported varieties of mango like Golden Queen from Taiwan, Peach mango from Australia, different varieties from Thailand and Florida (USA).

There will be rare fruit trees like the variegated orange that produces sweet and juicy fruits, sweet kamias seedlings, imported makopa varieties, sweet sampalok and many others.

Watermelon and Papaya fruits exhibited by Mr. Toto Barcelona of Harbest Corporation

One of the interesting exhibits will be the farm-ready seedlings from East-West Seed Company which include Sinta and Red Lady papaya, seedlings of tomato, eggplant, different varieties of sweet and hot peppers, bitter gourd  and others.

Quality fruits and vegetables harvest by Allied Botanical Corporation

Allied Botanical Corporation or just simply ABC booth is a consistent top-crowd drawer during the expo. Their sweet melons , high quality seeds of vegetables  , fruits and flowering annuals including their fertilizers earned them the nickname ” Ang Pambansang Fertilizer ” , ” Quality Seed Company ” , ” Kaagapay ng mga Magsasaka” , ” Forefront in Seed Technology“, ” Best Quality that a grower can find” among others.

Their demonstration farm in Pangasinan is a beehive of activities and their company is very proud to have sponsored several students from leading Philippine Colleges and Universities through their  scholarship projects.

Allied Botanical Corporation -Sales and Marketing Team

The company  also send a team of capable and experience oriented  resource speakers in various agriculture , horticultural shows all over the country.

Their never ending support earned their company as one of the leading pioneers in the seed, fertilizer and technology transfer in agriculture industry.

Agri-products from different parts of the country

There are over 300 exhibitor booths selling different kinds of agriculture products.

A panel of experts will also be available for ready consultation by trade show goers beside the booth of AANI. Dr. Rey Itchon  gave a lecture on free-range chickens.

French Pavilion exhibit at the Agri-Link expo 2010

Belmont Agriculture Corporation a French based company  which has been in the forefront of the industry for over 35 years. Belmont marketing manager Tony Magno said they will be displaying their modern tunnel ventilation system which uses fiberglass cone fans installed at one end of the house and large openings at the opposite end. The improved air quality removes excess heat, moisture, dusts, odors and harmful gases like carbon dioxide and ammonia, providing the birds with more free oxygen.

Belmont’s tunnel ventilation system lowers the temperature in the poultry house through evaporative cooling. The decrease in humidity helps keep the animals comfortable so they can eat more and grow faster. The birds are more healthy and will require less medication.

pot bellied piglets for sale

Magno said they customize each tunnel ventilation system, depending on the environment of the farm. He added that Belmont’s tunnel ventilation system lessens land area requirements, providing higher bird stock density by at least 35 percent more. One satisfied user of Belmont’s tunnel ventilation system is San Miguel Foods, Inc. which became more profitable after adopting the system.

James Yap wearing B-MEG T-shirt together with some eager fans

San Miguel Basketball and Pure foods Basketball Team were also within the WTC grounds as part of the company support to the event.