Cartoon Network’s We Bare Bear Happy Meal Toys from Mc Donalds

Enjoy set of 8 pieces collectible toys from Cartoon Network’s popular cartoon series. We Bare Bear characters.


Try to join Grizz, Pan Pan, Ice Bear, and friends on an adventure for every Mc Donald’s “Happy Meal Toy” value meals.

Available in all Mc Donald’s restaurant chain nationwide.


Happy Meal Beyblade and Hello Kitty Toys from Mc Donald’s Philippines

Set of 8 toys were issued by Mc Donald’s -Philippines for late November and December 2019 issue.


4 Beyblade toys and 4 Hello Kitty toys ( mermaid, hero, princes and rockin roll)  included for every purchase of every happy meal. Proceeds will go to the Ronald McDonald House of Charity.

Secret Life of Pets 2 at Mc Donald’s Kiddie Meal Toys

Mc Donalds-Philippines had issue 10 pieces set Secret Life of Pets 2 starting this June 2019. This is a rather large set of toys.

The set is available when you purchase the value meal which starts at Php 90.00

Limited 2013 Coke -Mc Donald Glass !

Limited edition 2013 6 pieces Coca-Cola Glass , Just buy any Mc Donald Value meal and add Php 25 for each Coca-Cola glass

6 different colors of the coke glass to complete a set

Mc Donalds Philippines:

Madagascar 3 Happy Meal toys

McDonald’s Philippines will release  Madagascar 3 toys for the month of June Happy Meal Toys . The good news is, Philippines’ set will have eight characters compared to US’ six. The two additional figure for the Philippines release is Vitaly and King Julian with Sonya.

The complete set of toys featured , for more information :
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