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Aquafiesta 2018 at Robinson’s Magnolia

Aquafiesta 2018 is back again from May 21 to 25 at Robinson’s Mangnolia

There will be Planted tank competition, flower horn competition, guppy competition, betta competition among others.

Aquafiesta 2018.jpg


Online selling and tickets will be available at the venue!!!!!! Try to visit


Matchbox Die Cast Cars found at the attic

It was a cloudy and rainy day, when i decided to go to our attic and open a few untouched boxes that were stalked together gathering dust.

There were die cast toy cars , books ,school supplies and fashion accessories which are left untouched over several years or even decades!

While opening few boxes, I saw a plastic Matchbox carry case opened to reveal memories and nostalgia over these die-cast toy cars.

matchbox die-cast cars 1:60 

It was like unboxing of some sort which revealed some stories.  There were 27 die-cast cars – 21 were by matchbox manufactured between 1968 to 1972 and another 3 matchbox made between 1979 to 1984 from Macau, China.

Top- Volkswagen ( Matchbox circa 1972 ) Below -Volkswagen ( Marjortte circa 1970)

There is 1 Marjorette made from France ( Volkswagen) and 2 die cast cars by Playart made in Hong Kong . The doors of Volkswagen ( matchbox ) can opened.


The matchbox die-cast cars haul was initially owned by my cousin, who probably have played with these die-cast cars when he was 3 or 5 years-old. The toys would have been kept over the years at their apartment unit somewhere in Nagtahan until i got a chance to play with some of the toys while spending my summer vacation. ( that was in the late 1980’s to early 1990’s).

iconic London double decker bus 

If i remembered it correctly, the matchbox die cast cars collection were probably far more, some of which might got lost over the years. They kept on moving to several apartment units from Nagtahan, Santa Mesa, San Miguel, Sampaloc and Quiapo over the the period of four decades ! I only got a chance to play with the die cast cars a couple of time since i prefer the plastic toy soldiers and animals.

I think the matchbox plastic container was among among the old pieces that were left in our house. Around 2008 when my aunt decided to moved-out of their Sampaloc apartment. One of the reason was termite infestation and periodic leaking of roofs which cause water seepage which destroyed a lot of medical books, encyclopedias, dress and even toys!

1969 (RW) Field Car

They moved into a smaller apartment unit somewhere in Quiapo and then they bought a house and lot somewhere in Marikina. Eventually some desk made from hardwood and some untouched boxes where left in our house ( given away).

Personal Favorites

My personal favorite would be the two volkswagen, double decker bus and the three matchbox car made in 1979 and two corvette.

matchbox cars given to me as gifts by god father 

My cousin is already a successful anesthesiologist and practicing somewhere in the United States.

The toys may not be that expensive in today’s market value. All of the items are in worn- out condition. It was the nostalgia and reminiscing of our shared childhood when hand me down toys are kept and treasured.






A Visit to Gantsilyo Guru in Pasig

Gantsilyo Guru started as a hobby by the owner Ms. Trey.  She picked up her first crochet  hook when she was still at 3rd year high school home economics class.

She eventually started online yarn and supplies shop around 2015 and eventually setting up her own shop after a year or so in business.

My mother , an aunt and sister know how to crochet , Unfortunately i never pick-up the hobby , which will require long hours of crocheting and pattern weaving . I first learned the art of crochet when i was in first year high school in which it was part of the T.H.E. ( Technology , Home Economics and Livelihood Education) some of my classmates made small dress and bonnets , but after about 3 weeks, I only managed to finished a small pouch bag.  ( Not really my cup of tea)

I was invited by a friend to accompany him to buy some yarn at the supply store. We decided to just walk from SM Megamall to Shaw boulevard in Pasig . It was raining heavy and we manage to arrive around past 4:00pm at the shop.

I was impress with the large amount of yarn, supplies and books , some of which are directly imported from Japan by the owner.

We were also met by the owner/ proprietor when we visited her craft store, glad to share some of her skills and i took time venting out some of my personal life struggles. The area is well-lighted and products are clearly labeled.

The store also offers some basic lesson about crochet , try to visit their fb page .

Photo credit: Mr. Philip Reyes

Address: Unit 306, Emerald Place, 604 Shaw Boulevard , Barangay Kapitolyo , Pasig City 

Operation : Wednesday to Sunday – 10:00 am to 6:00pm

Landline +63 (2) 935-9049