15 Fun Triva about President Elect Joe Biden

President elect Joe Biden of Democrat on Saturday (November 7) defeated Republican incumbent President Donald Trump to win the US Presidential election 2020.

A new first day cover and other collectible memorabilia like first day cover will be out for sale to the general public.

Photo courtesy of pixabay user: janeb13-725943

15 Fun Trivia about President Elect Joe Biden

15.) Joe Biden got the most number of votes in the history of the United States with over 78 million count as of November 16, 2020 ( still counting).

14. ) Biden was born in Pennsylvania in November 20, 1942 at 77 years he is the oldest leader to take oath as president of the US.

13.) He ran in 1988, Biden first ran for president and then in 2008 he once again tried to enter the White House. He served as vice president in the Obama administration for eight years.

12.) He is the only second Catholic president of the United States after John F. Kennedy.

11.) He had a debilitating stutter. Also known as stammering and dysphemia a type of speech disorder until he was in his early 20’s.

10.) He was first married on August 27, 1966 to Ms. Nelia Hunter but died few weeks after he won a seat in Senate in 1972 due to car accident. He remarried his second wife Jill Tracy Jacobs in 1977.

9.) He is the second non-incumbent vice president to be elected president after President Richard Nixon in 1968.

8.) President elect Joe Biden commuted by train between his Delaware home and Washington, D.C. ( about 90 minutes each way) — and maintained this habit throughout his 36 years in the Senate.

7.) He is 183 cm tall or about 6 feet. His father died at 86 While his mother died at aged 92.

6.) He played wide receiver and running back, catching an impressive 19 touchdown passes at Archmere Academy, a Catholic prep school.

5.) He finished law school at Syracuse University and was then drafted for service in the Vietnam War. But he failed the medical due to his asthma.

4.) President elect Joe Biden lost his first wife Nelia and baby daughter Naomi in a car accident in 1972. His two sons Beau and Hunter were also in the vehicle but survived. His oldest son Beau, died of brain cancer in 2015.

3.) He loves to eat ice cream and pasta with red sauce. He does not drink or smoke.

2.) He is a dog lover. He purchased a puppy in 1967 and his first wife Nelia named it ” Senator”. He currently has two dogs, called Major and Champ. He got Champ, a three year old German Shepherd, in 2008 and adopted Major, who is the same breed 10 years later.

1.) He is the 46th president of the United States.

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Meet and Greet with Councilor Ariel Argañosa of Majayjay, Laguna

Tito’s and Tita’s of Manila FB group visited the towns of Majayjay, Liliw, Nagcarlan and Los Baños in Laguna province.

We left past 4:30 am at Eaton Centris in Quezon City and the first van arrived past 8:00 am at the church plaza of Majayjay Church.


Majayjay had a lot of interesting places and saw a lot of native orchids, ferns, hoyas along the old trees and ancestral houses.

Meet and Greet


candid shot

Honorable councilor Ariel Arcenal Argañosa Jr. (PDPLBN) of Majayjay met us for a short walking tour of the town’s old ancestral houses, shrines, historical places and market place.


He was the youngest elected councilor in the town and god a seal of good financial keeping by the Department of Interior and Local Government ( DILG).


Nuestra Señora de la Porteria shrine


group photo together with the barangay captain

In behalf to the members of the group, The author would like to express his gratitude and warm “Thanks” to all the people of Majayjay who extended their gracious hospitality.

Photo courtesy of Councilor Ariel Argañosa Jr., Mr. Ferdi Bolislis and Ms. Mabelle Tenorio

Driver from Tagbilaran, Bohol Awarded at the 4th Pinoy Tsuper Hero

Mr. Augusto “Gus” Pascual from Tagbilaran City, Bohol province received accumulated total of P145,000 prize money, P1,000,000 worth of car insurance, brand new vehicle, Php 50,000 worth of lubes and fuel products from Phoenix petroleum. He was chosen from over 12,000 driver nominees nationwide.


The glitzy red carpet awarding ceremony held at the iconic Dolphy Theater within ABS-CBN channel 2 compound in Quezon City.


Mr. Pascual also got P100,000 for his project proposal of modernization of public utility vehicles( PUV) garage project in his area. He is also the chairman of the local transportation cooperative.


While Mr. Joseph Membrillo, a tricycle driver from Tacloban took home second place with P50,000 cash prize. Third Place, Mr. Eusebio Fabia received Php 30,000 also from Tacloban City, Leyte province.


4th Pinoy Tsuper Hero


Mr. Lawrence Lubiano from Sorsogon province

Before the program started, several Phoenix petroleum dealers were given an award for their tremendous support for the campaign.


ten finalists


Pinoy Tsuper Heroes ambassadors ( winners during the past few years)

Pinoy Tsuper Heroes ambassadors Mr. Reynaldo Samonte, Mr. Edwin Escamos of Iloilo and Mr. Alberto Abad of Rizal province were present.


Kuya Kim Atienza, Ms. Susan Bautista -Afan and Mr. Bong Fadullon ( President and COO Phoenix Petroleum) were present at the ceremonies.

This is the 4th time that the outstanding Filipino driver or “Pinoy Tsuper Hero” awards was held. This is in partnership with ABS-CBN Foundation (AFI), ABS-CBN regional, Phoenix Petroleum,Bayan Academy for Social Entrepreneurship and other government agencies.

All the ten finalists also got Php 10,000 cash prizes and Phoenix Petroleum shirt, cap and packages.

Congratulations to all the finalists and winners!

Reunion of Descendants of Asian Revolutionary Heroes at Pandesal Forum

 A rare and unique experience for the attendees at the pandesal forum. It was the first ever reunion of descendants of the top leaders behind Asia’s earliest republics and anti-colonial revolutions, who supported each other. President Emilio Aguinaldo in 1898 who sent emissary Mariano Ponce and whose cause received support from China’s Dr. Sun Yat Sen (who also became president after the success of his revolution in 1911).
Mr. Wilson Lee-Flores along with special guests and descendants of Dr.Sun Yat Sen, General Baldomero Aguinaldo, Dr. Mariano Ponce, Historians Xiao Chua and Dr. Niel Santillan
The site of the pandesal forum is at the historic Kamuning bakery. The bakery still uses  brick oven to bake their pandesal and other pastries.

Kamuning Bakery located in #43 Judge Jimenez corner K-1 Street, Quezon City

Asian Revolutionary Heroes

group photo
Dr. Lily Sun Sui-Fong – She is a Hawaii property developer, philanthropist & granddaughter of China’s revolutionary hero and first republican President Dr. Sun Yat Sen, who supported the 1898 Philippine Revolution. The foundation that was named after his grandfather gave about 250 statues of Dr. Sun Yat Sen in different parts of the world.
Mr. Charles Wong – great grandson of Dr. Sun Yat Sen. He is also fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese languages.
Mr. Cesar E.A. Virata together with Mr. Wilson Lee Flores
Mr. Cesar E.A. Virata – He is the Vice Chairman of Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation (RCBC), former Prime Minister and Finance Minister; grandson of revolutionary hero General Baldomero Aguinaldo and  grandnephew of revolutionary hero and first President Emilio Aguinaldo.
Ms. Maria Theresa Bautista Valero – great grand daughter of Mariano Ponce.
Dr. Neil Marcial R. Santillan Chairman, History Department, University of the Philippines (U.P.)
Professor Michael Charleston “Xiao” Briones Chua -Filipino historian, academic, and television personality.
Dr. Henry Lim Bon Liong President, Federation of Filipino Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (FFCCCII).
Mr. Peter Fung – General manager of Lin Nam Noodle house and Filipino -Cantonese association.


group photo
After the short talk and dialogue, The guest were given pandesal and ensaymada.

Sneak Peek of Master Landscape Artist Yuyung LaO’s Garden

Master Yuyung LaO is a well-known, famous and respected master landscape artist in the country. The group were given a sneak peek at his garden last sunday,despite being a busy person.


several Buddha statues

One of the few landscape artists which drew his inspiration from mother nature, planting materials, natural contour of the land.

aglaonema hybrid

aglaonema hybrid

Despite his stature, Master Yuyung LaO is a respected member of plant societies, a simple down to earth person with a lot of ideas and full of artistry.

Master Landscape Projects


Mr. Yuyung LaO together with the group

Some of his project includes the Tropical Garden within Quezon Memorial Circle, private garden within Forbes park, well-known personalities, resorts, venue places in many parts of the country. His contemporaries in Southeast Asia is Mr. Wade Wijaya of Bali, An Australian -Indonesian who had several popular resorts projects.


variegated fern

Another recent landscape project was the recent APEC and ASEAN meet in the country.


staircases going up

I have seen a lot of variegated plants within the property. The landscape is compact with a lot of beautiful plants. Every nook and cranny of the property is very photogenic.


According to the master landscaper, It took him over 20 years landscaping in phases within the 1 hectare of property. He harness the natural creek flowing within the property and natural sloping landscape.


He was able to construct two layers of pond in which giant gouramis and kois lives.  The pond also had a a filter system built on the side of the pond.


variegated dracena


concrete staircase with landscape accents

Another nice feature were the tall tree ferns and epiphytes. The key to his success were irrigation, misting system and right media.


 Buddha statues potteries, owls figurine, turtle figurine are located within the pavilion area


lunch buffet


mini greenhouse

There were at least 1,000 known plant species, cultivar varieties, ferns, begonia, bromeliads,water plants, palms which are cultivated.  He also had a small greenhouse in which is cultivates Phalaenopsis orchid hybrids, ferns and other plants.



Our group had a fun time at his garden, enjoyed the hearty lunch of grilled tilapia, grilled green mussels, lechong manok, tuna, brownies, orange juice and soft drink.


Yuyung LaO garden, water features and accents

It was a fun filled day of adventure, sight seeing and learning experience. The private garden is located within San Mateo,Rizal province. It is not open to the general public and thus the author cannot reveal the exact location and other contact details.

Note: Maraming Salamat po, for the warm hospitality and sharing your great knowledge


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