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Cactus Fiesta Fair 2017

Cactus and Succulent Society of the Philippines in partnership with Quezon City government  and Quezon Memorial Circle administration will host a trade fair and exhibit called ” Cactus Fiesta Fair 2017” at the Hardin ng mga Bulaklak or Flower Garden within Quezon Memorial Circle facing East Avenue side.

This will be held on May 5, 6, and 7, 2017 . Aside from lectures/ talks on various cacti and succulents topics, there will also be a trade fair and exhibit.

There are no entrance fees and the public is invited to join the fair.

For those interested with the activities , there is an active FB page :

Contact Person: Ms. Amy Lastimosa (Secretary) – Cactus & Succulent Society of the Philippines

Mobile 0905 356 5353

Kawaling Pinoy 5th Anniversary Eyeball

Kawaling Pinoy held the 5th anniversary celebration and eyeball at the historic Aristocrat Restaurant  beside Malate church.

members started to arrived at around past 11:30 am until past 12:30pm 

Photo opportunities, and chit chat between members and camaraderie is evident.

This was made possible thru Chef Ariel Rios who was one of the administrator of the FB group Kawaling Pinoy . With over 16,000 active members not only in the Philippines, but on a worldwide scale.

Aristocrat Restaurant

There were about 25 members who came and enjoyed the sumptuous lunch .  The lunch ended at around past 2:00pm. ( more of the dishes -featured in my next post)

Congratulations to all the members who went to the 5th anniversary eyeball and celebration .

Philippine Philatelic Federation Meeting at the Quezon City Sports Club

The Philippine Philatelic Federation which is composed by active stamp clubs recognized by the Philippine Postal Corporation held their meeting at the Aurora room within Quezon City Sports Club .

Philippine Philatelic Club member organizations

Among the stamp club representatives includes Filipinas Stamp Collectors’ Club, Naga Philatelic Club, Cebu Philatelic Club, Filipino-Chinese Stamp Club, International Philippine Philatelic Society , Mr. Alfredo Roxas , Mr. Reynaldo Ong de Jesus and the author  .

club house sandwich


sumptuous snacks were served during the meeting

show and tell portion

A show and tell portion was presented by Mr. Dojie Lutera

Not present at the meeting was Mr. Robert Tan ( President ex-officio ) , Mr. Ngo Tiong Tak , Ms. Carrie Junio , Mr.  Antonio So , Mrs. Elenita San Diego and Ms. Zenaida Trambulo.



Team Tanders versus Team Pia at Tree Top Adventure in Baguio

Tree Top Adventure is a great destination for outdoor activities and team building sessions.

Tree Top Adventure -Baguio

Team Tanders comes from the word ” Matanda ” or Old .  ( term use for older person, elder bloggers, heritage bloggers ) were coined by the members of the team compose of the author , Ms. Cha Sy, Mommy Cheryl Luis , Sir George Nava True , AXL Guinto , Wilmar Nicolas Duldulao , Clint and out team leader Mr. Orlee Pasion . However, not everyone will agree, since Sir Ver Garcia ( seasoned journalists and blogger ) was part of  Team Pia .

This was the first activity that the team did when we arrived at the Tree Top Adventure after  eating our breakfast last March 25 around past 10:30 am .

FB page of Mr. Allan Gokongwei

Team Pia ( Confidently Beautiful and Handsome Dynamic Young Bloggers ) was coined by their team leader and members .  This is like a friendly competition.

visitors must undergo briefing and orientation 

Team Building Challenges 

This is not your typical team building activity which involves rock climbing , running around on trails and shouting out loud . Each Team is given 3 tries .We had to finish each activity with the fastest allotted time period. We have 8 challenges plus 1 cheering competition a total of 9 challenges .

The first challenge was the cheering game.

View Deck

Our second challenge was held at the view deck area – It is called ABC or Alphabet challenge -Standing back to back with the other team members, each must recite the letters of the alphabet in proper sequence at the shortest possible time.  Our team took us about 27 second in our first try , 15 second in our second try and 11 second in our last try.

photo courtesy of Mr. Orlee Pasion

Bar Lift Balance – team effort and proper coordination is required. There are marbles  that are need to be lifted . this is our 3rd challenge.

LOOP LIFT -Using only your index fingers, each team member tries to lower a loop until a certain height, practicing team patience and coordination.

 Team must transfer the loop to the other station without the marbles dropping. We finish the first 4 challenges with less time compared to the other team .

 We went back at the Azalea to eat lunch and return after 1 hour and completed 5 more team challenges.


 facilitator briefing the group
Gem Drop involved hand , feet and mind coordination.  Using push and pull strategies in the fastest time possible- In this case, using only one hand in holding the rope.  Our group manage to get 26 minutes and 36 seconds . Team Pia got them at 39 minutes and 12 seconds
Kamikaze airplane see-saw
Team See Saw– This will surely test your balancing , coordination of weights . Our best time was just 9 seconds, while the other team got 1 minute and 30 seconds.
Plank Step– Team members must travel from one station to another without touching the floor using only the planks provided. Team Tanders manage to finish the race by just a hairline time of 6 minutes and 32 seconds while Team Pia manage to clocked in at 6 minutes and 42 seconds.
pipeline- photo courtesy of  Allan Gokongwei 

Pipeline –  Team members are given pvc pipes which they would use to transfer a ping pong ball from one station to another without letting the ball fall to the ground using only one hand .

treasure map

Treasure Hunt – quick mind thinking and speed. Team members are given pieces of a map that they need to form to see the bigger picture and determine the location of the treasure. Then a word ( Over 10 scrambled eggs ) was the final answer . Team Pia members was able to get the wooden idol just beating Team Tanders by few minutes .


Team Tanders – Won almost all the team challenges except for 3 challenges , Cheering- 74% Team Pia and 73% Team Tanders. Overall – Team Tanders got 854 points followed by Team Pia

This was announced last March 26 at the board room of Azalea Hotel and Residences.

Reflections and Moral Lessons

There were some mix emotions before the winners were announced. Some members of Team Tanders thought it was Team Pia who won the overall team building challenge . We all did our best and just enjoyed the team building activities.

Just as what out team leader Mr. Orlee Pasion said ” STOP, LOOK and LISTEN “. We may have our differences , but as a team settling our differences , combining our talent, communication, intelligence and patience -Makes Wonders.

That makes this team building activities closer. All of us became friends at the end of the journey .

Thru this team building challenge organized by TAGMedia , Tree Top Adventure , Azalea Hotel and Residences and Pinoy Bloggers Baguio Weekend Getaway.

group photo at Azalea Hotel ( courtesy of Mr. Orlee Pasion )

Tree Top Adventure Baguio

Special Tourism Economic Zone, Camp John Hay
Loakan Road, Baguio City
T: +6374 442-0800
M: +63932 404-1112

For more update please follow Tree Top Adventure’s Social Media Accounts




hashtag: #treetopadventureph

Flower Exhibit at the 71st Philippine Orchid Show

Philippine Orchid Society together with its partner organizations mounted a highly successful opening today at the Hardin ng mga Bulaklak ( Flower Garden ) at the Quezon Memorial Circle. This year’s theme : Philippine Orchids for Beauty , Unity and Prosperity ” .

registration area

Among the distinguished guests of honor includes Ms. Camille Villar , Ambassador Preciosa Soliven , Mrs. Maria Teresa Cancio-Suplico , Presidential Legislative Liaison Office ( PLLO) ASEC Romulo Arugay , Department of Agriculture , Quezon City officials and their representatives , Bureau of Plant  Industry , presidents of other plant societies and affiliate organizations .

Quezon City band

The opening started past 4:00pm with the arrival of the special guest of honors and traditional ribbon cutting ceremony , these also included a short tour of the landscape exhibit and announcement of the winners .

L-R Kelvin Niel Manubay , Presidential Legislative Liaison Office ( PLLO) ASEC Romulo Arugay,  Ms. Evangeline “Vangie” Go ( President POS) Mrs. Preciosa Soliven and Camile Villar 

Allied Botanical Corporation landscape exhibit

Allied Botanical Corporation landscape exhibit booth seems to be a smaller version of the last HortiKultura 2017 show.

VS Orchids and Ornamental Plant– This is a landscape showcasing mostly bougainvillea by the group of Mrs. Rolita ” Baby ” V. Spowart.

Ms. Brenda exhibit booth – the landscape exhibit combines old wooden windows and ornamental plants with interesting array of Phalaenopsis hybrids , strap leaf vandas, oncidiums and native sanggumays.

Unigreen Vertical garden exhibit -showcases different kinds of indoor and foliage plants . Indoor plants are very popular and they have different outlets in malls which sells indoor plant. This is one of the few companies based in the Philippines which exports indoor plants to Taiwan and other countries.

Uni-Green Inc. group of Companies- Contact Person : Mr. Joey L. Mendoza

Head Office : Address 2229 Narra street , United Hills Subdivision , Parañaque , Manila 

Telephone :+63-2( 823-2909) Fax:+62-2-776-1305

Mr. Manuel and Susan Lee orchid landscape exhibit showcases different kind of orange cattleya hybrids, strap leaf vandas and new varieties of orchid hybrids from Taiwan and Thailand.

Mr. Manuel and Susan Lee landscape exhibit also won first place in orchid landscape exhibit

a late afternoon buffet meal was served after the announcement of winners 

Special Partners of the show includes Del Monte , Philippines , Allied Botanical Corporation , Ramgo , Goodwill Bookstore and Villar Foundation.

Tomorrow , the orchid exhibition area will be open to the general public and there is a minimal entrance fees of Php 30 and Php 20 for senior citizens and students with valid Id’s.







Exciting Food Tasting at Le Reve’s Event and Pool Place

Le Reve Event and Pool Place is newly open event and venue place at the heart of Quezon City’s entertainment and restaurant hub. This is the site of the grand food tasting event , where there are 10 accredited food caterer . Some popular television shows and product launches are held .

Le Rêve Events and Pool Party Venue

The place is an ideal venue for corporate and social events such as sales meetings, product launches, testimonials, anniversaries, corporate parties, weddings, debuts, birthdays and other celebrations.

The Royale Caterer

Located in the heart of Quezon City, near ABS CBN channel 2, GMA channel 7 , residential areas, offices, churches and schools, the venue is accessible to public transportation and has parking spaces for private vehicles.

Pool Place

Le Rêve Events and Pool Party Venue offers several choices: the air-conditioned Main Hall that can seat 180 people; the al fresco Poolside venue with a swimming pool for 100 to 120 people.

Main Hall 

Courtyard that can be transformed into a garden party that can seat 120 to 130 people. Le Rêve Events and Pool Party Venue also has an additional attraction—a Love Lock Gazebo for couples to pledge their “love forever”

Mobile bar 

For more information about the venue place , Please visit their FB account

 Landline 366-0227
call / sms / viber: 0906 212 5000 – Rose
call / sms / viber: 0917 4957307- Dianne

*maximum guest up to 200 persons

HortiKultura Extravaganza 2017 Big Winners Landscape

HortiKultura Extravaganza 2017 show is exciting with the winners are partially announced during the opening .

Winners in Different Categories

Landscape Competition ( large category)

Flora Botanica

Merit Award- Flora Botanica , Tansing Garden, Ram Oplas , Luntiang Sining and Del’s Garden  

Third Place : Bonsai and Suiseki Alliance of the Philippines 

Second Place : Allied Botanical Corporation

First Place: Pangasinan Landscape and Garden Club

Landscape Competition ( small category)

Mr. Noel “Botchie” Canicula 

Merit : Noel Vincent Canicula and Company 

Third Place : Zayra Bulawan and Company 

Second Place : Happy Feet Group 

First Place : Andrew Patrick Gozon and Company 

Note : The panel of judges includes Dr. Susan Aquino-Ong , Architect Vic Lopez Dul-Loog and Mr. Ryan Tayobong and the judging happened last February 1, 2017