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HortiKultura Extravaganza 2017 Big Winners Landscape

HortiKultura Extravaganza 2017 show is exciting with the winners are partially announced during the opening .

Winners in Different Categories

Landscape Competition ( large category)

Flora Botanica

Merit Award- Flora Botanica , Tansing Garden, Ram Oplas , Luntiang Sining and Del’s Garden  

Third Place : Bonsai and Suiseki Alliance of the Philippines 

Second Place : Allied Botanical Corporation

First Place: Pangasinan Landscape and Garden Club

Landscape Competition ( small category)

Mr. Noel “Botchie” Canicula 

Merit : Noel Vincent Canicula and Company 

Third Place : Zayra Bulawan and Company 

Second Place : Happy Feet Group 

First Place : Andrew Patrick Gozon and Company 

Note : The panel of judges includes Dr. Susan Aquino-Ong , Architect Vic Lopez Dul-Loog and Mr. Ryan Tayobong and the judging happened last February 1, 2017 

Opening Salvo of HortiKultura 2017

This year’s HortiKultura 2017 opening salvo was well-attended by hundreds of participants from different garden clubs, plant society members , government officials , non -governmental organization  groups , media and bloggers .

Philippine Horticultural Society Inc. officers and invited guests of honor

 This year’s theme ” Global Trends in Horticulture ” aimed to open the local floriculture and horticulture industry  to outside market . The ongoing trend is also in line with several aspect of tourism , like farm tourism , walking tours among others .

Ms. Norma K. Villanueva (president PHSI ) , Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte and Ms. Camile Bernabe

Philippine Horticultural Society Inc. which organized the event , is also celebrating their 41st anniversary .

The event started past 4:00 pm with the traditional landscape exhibit tour , ribbon cutting ceremonies and light snacks was served after the opening and announcement of the winners.

Quirino High School choir

It was a bit overcast skies and rainy weather persisted , but this did not dampen the mood of the people .

Philippine Horticultural Society officers and guests of honor

This year’s guests of honor included Quezon City Vice-Mayor Maria Josefina ” Joy ” Belmonte -Alimurong , Del Monte -Philippines chairman , Mr. Joselito ” Butch ” Campos , Quezon Memorial Circle officials , Ambassador Preciosa Soliven , Mr. Jake Gaw of the Fern and Nature Society of the Philippines among several others.

BIG Winners

This year’s big winners are from Pangasinan Horticultural and Landscape Society led by Mr. Mac Pagsolingan which bagged First Place in the landscape competition ( Large category)

Architect Andrew Patrick Gozon team landscape

Architect Andrew Patrick Gozon and his team Mr. Ferdinand Lao , Ms. Amethyst Gonzales , Mr. Gilbert Obor , Ms. Rona Chua . Ms. Liza Holazo and Ms. Camille Bernabe won the First Place in the landscape competition ( Small category)

Mr. Bimbo Vergara’s waling-waling painting exhibit 

Special Prize

Ms. Delia Pionela – Del’s Garden

Professor Juan Lim together with some of his award winning bonsai

There will be a lot of activities at the HortiKultura 2017 show – Entrance fees is Php 20 for the general public , Php 15 for students , teachers and senior citizens with valid Id’s – The show will run until February 15, 2017

Note : Will post the full set of winners , all photos are from the author



HortiKultura 2017 : Global Trends in Horticulture

Philippine Horticultural Society Inc. in partnership with Quezon Memorial Circle , Quezon City government . The event is also sponsored by Del Monte -Philippines among others .

The organization will be hosting  their 41st annual horticulture show from February 3 to 15, 2017 . The theme: Global Trends in Horticulture .

schedule of daily events

Aside from the regular landscape exhibits , there will also be daily schedule of talks and lecture from industry experts and commercial bazaar .

In line with the plant show , WalkwithChan together with PSHI will be hosting a media , bloggers and Horticulture Walk schedule on February 4 and 5 Saturday and Sunday from 8:00am to 11:00am. Those interested with the tour , please click the FB page.

There will be be plant landscape exhibits , lectures , talks , trade fairs and guided tour. Regular Entrance fee for exhibit area is Php 20 general public and Php 10 for students, senior citizens and government employees of Quezon Cityhall . 


Los Baños Horticulture Mid-Year 2016 Flower and Garden Show

Los Baños Horticulture Society in partnership with  the University of the Philippines – Los Baños , Department of Trade and Industry ( Laguna ) members of different garden clubs cordially invites the general public to the mid-year flower and garden show . This year’s theme is ” Garden Wedding ” . The venue of the show is at Senior Social Garden from October 7 to 16, 2016 from 8:00am to 6:00pm . There will be a minimal entrance fee of Php 20.00 for students and senior citizens with valid ID’s and Php 30.00 for the general public.

Seminars and Demonstration :
Oct. 8, 3pm “Flower Arrangements” By:Mr.Jay
Dequito of (Bulklakan ni Jay)
Oct. 15,3pm”CnS Wedding Giveaways” By: Ms.
Melorie Suiza of (Olies Garden)

Tillandsia capitata ” Yellow” variety Flowering Again in Our Garden

Quezon City -Philippines

Tillandsia capitata ” yellow” variety mounted on Manila Palm ( Adonidia merrillii)

Rainy season had begun early May this year , Unlike in the previous years. Watering these air plants will not be a problem for us . We did some pruning of small shrubs and trees around the garden to increase air circulation in the surrounding area.

 Tillandsia capitata “yellow” variety were pups or offsets that were removed from the  clump during the last blooming season of 2014. Our Tillandsia capitata also bloomed last year but there were few pups or offsets that were produced . Most are given away as gifts to close friends .

flowers are violet ( lasting only for 1 day )

The early rainy season and occasional application of water soluble fertilizer had led to the dramatic change in the color of its inflorescence or bracts turning yellow at the center also called “blushing” . In a matter of few weeks, almost all of the pups mounted at the Manila palm started blooming ! This will also mark the end of the plant life cycle.  I think that the Tillandsia are also mature enough to bear flowers – It had been almost 3 years .

gecko or butiki hiding at the leaves of Tillandsia capitata

This particular plant also host a variety of insects , ( ants in particular ) millipede and even a gecko ( butiki)  lives , creating a small micro-climate within the host palm.

Most species absorb moisture and nutrients through the leaves from rain, dew, dust, decaying leaves and insect matter, aided by structures called trichomes.

There is a growing interest during the past several decade among backyard hobbyists , lazy gardeners and plant enthusiasts in the Philippines as these air plants are less demanding , requires limited space , minimal watering and fertilization.

bracts or inflorescence

There are some cheap tillandsia plants for sale during plant bazaars, sunday markets and plant swap-meets from barely Php 100 to few thousand of pesos for rare kinds and hard to find imported hybrids.

There are backyard growers which specializes in growing them – A short list includes, Atty. Bom Gomez of Plant Chaser, Prof. Andrew Patrick Gozon of Pinoy Trees ,  Mr. Botchie Canicula of NVC Garden FB, Architect Bimbo Vergara , Mr. Ramon Calado of Antipolo , Ms. Ging Caperal , Mr. Joseph Salacup of Laguna , Ms. Aireen Bernal, Mr.Baunch Tumale , Ms. Emma Bautista , Ms. Baby Alarcon,  Mr. Frandel Recto, Mr. Jun Golamco , Mr. Bing and Joan Onari of Davao among others .

There are other commercial growers and sellers like EnR Farm, Puentespina , Purificacion Orchid, Insular Garden of Quezon province , Ms. Vicky Jimenez of Davao , Ms. Doreen and Mr. Rene Dofitas , Ms. Vangie Go , Mr. Boyet Ganigan , Dr. Jay Silvestre , Dr. Olivia Sanchez, Ms. Linda Lim of Laguna.

Since there is no formal tillandsia society established in the country, One can join the Cactus and Succulent Society of the Philippines, Philippine Horticultural Society , Philippine Orchid Society , Fern and Nature Society of the Philippines which provides some information thru their public lectures and monthly meeting among their general membership. There is also a chance to meet fellow local collectors in different FB pages . They are the ones who normally share their cultural requirements and growing techniques .

The closest affiliate society which hold exhibit on tillandsias was the defunct Bromeliad Connoisseur Society of the Philippines .

There will be some plant traders selling tillandsias in the upcoming 70th Mid-Year Orchid and Garden Show at the Hardin ng mga Bulaklak ( HB/ Flower Garden ) from August 25 to September 5, 2016 within the Quezon Memorial Circle.

Note : I may have forgotten to mention some hobbyists and farms which specialized in growing tillandsia plant. The purpose of this blog is just to give some leverage on the growing niche market for air plants in the country.

Big Winners of Cactus Dish Garden at the Cactus Craze Show

Hardin ng mga Bulaklak , Quezon Memorial Circle, Quezon City -Philippines

The Cactus Craze hosted by Cactus and Succulent Society of the Philippines (CSSP ) , Bonsai and Suiseiki Alliance of the Philippines Inc. (BSAPI ) 2016 show had formally opened last April 28 to the public at the Hardin ng mga Bulaklak ( Flower Garden ) within Quezon Memorial Circle.

winners of the attendance raffle for cacti and succulents

 There were a lot of activities like small dish garden competition , medium size dish garden competition, individual cacti and succulent plant competition, table judging , daily lectures and plant bazaar .

There is an entrance fee of Php 20.00 general public and Php 10.00 for students and senior citizens with valid ID’s . The show is until May 8 , 2016 .

Here are some of the Winners

Third Prize – Healthy  and Colorful Gymnos by Mr. Lino Rom

Second Prize- Shell Bursting with Succulents by Luntiang Sining ( Ms. Norma K. Villanueva)

The dish garden exhibit showcase different kinds of seas shells , pebbles with combination of some succulent plants.

 First Prize- Luntiang Sining ( Ms. Norma K. Villanueva )

Large Dish Garden

Third Prize

First Prize – Luntiang Sining ( Ms. Norma K. Villanueva )

small dish garden winners

Here are some practical tips on buying and cultivation :

There are cacti and succulents wholesalers at the show , some of them have stalls within Quezon Memorial Circle or at Araneta Garden Center in Cubao .

cacti and succulents prices may differ depending on quantities, species or varieties.  Most of the dealers were from Baguio/ Benguet area . There are some which sourced their plants from Mabalacat , Pampanga  or have their own backyard garden and thus they are more warm tolerant compared to the Benguet / Baguio dealers.

Try to change the soil/ media if the cacti and succulent come from Baguio/ Benguet area , a lot of them are grown in greenhouses .

Try to attend daily lectures or seminars conducted by leading cacti and succulent enthusiasts. They are a big help to budding collectors.

Try to surf internet and read books to know about the simple cultural techniques , the most common for collector is to over water these plants.

For those who does not want to spend a penny on the cacti , There are a lot of common and ordinary cacti which are grown in almost neglected state . Some of the stems can be readily propagated without any difficulties .

Cactus Craze Plant Show 2016


Cactus and Succulent  Society of the Philippines in partnership with Quezon Cityhall , Del Monte Philippines presents to the general public Cactus Craze Plant Show 2016 with the theme”  Succulents in the Tropical World schedule from April 28 to May 10, 2016 at the Quezon Memorial Circle in Quezon City .

Aside from exhibits, there will be schedule of lectures and seminars for the gardening public . There will also be plant bazaars .


Contact Persons:

Ms. Amy Lastimosa -+63 ( 0905-3565353 )

Ms. Norma K. Villanueva -+63 ( 0928-5042410)