Angelina Taruc Farm

Clean and  Green Foundation in partnership with Philippine Orchid Society, Smart Communications and the government of General Nakar in Quezon.

The group went to Rizal, Laguna and Quezon for exploratory expedition to survey the remaining plant habitat last August 20 to 21, 2007.

The group met at the Manila Seedling Bank and the group went to the rolling hills, fertile plains of Antipolo and parts of Rizal.

Before heading to General Nakar, the convoy decided to visit the farm of Mrs. Angelina Taruc in Baras Rizal.

Dendrobium anosmum aka sanggumay and Hoya pubicalyx

We were met by the caretaker of the farm and showed us what available plants that were on sale. Most of the farm are is dedicated to growing different orchids genus namely Dendrobium hybrids, Cattleya hybrids, Mokaras, Kagawaras, Oncidiums, Terete Vandas and native orchids such as Dendrobium anosmum and Hoya pubicalyx were naturalized on the acacia trees fronting the main entrance.

Brassavola nodosa hybrids

The group went into a buying spree and reserved a lot of important cut flower varieties and promise to come back after the 2 day exploratory trip to Quezon. Some of the semi-terete Vanda orchid mounted on kakawate driftwoods were bought by the Clean and Green Foundation for a discount.

a yellow cattleya hybrid

Being familiar with the group, the caretaker obliged to reserve some plants. The farm was said to be the main source of plants in the Rizal region. Wholesalers and retailers who had small plant and landscaping stores within the vicinity of Rizal are the frequent buyers, but according to the caretaker, they also encounter buyers from as far away as Quezon, Laguna and Bicol region.

The farm also produced several varieties of ferns, ornamental plants and gardening equipment and fertilizers.


Uni- Green Ornamental Plant

rows of cryptanthus or earth stars

Uni-Green Ornamental Plant is one of the  farms in the country which  exports of potted tropical plants in Japan and other Asian countries.

The company is also a frequent commercial participants in orchid, horticultural and agricultural shows and event.

The company specialized in sansevieras , hoyas, cryptanthus , palms, dracenas etc…


Sanseviera whose common names include: mother -in-law’s tongue , devil’s tongue, and snake plant is a genus of about 70 species of  flowering ornamental plants in the family Ruscaceae, native to tropical and subtropical regions .

They are xerophytic herbaceous to shrubby succulent plants perennial plants, with evergreen strap-shaped leaves , growing to 20 cm to 3 m tall, often forming dense clumps .

The genus was named in honor of Raimondo di Sangro (1710-1771), prince of  San Severo in Italy. Spellings “Sanseveria” and “Sanseviera” are commonly seen as well, the confusion deriving from alternate spellings of the Italian place name.

This particular plant is in demand abroad since the plant can withstand indoor light can can clean indoor pollutants.

Farm tour may be arranged with prior notice.

For contact:

Barangay. Anilao-Labak, Lipa City

Isdaan Restaurant

Isdaan is one fine restaurant that you wouldn’t even think existing in the landlocked province of Tarlac. Being here is like you’re in another country or some sort of a theme park . Its very remarkable setup, good food and display, this restaurant should be included in your list.

koi pond

Upon arriving in  Gerona, the place is  more than a hectare . While  the name “Isdaan” which means fisheries really speaks for itself. Huge sculptures of fishes are atop a pond filled with several types of fishes – mostly kois. These fish sculptures are somewhat re-enacting a scene where a bamboo pole has caught a fish.

Fish statute, Thai garuda and a T-Rex dinosaur

We walked through the restos bamboo flooring and noticed lots of different statues are all over the place. From sleeping security guards, rooster, huge monkeys playing around, dinosaurs from pre-historic  times,bronze Thai buddhas, aetas bearing jar clays and their catch of the day and even famous personalities of the late  Jaime Cardinal Sin and former President of the Philippines Corazon Cojuangco Aquino. You’re eyes are really filled with these masterpieces and would definitely get excited to survey the area.

One of the best sites in the area are the nipa huts.  These are suspended over the pond where school of kois are around waiting for some food. These huts were some sort of guarded by the waiters with their laminated-cardboard like menus. Asking you what to eat and even guiding you where’s the best location the restaurant has to offer. Warm and hospitable are the common thing for these folks, not to mention their mastery of food making. There were entertainers who sung various Filipino songs much to the group delight .

The group ordered crispy pata lechon, inihaw na manok, singang , adobong palaka, ginataang kuhol, fried rice, lumpiang sariwa  and fresh fruit juices.

The group came across Ms. Iwa Motto – a starstruck finalist and a kapuso channel 7 celebrity. we instantly requested to have a group photo and an individual photo her.

Tacsiyao wall

The Tacsiyapo wall,  is just a wall which you can release your anger towards someone. But if you are really raging mad at that time, this is a sure way to release your anger while shouting “Tacsiyapo” meaning ” shame on you ! ”  and throwing away the mug or whatever you have chosen to smash onto the wall! There are also places in Japan and Europe  were people can release their anger by throwing utensils and other stuffs . Call that anger and stress management therapy for a fee!!!! minus the consultation….

Lastly, they have a San Kilo Bridge, where they would give you a free 1 kilo of tilapia, if you are able to successfully cross the bridge back and forth.  Best time to go here is in the evening so that it is a little cooler and you’ll be prepared for any eventualities with the San Kilo Bridge.

an visitor  crossed the san kilo bridge to the finish line

For more information:

Gerona, Tarlac
Contact Number: 045-9312196

Tam Awan Village – artist village

Tam-awan is an indigenous Ibaloi term  ” Tan- Aw” which means ” vantage point” or ” to see”  – there are several vantage points within the village where one can see – South China Sea on clear days.

It is located in a higly elevated area in the northwestern part of the city. The road to Tam-awan village is also a well known shortcut to La Trinidad Benguet. One can take a short trek and a cultural immersion while discovering Cordilleras colorful past.

Igorot goddesses- guardians of the village

Tam-Awan is an Ifugao village created by an artist (BenCab) for artists and aficionados. The traditional layout and the dozen or so re-constructed huts made of original materials make for a replica of an Ifugao village that almost makes one feel as if being in an actual one in the Cordilleras . Tam-Awan has regular exhibits by artists in its very own art gallery. There are cultural shows which is held every weekend.

Workshops, livelihood and crafts demonstrations are also held there by the artists themselves. One that particularly caught the groups fancy was the sun artists – their  sun- burned art works use magnifying glasses with the help of sun rays .

sun arts

(the “canvas” needs to be one of the paler woods, like pine or fir . . . so etching lines will stand out by contrast),hold a three- to four-inch-diameter enlargin’ lens above your wood piece so that all the sun’s rays which pass through the glass disc get focused on one part of the  sketch. Before long, a faint trail of smoke will begin to rise . . . as the concentrated beams burn a smoldering “dent” in the wood block . The  pinpointed spot has been “carved”  . . . WOW an art made from sun rays!!!!

The garden in the sky is located at Pinsao Proper, just about 20 minutes drive from the Session Road. This cultural hub is home to many works of art from famous artists of Benguet. You can buy different cultural books, paintings in various mediums; rice and strawberry wines, native handicrafts and souvenir items for sale in village souvenir shop. Some of the huts are available for sleeping. You can even arrange for a bonfire, probably at the dap-ay (a traditional meeting place for the village elders)

The village also offers unique Ifugao accommodation by offering vernacular architecture and lifestyles  of the Cordilleras. It has coffee shop called Tam-awan Cafe which also serves as the tourist information office for visitors. Make sure to try out Tam-awan’s Benguet Coffee , Tam-Awan’s fresh ice tea made from organically grown leaves of mountain tea.  There is also an organic lunch package which may consists of upland rice , vegetable salad, adobo meat  ( But reservations must be made several days beforehand)

Tam-awan Village is managed and maintained by Chanum Foundation, Inc., – a non stock , non profit organization that aims to promote the sights, wonders  and culture  of the cordillera region.

A small entrance fee to the village include a short eco-tour. There are wild orchids, ferns which dotted the village. Try to ask discount for big groups.

For reservations and tours:

Address: 366 –C Pinsao Proper

2600 Baguio City

Telephone (074) 446-2949

Fax              (074)442-5553

Benguet State University

Benguet State University history dates back to the time when the Baguio-La Trinidad road was only a rough trail in  1916.  Back then , La Trinidad Experiment Station of the Bureau of Agriculture was turned over to the Bureau of Education. By this turn of events, the La Trinidad Farm School served 30  grade 5 students.

the institution was planned ultimately to develop into a large normal and farm school, where the best  pupils  from the region will be given special training for the service as teachers among their own people with emphasis on agricultural education.

Rapid growth in agricultural education led to the construction of new structures and courses being offered . However , most of the structures were either partially destroyed and school records were lost during the second world war.

Benguet State University entrance arch

In 1946, the school became the La Trinidad Agricultural High School. Four years later, a provincial normal curriculum was added to its agricultural education program. The  curriculum was abolished in 1953 and a two-year post high school certificate in agricultural education was offered.

The school was renamed La Trinidad National Agricultural School (LTNAS). Four months later, it was nationalized and named the Mountain National Agricultural School (MNAS). It was soon converted into the Mountain National College (MNAC); Mountain Agricultural College ( MAC ); and eventually, Mountain State Agricultural College (MSAC) in 1969 through RA 5923.

Benguet State University – Food Processing Center

On January 12, 1986 , the college was converted to a state university by virtue of Presidential Decree (PD) No. 2010 signed by President Ferdinand E. Marcos. Initiatives for this development started in the 70’s when former Assemblyman Andres A. Cosalan filed a bill for the elevation of the Mountain State Agricultural College to a University.

The tour group was  greeted by Dr. Jane K. Avila and personally conducted a short lecture on basics of food preservation.

According to Dr. Avila the center helps in research and development for the farmers in the Mountain province and Benguet areas . When there is an oversupply of  fresh strawberries in the market the tendency is that most of the produced are just thrown away. Ube , Chayote , Camote and other roots crops are just some of the products that are used by the center.

At the end of the tour , the POS board of directors gave Dr. Avila and Benguet State University  a certificate of appreciation and a copy of the Philippine Orchid Review.

University Contact Numbers

Trunk lines (connecting all offices & Deparments) (063)(74) 422-2127; 422-2402

Office of the President (063)(74) 422-2401;
Fax: (063)(74) 422-2281

Research, Development & Extension

(063)(74) 422-6505

Planning, Development & Business Affairs (063)(74) 309-3545

Information Technology Division (063)(74) 422-6285/ 309-3547

Supply & Property Management Office (063)(74) 422-7731

Baguio Orchidarium

Baguio Orchidarium is located within Burnham Park  .

Dendrobium nobile hybrids

At its center lies an orchid house and different kinds of orchids, other flowers, gardening tools , equipment ,  which appeal to both guests and businessmen alike.

Sellers at the Orchidarium say the Cymbidium orchids  is one of the most popular varieties.

There are cattleyas, dendrobiums, native orchids which are sold in the place.

The chairman of the place is Mr. Aquilino Aromin . He served the group hot coffee, cold soft drinks,  pancit bihon, cinnamon bread , fresh mango slices.

The place had about 50 tenants selling different array of sub-tropical plants, upland cymbidium orchids, cactus, succulents, roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, hydrangea , potteries, fertilizers,wood carvings , soil composts etc…

Amianan Motors Center

This is the family business  of Ms. Mylene Quiñones a lifetime member of the Philippine Orchid Society and board of director.

group shot

The family is a dealer of various multi-cab,  auto sales, auto servicing, trucks, buses, insurance , garage center.

The family also owned Boating World Resort and Amianan Water Purifying station. Amianan is an Ilocano term for north.

The gracious host personally welcomed the group and served an early buffet lunch meal which consists of lumpiang shanghai na bangus ( milk fish spring rolls),  quail egg salad, chicken and pork adobo, dinendeng , fresh papaya fruits and pineapple juice.

the group saw some of  the host personal collection of mugs, figurines . The tour group visited the 4th and 5th floor and gladly posed for a souvenir shots in the upper balcony were surrounding hills and mountain side.

For contact:
Address: Km.218 National Highway, Rosario, La Union 2506

Branch Head :

Engineer Edward M. Quiñones

SALES: (072) 712-8888 / 8880
PARTS: (072) 712-8889
SERVICE: (072) 712-8887 / 7777
CRM: (072) 712-8890
ADMIN: (072) 712-8881
FAX NO.: (072) 712-8888 / 8881

SALES: 0922-8992716 / 0922-8982290
PARTS: 0922-8982292
SERVICE: 0922-8992715 / 0922-8101695
CRM: 0922-8992882 / 0922-8992735
ADMIN.: 0922-8992740

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