Manila Hotel Postcard from Northwest Airlines

Manila Hotel was featured by foreign airline companies since the iconic hotel opens for business more than a century before. Many heritage advocates regard this landmark as national patronage.

Vintage Puerta Real Postcard

Puerta Real which means (Royal Gate) was built in 1663 at the end of Calle Real de Palacio (now General Luna Street) and was used exclusively by the Governor-General for state occasions.

Vintage Thanksgiving Postcard

Thanksgiving is a national holiday in several countries . Sending letters and postcards to their loved ones is part of the age old tradition which is also celebrated even in the Philippines.

Dover Halloween Reto Vintage Postcard

This is the time of the year in which halloween is celebrated in many parts of the world. Halloween postcards is popular tool for collectors around the globe.

Iconic Manila Hotel real photo postcards

Manila Hotel is one of the most photographed hotels in the country since her establishment in 1912.