Postcards from Different Countries

I would like to THANK those gracious postcard swappers , collectors, travellers which send me postcards and being part of their travels. Special mention are the couple Ms. Pamela Marcelo Lumagui and husband who gave me postcards and paper money from Turkey , Ms. Febe Sevilla for the Singapore postcards , Mr.Mac Pagsolingan for the Indonesian, China and Singapore paper money , Mr. Frandel Recto ( stamp and Pope Francis coin)

I received some postcards from different parts of the world.  It took a while before those postcards arrived our club’s Manila Central P.O. Box 2986 due to the long Christmas holidays , other official and unofficial holidays.

Europe map postcard- This is one of the cute ones that i got

I have been quite happy and sad for all those postcards that did not arrived on time, the ones that i have send and still waiting until now , There are some bad swappers ,   slow postal delivery system and maybe theft ???? . While there are some postcards that did not arrive at all! I have an aunt ( she lived in Atlanta , Georgia- USA)  who send me 3 postcards last year and none arrived!

There are a couple of postcard collectors SWAP from the Middle East and India which i never got any of their swap items at all.

I always got some peculiar emails from different parts of the world ,  In particular ( Canada) last April 2015 inquiring about the Philippines-Israel stamp and FDC’s , Since I am not a stamp nor an FDC ( First Day Cover ) dealer or seller . I had to wait until the Easter Holidays just to know the availability of the FDC.   Got no email for this person on what items she wanted to swap or exchange for the FDC’s and stamps.

cat postcard from Netherland send by Ms. Wilma van Vegten( Postcard Lotteries for Real Facebook Page)

( Unfortunately , I got this after more than a month with ugly postal mark ) This was send last July 2015 but i manage to got them past September 2015

To cut the story short , Our swap agreement did not materialized and this same person, emailed several local stamp dealers and collectors wanted to buy or swap items which did not even materialized at all.

When we compared notes and stories , We all got the same person with same email address  ( Ms. IB)  The moral of the story is that , If you want to swap items from the Philippines , You have to know how to properly transact and deal with local people.

Buying stamps and even postcards is not a fast one, especially in the Philippines – Not all post offices carry new stamp issues and you must know how to wait. If you do not want to transact with local stamp collectors , there are several internet , facebook and buying sites which sells Philippine stamps at a certain profit margin. I do not know if PHLPOST website is active selling newly issued stamps and FDC’s internationally, perhaps why try those services?

I only keep a handful of  stamps and FDC’s especially the souvenir sheets and FDC’s had additional 12%  Value Added Tax imposed by Bureau of Internal Revenue ( BIR) implemented by PHLPOST since last January 2015.

Those people who wanted to dispose their stamps, appraise their collections must try to take photos of their collections and send them to my email for proper consultation with local collectors. I  serves as a bridge for sellers and buyers of stamps. Most of the time , There are no takers since stamp being sold is too expensive and there are no stamp collectors willing to buy them.







Jorge Pineda postcards from Luxemburg and Mexico

Quezon City – Philippines

I started to collect postcards since i was in grade 1 ,  It started when our social studies teacher would require them as a semestral project which would require students to pass a  couple of scenic spots , national heroes or folk dances. We would troop to the nearest bookstores and buy the cheap postcards.  Paste them in a  white bond paper size with all sort of captions and art papers to highlight a particular scenic spots , national heroes or folk dances.  We would write the captions  in colored pentel pens!

I would buy 1 or 2 more postcards as additional for my personal collection, I would later know that some of my aunts and even my mom had some postcards hidden in some photo albums or containers somewhere in our house. Some of my personal collection were lost over the years ( some eaten by termites, some were given away to friends and relatives )  I would only buy postcards intermittently . over the course of several years until i reached high school and college.

Luxemburg ( top ) Mexico ( bottom)

In a local bourse/ auction i chance upon a 2 postcards on sale about 2 years ago , With some inscription Jorge Pineda from Luxemburg and Mexico dated 1908 and 1909 respectively .

back portion of the postcards

Mr. Jorge Pineda is an artist which lived in Manila and based on personal accounts by deltiologists ( postcard collector ) and stamp collector – He seems to be a very prolific artist, stamp and even postcard collector.

He also drew cover illustrations for Renacimiento Filipino as well as ads, and designed sweepstakes tickets, postage stamps, and the prewar 20-peso bill showing the Mayon Volcano . He did illustrations for many books, such as Bajo los cocoteros (Under the Coconut Trees), by Claro M. Recto.


He was born (26 July 1879-12 Sept 1946) and  won the awards at the Universal Exposition in St Louis, Misouri, USA: bronze for Campesina (Farm Girl), showing a solidly drawn head of a rural lass, and honorable mention for Las buyeras (Women Preparing Betel Nut Chew) in 1904. As a painter, He is considered as a peer and contemporary of  Fernando Amorsolo but less prolific, being an occasional painter and he explored subjects outside those of the Amorsolo school. Among his most charming genre scenes are those depicting Filipino games like siklot and sungkaan.


CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Art, Vol 4. Manila: Cultural Center of the Philippines, 1994.

Tarjeta Postal of King Alfonso XII

Tarjeta Postal or postcards were issued in the country during the reign of King Alfonso XII of Spain ( Reign from December 29, 1874 to November 25, 1885). These are the considered as the first postal stationary or postcards in the country.


3 centimo de peso with portrait of King Alfonso XII -issued around 1889

It was in 1878 that the postal card was introduced in Cuba, Philippines and Puerto Rico. The use was sparse, though, and used postal cards of the early years are exceedingly uncommon.

The first postal card was issued on September 1879, 3 centavos de peso value surcharged on an earlier but unissued 50 milesimas card.

In 1880 U.P.U. postal cards were printed in Spain for use in Cuba and the Philippines to take advantage of the new treaty. Puerto Rico got their issue in 1885.

The benefits provided by the treaty included:

1.) There should be a more or less uniform flat rate to mail a letter or postal card anywhere in the world.

2.) postal authorities should give equal treatment to foreign and domestic mail; and

3.) each country should retain all monies it collected for international postage

However the postcards were printed from 1879 to 1885. Then another batch of Tarjeta Postal was issued during the reign of King Alfonso XIII.


5 centimo de peso with portrait of King Alfonso XII/ King Alphonso XII – issued around 1889

Inscription:” Sr.D. ” ( Senor Don or Mr. Sir ) is the title before the name and address

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American Era Postcards:

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13 Lovely Products at the Sinag UST SHS Entrepreneur Bazaar

University of Santo Tomas Senior High School Entrepreneur Bazaar is a 4-day event held from November 12 to 15, 2019 within Tan Yan Kee parking lot and at the Quadricentennial park ( Q Park) within the University of Santo Tomas campus in Sampaloc, Manila.


Q plaza bazaar area

The theme is “Pusong Tomasino, Gawang Milenyo, Para sa Pilipino” is a project of grade 12 students who have entrepreneurship subjects.


booths at Q plaza

This is their 3rd year to showcase their products and services at the bazaar.


Tan Yan Kee parking lot bazaar booths lay out

There were between 40 to 50 booths spread in two location sites. Each booth had between 4 to 6 group of business model. Each business model have 4 to 6 students selling variety of products or services.


Q plaza bazaar booths lay out

The bazaar is the final outcome whether their products / services can be bought by their fellow students, alumni or the general public.


ABM2 booth at Tan Yan Kee parking lot

It is interesting to note that a lot of the products sold were environment friendly, advocacy base, sustainable origins or products which help indigent/ ethnic communities.


Mr. Kenyon Lim of Handy Pepper


bracelets and necklace from tribal lumads of Mindanao

Almost all of the start-up companies had social media accounts like FB, Instagram, Twitter or even webpage in order to reach out to potential buyers and customers. The bazaar is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Tan Yan Kee parking lot bazaar

13 Lovely Products Spotted at the Sinag UST SHS Bazaar


13.) Pasma Go– creative name with nice pouch and packaging material.


12.) Labaggie is a product by Siklab- laundry bag which can double as bag. it is sold for just Php 399.00.

FB page:

There is also a promo that if one buys two labaggie bag, One can get 10% discount.They also sells cellphone case and bag holder.


11.) Syesye Baskill – This is quite innovate products which is acts like deodorant patch.


10.) Retropolitan – Sells different kinds of stickers, which can be used in scrap book, postcards and other items.


9.) Plant It Gift Tag– This serves as dual purpose for this holiday season. One can write greetings to special friend or love one this season. The tag is made from recycled paper and it also had seeds which can be germinated and planted in a pot with soil. It is Php 10.00 per label.


8.) Esscent – This product is retailed at Php 49.00 with lavander, autmn, sea breeze, lemon grass , rose petals . The company had twitter : @aromanti_co / Facebook: Aromanti Co.


7.) Je Shoes Organic Cleaner– This is a sustainable way to keep your shoes clean. I forgot to ask the seller, if there are chemicals which are harmful to the environment.


6.) Diwata Co. Platable pen– Another nice environmental products that help minimized the garbage problem. The pen is made from organic wood.


seeds can be planted after using the pen

coriander, chili, bell pepper, tomatoes, spinach, parsley


5.) Leatherette pouch bag for laptops and notepads.


leatherette container for laptops or notepads


t-shirts, bag tags and stickers for sale

4.) Advocacy Shirts– According to the seller at the Q Plaza, If an individual or person purchase this shirt, a certain percentage goes to the advocacy. However the seller fail to mention on where does the proceed goes. Then what is the advocacy group that are supporting?


3.) Moskit-O! – Nice packaging and bug repellent citronella scent is just being sold for Php85.00


2.) Satriccal Shirt – Creative prints and catchy design.


1.) Handy Peppy – This is a nice way to protect. This is being sold for only Php 50 and aptly called Tiger’s Eye Security. Some parts are made from recycled bottle caps and can be refilled.


Sinag UST SHS Entrepeneur Bazaar

Do not forget to visit these booths, until today.

Note: Some of the booths exhibited until yesterday. One can purchase their products in their online social media sites.

Intramuros Open House 2019

It was a hot sunny day when our small blogger group met at Plaza Roma past 7:30 am for the one day Intramuros Open House event.


Manila Cathedral Basilica

They took a chance to explore and enjoy these museums within the walled city. Some of the bloggers are living in northern part of Metro Manila like Deparo,Novaliches, Fairview, Rodriguez, Montalban and San Mateo, Rizal did not have much time to visit the place during ordinary days.

Intramuros Open House

Old Manila Eco Market

Mr. Philip Reyes is one of the early bird at the meet-up place which was the Old Manila Eco Market in front of Manila Cathedral Basilica.


Manila Cathedral Basilica and former Manila Collectibles place


flowering Dendrobium orchids and ornamental plants for sale

Old Manila Eco Market had stalls selling environment sustainable products, flowering plants, handicrafts and food made by locals or ethnic groups.


Manila Cathedral interior


Archbishops of Manila from late 1579 up to the present


Manila Cathedral Basilica – We have waited a couple of minutes and took some time explaining a brief history of the church to the participants.


La Pieta


Fort Santiago entrance

Fort Santiago is our second stop, The well manicured space was a delight to photographers, we saw a lot of intagramers. However it seems hotter compared to what we have accustomed with. It was the paved concrete which gives a heat island effect.


Plaza de Armas


historical marker at the Dr. Jose Rizal’s shrine


Dr. Jose Rizal wax figure




Dr. Jose Rizal cell


lego exhibit- Manila Hotel

The Lego exhibit is one of the MUST See attractions inside the Fort Santiago. I have been there several times. Some visitors keep on touching and playing the lego buildings that some of them have missing parts.



The group met a lot of familiar faces and friends during our tour.

San Agustin church facade

 Except for Philip Reyes and the author. It was the first time for the rest of the group at the museum. The last time i have entered the San Agustin museum was two months ago, when the company that i am working organized a pre-conference tour in intramuros.


columbary units



At the ground floor of the San Agustin Convent and Museum, There was an ongoing Marian exhibit entitled ” Regina Caeli”  which also attracted record number of people.  We saw Sir Jeff Fernando ( a santo devotee and collector).


botanical prints and samples

We also saw a couple of stamp collectors and heritage advocate at the museum.


 immaculate conception carved from elephant ivories – Don Luis Ma. Araneta collection

 The group enjoyed the two hour or so tour inside the San Agustin convent and museum.


Casa Manila and San Luis Complex

Casa Manila is a three -story rich merchant house in the late 18th and early 19th century. According to travel brochures and some books, This  merchant house was replicated from an actual house in San Nicolas district in Manila. Some materials were from demolished period houses in Manila and nearby provinces.


second floor

The collection also included furniture f rom estate and family collection acquired by Intramuros administration in the early 1980’s up to the mid-1990’s




kitchen area




Casa Manila central courtyard

Casa Manila central courtyard is favorite location set for films, television commercial and wedding reception venue.




Instituto Cervantes – There was an art and bazaar at the second floor of the institute.

The group took a short lunch at the nearby convenient stores, It is much cooler inside compared to the karinderia.


Bahay Tsinoy – Bahay Tsinoy is a resource center,venue and museum. The place also had an auditorium area and resource library.


terracota warrior replica from Xian- donated to the museum

We used to include the museum as part of the extended postal heritage tour.


life size mannequin

The group of Mercedes Maata left after the Bahay Tsinoy museum tour. We were able to get some postcards, books and Tulay newspapers at the lobby.  They use to sell the postcards before.


Museo Destileria Limtuaco signage

We continued our Intramuros and visited the Museo Destilleria Limtuaco which opened their door in 2018.  It was my 8th time in this museum and first time for the rest of the participants.

Museo Destileria Limtuaco facade

( photo courtesy of Mr. Philip Reyes)

Museo de Intramuros– We arrived past 1:30pm at the museum and fall in line to revisit the museum. It was the first time for the rest of the participants. Saw Axl Guinto and Dennis Dy Kho fellow bloggers. According to the security guards manning the museum, The museum is still FREE until the end of the year. Do not the miss the chance to visit the place.

Museo Destileria Limtuaco This used to be an ancestral house of the Limpe family acquired in the late 1970’s. Eventually the ancestral house was converted into a museum and memorabilia center.



Destileria Limtucao company had tucked into their colorful history 5 generations of master blenders.  It was established by a Chinese immigrant born of a merchant family in Amoy, China, Lim Tua Co.






Lights and Sound Museum– The museum opened past 1:00 pm. There were two other schedule held within 1 hour interval.


life-size mannequin


Boy Scout monument  ( photo courtesy : Philip Reyes)

Boy Scout Monument  sometimes called Laging Handa Monument beside Colegio de San Juan de Letran. The monument was featured in a local postcard in the late 1960’s. It was printed by Madonna and distributed by Goodwill Bookstore.

The three boy scout featured were the three boy scout from Colegio de San Juan de Letran.

The group also went to the Parian gate area where is an ongoing Likhaan booths. By this time, most of the participants were tired and could not take any photos.

We accompanied Ms. Darylle and her daughter at the foot of Quezon bridge, where they rode an AUV express going to Fairview and the author took an LRT line 1 Central station. Finally bid farewell after almost 8 hours of walking tour within intramuros.